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Royal Courtyard

  1. In the Royal Courtyard there is a black wrought iron gate. In the four corners of the design at the bottom half of each gate there is a Hidden Mickey, making that 8 Hidden Mickeys in one location.
    REPORTED: Gregory Hahn 24 MAR 98 pict from
  2. Perhaps, I had been squinting too hard for too long, but I think that some of the barnacle holdfasts on Lafitte's Anchor by the shore of the lake look like little Mickey's.
    REPORTED: Erik Read 21 JAN 01
    CONFIRMED: Zie Wei Susan Chen 21 JAN 01
  3. In front of the bathrooms in New Orleans square (the in back, by the train station) are buildings with fake upstairs apartments. One of these apartments has a balcony with black curtains hung on the rails. On this balcony, on the right as you look at it, is a small metal end table. The pattern cut into the table are Mickeys.
    REPORTED: Gregory Sloan 12 JUN 01

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