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mansion Many of the Hidden Mickeys in the Haunted Mansion change during the Haunted Mansion Holiday for Nightmare Before Christmas.

  1. Many of the Hidden Mickeys in the Haunted Mansion no longer exist, due to the Haunted Mansion Holiday overdressing for Nightmare Before Christmas. See Nightmare Before Christmas Holiday Hidden Mickeys
    REPORTED: anon 16 OCT 01
  2. The tops of a couple of the tombstones just before the hearse.
    REPORTED: kimera lawrence 09 AUG 97 pict from
  3. The four corners of the hearse have decorative work in the shape of three circles forming Mickey heads
    REPORTED: kimera lawrence 09 AUG 97
    The hearse outside in the front yard does have hidden Mickeys on the corners.
    CONFIRMED: Jeff 06 JUN 99
    It's hard to determine whether that's a hidden Mickey or not on the hearse. But it's not Brigham Young's. If you happen to see the Mansion special with young Kirk Russel and Donny Osmond they go behind the scenes and you will see Imagineers making it! Maybe it's modeled after it.
    UPDATE: Brandon Davis 29 DEC 99
  4. The three rings you strap to the horse on the hearse outside, when looked at, at the right angle form a hidden Mickey
    REPORTED: Michael Hunnel 12 MAR 98
    CONFIRMED: Jeff 24 APR 99
    CONFIRMED: anon 30 JUL 99
  5. In the left line, look up a little into the trees and there is a tombstone that says "Rustin Peace" the vase makes a Hidden Mickey. The handles make the ears and the body makes the face.
    REPORTED: Tigger 26 FEB 97
    CONFIRMED: Tom Bernard 30 JUN 97
    CONFIRMED: Cody Aharonian 21 AUG 97
  6. On the New Leota Tombstone at the Haunted Mansion, there are 2 hidden Mickeys. One in each corner under the face in the flowers. The middle of one of the flowers makes up the head and the petals above it make up the ears. Its the same on the other side but mirrored.
    REPORTED: Ghost Relations Dept. 23 MAR 02 pict from pict from
  7. When approaching the front of the Haunted Mansion, look up to the left on the second floor veranda. In the corner of the veranda is mounted a telescope. In the end of the telescope eyepiece is a sillouette of Mickey! The telescope is tilted down, facing the winding walkways in front of the Mansion. I saw it in the daylight, so it may not be visible at night. When I mentioned it to the Tour Guide, she didn't believe me, and walked out to confirm it herself!
    REPORTED: David S. Riley 16 FEB 99
    On the end of the telescope outside of the Haunted Mansion, although there is in fact a "silouette" as you may wish to call it, it does not form a hidden Mickey at all. In fact, it is just a hole in the end of the telescope.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Bitzie 26 NOV 99
    There is in fact a Mickey formed on the end of the telescope on the second floor. If you are standing by the "Pet Cemetary" you can see the end of the telescope and the hidden Mickey. But last time I was there they had the telescope turned so you could only see a side view of it.
    CONFIRMED: Ryan Hougardy 25 NOV 00
    I read about it before I went out there on vacation, and went armed with my trusty pentax. The glass on the end of the scope is indeed broken, but not into the shape of everyone's favorite mouse.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Robert Church 22 APR 01
    We visit Disneyland several times each year and have seen the hidden Mickey on the telescope on the second floor veranda. On our visit on 14 August 2001, the telescope was gone!
    LOST: Rich D. 17 AUG 01
  8. In the entry hall, right before you step onto the elevator (the "stretching" room), there is a mirror on the right hand side of the room as you are facing the elevator. The mirror is oval-shaped and framed in gold or brass. Near the top of the mirror is a leaf upon which there are three small flowers. The flowers seem to form a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Noelle Tennis 06 FEB 97
    CONFIRMED: Ghost Host 21 JUL 97
    They're all the same size.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Pianoman 17 JUN 99
    When you walk into the Haunted Mansion if you stand in the far right corner and look at the mirror on the other side in the wood on the top there is two small circles and and one big one that makes a hidden Mickey
    UPDATE: Taylor Hawkins 03 OCT 99
  9. My boyfriend and I were waiting to enter into the stretch room on the Haunted Mansion, when the person working the room told us that there was supposed to be a hidden Mickey somewhere around the mirror on the right side of the room, when you walk in. Well, a whole bunch of people, including my boyfriend and myself, decided to try to find it. Instead of finding the one we were supposed to find, I found a new one. Now, I am not sure that it is an intentional hidden Mickey, but everyone agreed with me that it was totally a Mickey head. It is located on the mirror on the right wall when you walk into the big room, waiting to get on the stretch rooms. On the top part of the mirror there is a hole carved out of it that is in the shape of an oval. The wall paper that is showing in the middle of the circle has a total Mickey head. The two ears are white lines that form upside down circles and the head is a big curve upward underneath, in the same kind of white color.
