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  1. There are other hidden characters here.
  2. Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin was originally designed to be 2 stories tall! You can see part of the track outside of the building above the power house and glass doors. (its that large balcony) While building the ride the imagineers found out that the cars are too heavy. For one the cars often had trouble making it up any grade and also the cars wore down their tires quickyly and gound up the cement track. So now there is only one floor and the cement has been layered with a 1 inck thick layer of steel. (you can see it when the work lights are on when the ride breaks down.) too bad though, that ride is awsome now but imagine how much bigger and better it could have been.
    REPORTED: Clint Taylor 29 MAR 00
    This is very true. However, there is no track upstairs. In fact, they never build the 2nd floor of the building. The orginal design called for the same ride system that Mansion uses. But someone from WDI had an idea for a new ride system, which, is the current ride system you can find today. So, the fact that the ride is not 2 stories has nothing to do with weight, it has to due with the company, decided to go with a 1 story ride, to cut the costs it was sure to have from such a new ride system!
    UPDATE: anon 08 OCT 01
  3. In the line for Roger Rabbit's ride in Toontown, I guess it's about half way through the line, there is a big metal door, if you knock on it a big monkey/gorrila comes to the window and say a smart remark to you. (it's kinda like the scene in the movie!)
    REPORTED: anon 27 FEB 99
  4. There is a rat living in part of the Roger Rabbit line! I've spotted him twice, now. Both times he was peeking out of the area where it's a dimentional hallway, and part of it is painted, and there's a paint bucket and rainbow paint brush in there to paint the rest. Let's see if anyone else will spot him...
    REPORTED: Missy Spencer 08 JAN 97
  5. While you are on line for the ride inside, you go past the alley outside the Ink & Paint Club. You pass the large door with Bongo the gorilla and you see Jessica's dressing room window. You only see Jessica's shadow walk back and forth. But ocasionally, if you are on the line long enough or at the right time, you hear her talking on the phone to sombody about Roger. She's seen twice on the ride, in the beginning she is tied up in the trunk and a weasel is next to her and she says "You won't get away with this." Later, in the ACME factory, she is standing and holding a malet, with one of the weasels knocked out and she's about to hit another as she says, "this is going to hurt you a lot more than it hurts me."
    REPORTED: Jarrod 17 JUN 00
  6. In the line of Roger Rabbits's Cartoon Spin people say that if you knock on the door, the gorilla guy will talk. This is true, but there's just one misunderstanding. You do not have to knock! Everyone I see in line knocks! The gorilla will talk if you just wait!
    REPORTED: Fred 12 JUL 00
    Gorilla talks on timed schedule.
    CONFIRMED: Sean Gugler 18 SEP 00
  7. Guess whose picture is on the one samolian - Roger Rabbit!
    REPORTED: TR Shaw 06 NOV 97
  8. DIP is made up of equal parts of acetone, benzine and turpentine.
    REPORTED: TR Shaw 06 NOV 97
  9. On Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin, all of the doorways and windows, and pipes are made to look like faces smiling.
  10. By turning the steering wheel, you can change the direction the cab is pointing. Since it's possible to go through much of the attraction backwards, the designers had to create visuals that could be enjoyed from all directions.
  11. On Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin, when you get on the ride and it starts going the wheel is hard to spin throughout the ride right? Well next time you get on this ride check this out!....When you physicaly "see" Roger Rabbit Spin the wheel, now it moves more freely until Roger Passes and it's tough again then , its easy again and so on !!
    REPORTED: Lauren Ferreira 03 FEB 97
    The wheel does not spin until you pass Roger for a reason. As you can see, Roger and Benny are spinning due to the Dip that is being poured onto the streed by the weasels. Benny yells out, "Holy smokes, Roger, we've been DIPPED!" and so has Lenny (your cab.) The steering wheel is now acivated and your car can spin, due to the slipperiness of the Dip. As Smart Ass (the head weasel) is about to give you "a little something to forget [him] by," the car faces front to give you a clear view of the portable hole. If you were able to face any other way, you would see how the effect is accomplished.
    UPDATE: Jed 07 FEB 97
    CONFIRMED: Dynara 26 APR 97
    You start spinning right when you hit the Dip on the floor. Take a look next time, it is usually timed perfectly!
    CONFIRMED: Casey Hixson 26 FEB 00
  12. I was in Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin when the ride broke and I had to get out and walk through most of the ride. I thought it was a really rad experience cause I learned that the whole track is actually a few feet above the ground.
    CONFIRMED: Nico 30 NOV 99
  13. I hope that you all know how the portable hole works. The side that you can see is a mirror.
    REPORTED: Nicholas Van Houten 02 MAR 99
  14. Has anyone noticed the license plates on the wall just in side the entrance to Roger Rabbit's CarToon Spin? All are references to either Disney characters or films. Just look at them and sound them out.
    REPORTED: chris 14 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Missy Spencer 20 JAN 97
    1. 2N TOWN - Toontown
    2. BB WOLF - Big Bad Wolf
    3. MR TOAD - Mr. Toad
    4. 1DRLND - Wonderland
    5. 1D N PTR - Wendy & Peter Pan
    6. IM L8 - I'm late!
    7. CAP 10 HK - Captain Hook
    8. L MERM8 - Little Mermaid
    9. 101 DLMN - 101 Dalmatians
    10. FAN T C - Fantasy
    11. RS2CAT - The Aristocats
    12. ZPD2DA - "Zip a dee doo dah" song
    13. 3 LIL PIGS - The 3 little pigs

    CONFIRMED: Eric Ken Lin 20 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Jennifer 26 JUN 98
    CONFIRMED: Sean Gugler 18 SEP 00
  15. At the end of Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin when your about to exit there are lockers, one of the locker numbers is the number for pi. 3.14....