    REPORTED: Leila G. Swaid 06 JUN 01 pict from
  10. In the room right before you enter the elevator, there are candlestick holders on the wall. Get directly below a candlestick holder and look up. The round bases for a tri-circle Mickey.
    REPORTED: Erik and Joey 10 JUL 97
    It's the one that is in the room right before you enter the elevator, there are candlestick holders on the wall. Get directly below a candlestick holder and look up. The round bases form a tri-circle Mickey. My kids saw it before I did.. goes to show what kids can see more of.
    CONFIRMED: DayPod 27 JAN 98
    CONFIRMED: Alex Koreneff 14 AUG 98
    CONFIRMED: Taylor Hawkins 07 OCT 99
    In the first room you go into there are candles. The candles that are on the wall to the your right, if you go directly under them and look up at the bottoms of the candles they shape the outline of Mickey's head.
    CONFIRMED: Lexie Mueller 04 DEC 00
  11. In the chamber before the streching room, if you walk staight back by the door and look up at the ceiling there is a small "crystal" Mickey shape by the edge of the inner boarder.
    REPORTED: Nelody 30 SEP 99 pict from
  12. On the stretching paintings you can see on the alligator towards the bottom there are hidden Mickeys in his scales.
    REPORTED: Candace and Eric 07 AUG 98
    You have to look really hard, the Mickey is right at the base of the painting in light green. It's too perfect to be a fake. You should also not the fact that the paintings are refurb'd periodically.
    CONFIRMED: Foxx 19 SEP 98
  13. In the room with the changing paintings there is a hidden Mickey on the first painting on the arm of the love seat
    REPORTED: Mike Olson 22 JUL 99
    While in the Haunted Mansion, in the hall of pictures, there is a picture of a lady who seated on a red chair. I believe it is the 2nd or 3rd picture, the one where she turns into some sort of creature (I can't exactly remember). On the arm of the right side of the chair, there is a hidden mickey. It is turned sideways. You naturally have to watch it for a few seconds before you see it. I tried to take a picture, but as you know, they don't come out very well.
    CONFIRMED: Stacy Lauderdale 05 OCT 00
  14. There is a hidden Mickey in the portrait hallway on Haunted Mansion, in the hair of the woman that turns into Medusa. You usually can see it when the scrim shifts.
    REPORTED: Amy 16 FEB 02
  15. Right after you step off of the elevator and you head down the hall to get into the buggy, you pass by a picture of a pirate ship that changes from old to new. If you look when it changes into the old pattern, you will see on the lower right sail a cutout of a Mickey head. It is somewhat bent but if you look at it a couple of times, you will confirm it is a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Chris Kidder 03 NOV 98
  16. When you are waiting in line right before you get into the Doom Buggies, you will notice a wooden column on the right. It has some fleur-de-lis swirly thingys on it, and the swirls toward them bottom form near-perfect circles of a Mickey. The same columns are by the "staircase" that you go up when the ride first starts.
    REPORTED: Ghost Host 21 JUL 97
  17. When you are in line to get in your Doom Buggies, if you look at the heads that look like they are following you, there is a hidden Mickey on one. On his tie holder - it is a perfect circle - It and the collar of his shirt makes the ears.
    REPORTED: Candace and Eric 07 AUG 98
  18. As you exit the elevators and walk past the heads with the eyes that follow you, you come across some cobwebs. They are on the right side, on the pathway before you go to the doom buggies. The very first set of cobwebs on the right. Anyway, in the cobwebs, you have to stare a minute, there is a very obvious Hidden Mickey. Granted the head part is a little oblong, in other words, not 180 perfect degrees. However, the ears are perfect, and the entire shape is a huge Mickey in the cobwebs. I believe it is intentional. I was with about 6 people and they all confirmed the Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Angela Anderson 09 JUN 96
    It is to the left directly after you pass the heads that follow you.
    Right after you exit the elevators and walk past the busts that follow you, you approach a gigantic cobweb. The cobweb forms and entierly perfect Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Tony Kreuch 28 JUN 98
    CONFIRMED: Sarah Sahutske 17 JAN 00
  19. Right when you get onto the ride (the cars) look to your left on the exit sign. There is a Mickey between the I and the T. We were told to look there by a cast member and sure enought there it was.
    REPORTED: sarah 14 APR 99
    On Haunted Mansion, you can infact see Mickey's head in between the I and T on the exit sign as soon as you start going up the stairs. A cast member we have grown to be friendly with showed it to us. Me and my two other friends sitting in the car with me both saw it.
    CONFIRMED: Ruthie 15 APR 01 pict from
  20. The gargoyle statue has a weird smiling hidden Mickey on its tail.
    REPORTED: Champlin 20 JUN 97
  21. There is an obvious Hidden Mickey formed in the first room after getting in the moving buggy but before the hall with the bulging doors. There are two knights on your right. If you look back at the one on the right from a straight on view, you'll find that the wall behind him is sculptured to form two Mickey ears and the knight's head serves as the Hidden Mickey head. It is extremely obvious once you look for it.
    REPORTED: anon 20 JAN 97
  22. In the endless hallway. Holiday or regular version, this hidden Mickey can still be seen: As you pass through the hallway, directly on the left-hand side of the floating candelabra (or Zero), there is a window with a curtain blowing in the breeze. Near the bottom of the curtain is a black mickey head patch that looks like it was sewn in. It's not very obvious- you have to be looking right at the curtain as you come in, and catch a glimpse of the patch as it's moving around.
    REPORTED: Heather Downing 19 OCT 01
  23. When you go into Madam Leota's Room, (where you see Madam Leota's head in a glass ball and it is on the table) by the trumpet hanging in front of Madam Leota there are Yellow Mouse ears!! My friends and I agreed that it was a hidden Mickey!!
    REPORTED: Caleb B. 20 JUN 97
    CONFIRMED: Ghost Host 21 JUL 97
    Next to the floating trumpet on The Haunted Mansion there are flying Mouse Ears.
    CONFIRMED: Loretta Drummond 15 AUG 97
    I went on the Haunted Mansion twice on April 12th, and both my fiancee and I looked for the mickey ears in Madam Leota's room. We looked at the trumpet, the tamborine etc - no Mickey ears. I even took a picture - but it didn't turn out. They must have refurbished the room - 'cause no Mickey!
    LOST: Natalie B. 18 APR 01
  24. While going in Madam Leota's room, on the chair, the white decoration section on the top makes one.
    REPORTED: robert 12 JUN 02
  25. There are Hidden Mickey's above all the doorways as you go through the hallway where the ghosts are trying to get out. I believe they are all in proportion, and are kind of tipped sideways.
    REPORTED: Christina 07 OCT 97
  26. On the ride, there is a hidden Mickey directly pasts the first knights. You have to look in the mirror, where the candles are suspended in air. Occasionally, (1 out of 5 doom buggies) you will see a Dark Blue Mickey Balloon fly across the mirror.
    REPORTED: Talon-Fox 24 APR 01 pict from
  27. In the birthday ballroom, the raven is perched on a rail. The raven is underneath the paintings of the dualing ghosts. When the raven dips down, he forms a Hidden Mickey. His wings form the ears and his body forms the head. Mickey is there for a second.
    REPORTED: Shalu & Anthony Livesay 14 SEP 97
    It's somewhat sensitive to viewing angle so it may take a couple of times through (bummer) to see it perfectly, but there's no doubt. It actually looks better from slightly different angle, but the picture is close and still looks like the bird.
    CONFIRMED: anon 30 DEC 97
    In the dining scene if you look at the crow from the right angle you will see his head and wings form a hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Candace and Eric 07 AUG 98
    CONFIRMED: Shelly 11 DEC 98
  28. In the ballroom where the ghosts are dancing look at the wall in the back. The wallpaper is actually hidden Mickeys over and over again. At first you will say it's not complete circles but if you look real hard you see small grey curves completing it.
    REPORTED: andy bell 03 JUL 98 pict from pict from
  29. In the ballroom birthday party scene, on the dining table the first place setting to the left of the birthday girl has a large dinner plate and two saucers just above and to either side of the plate arranged in the form of Mickey's head. This is the only setting on the table like this. It is the second setting from the right nearest to the doombuggies.
    Real Hidden Mickey See the list of contributors
    Note: I am no longer taking reports on this one unless there is a refurb and the Imagineers change this effect.
    The last time that we rode the Haunted Mansion, I was telling Paul about hidden Mickeys. He didn't believe it til we passed the birthday room. Sure enough, there were two hidden Mickeys on the table. We went around late January and the Mickeys were placed on the far right and the far left. I couldnt believe I found one.
    UPDATE: Brandee & Paul 06 FEB 99
    CONFIRMED: Riley 06 MAR 99
    In the Dining Room scene of the ride at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World there is 1 place setting which is a mickey. At Disneyland it is the 2nd over in the front from the Walt Disney World it is on the front right corner.
    UPDATE: kim 10 JAN 01
    I think by now just about everyone knows about the plates on the table in the Haunted Mansion at the Anaheim park. But, I was just there this Sunday (Jan. 29) and there was another set of plates arranged in a Mickey right next to the original Mickey plates.