    REPORTED: Lauren Ferreira 16 FEB 97
  16. A lot of the attractions at Disneyland have similar cars and tracks. Therefore the different cars can be put on different attractions. When coming up with the idea of a spinning car while moving along a track (for Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin, the Imaginears had to see if it would work. During the night they took a tea cup and put it on Snow White's Scary Adventures. Then they rode through with a very thrilling, new idea. This is how they came up with the concept for Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin.
    REPORTED: Derrick Davis 24 JAN 98
    When they were coming up with the idea for Roger Rabbit's Toon Spin, they took a teacup off of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party and put it on the track of the Haunted Mansion. They rode and spun the cup the whole way through. But due to the low clearings in the ride, Someone would very often scream "DUCK OR WE'LL DIE!!!" So they took the same cup and put it on Snow White's Scary Adventure and rode through there spinning along the way. This worked much better, because there weren't low clearings in Snow White.
    UPDATE: Tiffany 10 JUL 98
    This is regards to the fact that imagineers took one of the cups off of the Tea Party and placed it on to another ride to develope the idea of Roger Rabbit's Toon Toon Spin. I'm comfirming that this did actually occur there is some question about weather it was on the Alice in Wonderland or Snow White but I seriously doubt that it was placed on to the Haunted Mansion ride base. That would make absolutly no sense the ride concepts are conflicting. There was a TV special on resently in which one of the Imagineers responsible for the Roger Rabbit ride admitted to this fact.
    UPDATE: Warren K. 27 JUL 98
    I saw a TV show called 'The Fun House'. It talked about the Car Toon Spin and one guy said that they were wondering what that type of ride would be like. "So one night we put a teacup from the Tea Party onto the Pinocchio ride. It was a marraige made in heaven. Make that, in Disneyland." So it was Pinocchio, not Snow White.
    UPDATE: Anaconda Boy 25 AUG 99
    There seems to be some confusion as to which Fantasyland attraction was used to test the cars for Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin. When watching a documentary on the Discovery Channel that included a brief section on Disneyland, one of the Imagineers (I forget which) said that one evening after hours they took a teacup from the Mad Tea Party and put it on the track for Pinocchio's Daring Journey and ran it through the ride a few times. It seemed to work great, and so they continued with the plan.
    CONFIRMED: Tammi 30 AUG 99
    It was Pinocchio
    CONFIRMED: Wes J. Elskamp 04 SEP 99
    I've read all of your stories about the concept of how they got the Idea for Roger Rabbit Cartoon Spin. First off, one person said that they have similar rides in Fantasyland and tried putting one of those rides on a different rides track. Now is it just me or the teacups and pinnochio don't have similar tracks (teacups don't even have a track) so I'm sure they didn't think of this and do this in one night. Second in Alice in Wonderland they use special tires and it is a very tight inclosed ride.
    The bit about taking an tea cup and placing it on any Fantasyland ride is totally untrue. In order to do that, you would have to design a whole new "car" for that ride inorder for the tea cup to sit on the car. Also, in many cases, having a tea cup on the car would make it impossible for the cars to make it through some of the turns and through some of the doors. Lastly, during the 3 months of testing prior to opening, I met many of the designers. They had an idea of merging the tea cups with one of the dark ride, but they did not test it!
    WISHFUL THINKING: anon 08 OCT 01
  17. Last week while I was at Disneyland, I rode Roger Rabbits Cartoon spin, however, after Roger got electrocuted, there are little cartoony kaboom effects. I beleive that they got that from Mr.Toad's wild ride for when you crash throgh that brick wall, you see kapow and Blam with a strobe light.
    REPORTED: Jeremy Fassler 26 OCT 99
  18. Ride Patent: 5453053
  19. You can see a poster of Roger's cartoon "What's Cookin".
    REPORTED: Joe 20 FEB 99
  20. On the line when you go in the Dip room, those barrels where actually used in "Who Framed Roger Rabit" (one of them has a dent from where Christopher Loyd kicked it.
    REPORTED: Joe 20 FEB 99
  21. On the ride when you go in the "Gag House" There is a pile of "portable hole" boxes from "Who framed Roger Rabbit".
    REPORTED: Joe 20 FEB 99
  22. On the Roger Rabbit ride there is a point that when you look to the side you will see a Playboy bunny.
    REPORTED: Katie Singleton 05 MAR 99
    As you start the ride look down at the base board on the right hand side and look close. There it is the famous Playboy symbol.
    CONFIRMED: anon 19 JUL 99
    The Playboy bunny head it true. It can only been ween with the work lights on, and it is on the right hand side of the track, on the side od a crub, just inside the 1st turn.
    CONFIRMED: anon 08 OCT 01
  23. In the end, they have replaced the animatronic Roger that opened the black hole. He used to reach across the track and now he just reaches across the side of the car. The first time I rode this ride it broke down at the black hole and me and my freind had to duck to avoid Roger throwing his arm across the track. Now its on the side.
    REPORTED: tilly 18 MAR 02
  24. The Indy ride system is based losely on the Roger ride system.
    REPORTED: anon 08 OCT 01

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