    UPDATE: anon 29 JAN 01
    CONFIRMED: Timothy 05 JUN 06
    CONFIRMED: NeZZa 17 JUN 06
  30. I saw the hidden Mickey when I was actually looking for a different hidden Mickey I had been told about by a Disney Imagineer. It is in the ballroom scene. I was looking for the dinner plate one but another hidden Mickey caught my eye. You can only see it when the ghost appear because otherwise there isn't enough light to see it. There is a flower decoration in the center of the dinner table. To the right of it is a smaller decoration of something. But when the ghosts appear, there is a hidden Mickey image or statue. He is sitting down and is holding onto one of his knees. I didn't beleive it so I went and checked three more times, and every time I saw it. WOW is Disney great or what???!!!!!!!
    REPORTED: Spooktacular (Julianne Hall) 11 JAN 00
  31. I recently got back from Disneyland w/ my sister and we were on the ultimate hidden Mickey search. While on the Haunted Mansion, I was looking around the walls and underneith the chandelier there is a shadow on the wall that looks exactly like Mickey, its directly below the chandelier and a little to the left, if you turn your head a little as you pass, it is a perfect Mickey.
    REPORTED: Tracie 07 AUG 01
  32. As my wife and I were riding past the organ player, one of the spooks that flies out of the pipes appears to be a hidden Mickey. The eye holes and larger center nose form a classic hidden Mickey shape.
    REPORTED: norman 15 SEP 98
  33. When you are going through the wedding room, there is a baby carriage. If you look at an angle all the wheels form a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Candace and Eric 07 AUG 98
  34. This Mickey is found in the Haunted Mansion room preceding the graveyard. Pay attention to the heartbeat of the ghostly bride. As the illuminated beat passes from left to right and back, a lower middle circle seems to be illuminated for a split second. I highly suspect that her heart forms a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Alfonso Aguilar 13 NOV 98
    CONFIRMED: Gwyllion Phylaxis 20 NOV 98
    When I went to Disney Land,not to long ago, I had goon into the Haunted Mansion hoping to find one of the many Hidden Mickeys. To my surprise I found one that was already found. There is no mistake about it, in the room with the bride, there is a Hidden Mickey. The heart beat of the bride does infact form the perfect micky head.
    CONFIRMED: Tracy Wilson 06 OCT 01
  35. One of trees you see as you go backwards into the large room has a Hidden Mickey on it. It is one of the trees to the right, not one of the ones hanging down over you from the left. It has two eyes and a mouth which form a perfect Mickey. Just look to the trees on the right as you go down backwards, and you can't miss it.
    REPORTED: Karen Buhler 25 JUL 96
    As you enter the graveyard room, when you are turned backwards going down the hill, the hidden Mickey is in the first big tree on the right hand side as you are first turned around. There are three big circles that are lit up in the tree. The three circles form a hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Amanda and Mark 19 JAN 97
    If that is the case then all of the trees during this of ride are Hidden Mickeys. It's merely the mouth and eyes of the haunted trees.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Theresa Kyame 07 FEB 97
    CONFIRMED: Ghost Host 21 JUL 97
    I would like to confirm the sighting of the lit up rings in the trees of the Haunted Mansion that form the Mickey head. It is located when the Doom Buggies turn backwards, and you can see it on the trunk of one of the farther away trees on the right side.
    CONFIRMED: Mike Pucher 03 JAN 98
    CONFIRMED: Daniel Prewitt 24 JUN 01
  36. There comes the time when you are turned backwards before entering a graveyard. We went twice so my husband could see this. The first time a dead guy, on the left, as you were turning forward, jumped up out of his coffin and just past him a short distance there was "smoke" or "ghosts" appearing to raise out of the graveyard. The ghosts were traveling singley until three came out at one time and formed a Mickey. We rode again and when the dead guy did not jump out, the Mickey did not come, although the ghosts still rose singularly.
    REPORTED: Paula Herwig 03 DEC 99
  37. Another hidden Mickey is next to the two meowing cats. Just to the right of them is a stone wall. Most all the stones are the general "brickwall" type, but there are three round ones that seem to make up a mickey. One larger roundish one, and two smaller roundish ones in ear-form.
    REPORTED: anon 30 APR 02
  38. My husband and I spotted a Hidden Mickey on some tombstones in the Haunted Mansion. They are the ones towards the end of the ride. An easy one to spot is right in front of the Opera singer. It is upside down at the top of the tombstones. It's made up of some curlie cues.
    REPORTED: Alisa 29 JAN 01
    The Hidden Mickey can be seen in the Haunted Mansion on the tombstones. They are near the opera singer. It is kind of dark so you might need a flashlight or else a good eye
    CONFIRMED: JonV 01 JUL 01
  39. Throughout the Haunted Mansion ride, there are ghosts that "rise" in the air. It's a looping hologram which can be seen in the graveyard, and near the end as all the ghosts rise from town. You can see Mickey on each and every one. As they start out (small) and rise in the air (getting bigger) for an instance you see a mickey shadow. What turns into they're eyes and mouth, starts as Mickey!
    REPORTED: Natalie B. 18 APR 01

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