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From: Ryan Charlson 05 APR 00

My family went to Disneyland in '98 with a group of about fourty people. We broke off into separate groups throughout the trip to get on rides quicker. We decided to take a rest from rides and anout six of us went to the Tiki Room. Well, about two minutes into the show with all the birds singing, my dad falls asleep in the chair. His hat fell off of his head as his head fell back. He started snoring so loud that other people were having a hard time hearing the show.

Jungle Cruise

REPORTED: Shelby the Disneyfrk 23 APR 06

One time it was so crowded after Fantasmic that some cast members let us have a short- cut. Wewent somwhere (I forgot where) but as we walked in the short-cut I saw old Jungle Cruise boats and old Jungle Cruise dynamite boxes plus alot more. As we exited the short-cut we ended up at main street. It was cool to have seen those old boats!

From: Jenny 26 NOV 01

I remember one day my mom and I went to Disneyland and we noticd the line for the Jungle Cruise was very short. The skipper of the boat was very funny. One thing I remember she said was, "Hello, I'm Cupcake and I'll be your hostess." Another thing she said was when we were getting off she said" Now I'm going to tell you what my parents told me when I was 18, GET OUT!!!" It was hillarious.

From: Becky Richards 26 NOV 01

I would imagine that being a skipper on the Jungle Cruise would be a very fun job, and once you know your spiel, it would be hard to break it. My sister, Mom and I managed to do just that, though. We went to Disneyland wearing identical outfits, as we are wont to do, and as we came out of Indiana Jones, we lined up next to the water of the Jungle Cruise and posed ala See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil. The skipper (a lady) was doing her usual spiel, when she saw us, so it came out, "And, to you're right, you'll see--BWA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" We had a good laugh over that one!

From: RavenLenore13 04 OCT 01

About 5 years ago we had one skipper state: "The Jungle Cruise: a summer job that turned into a 7 year nightmare." (Having been a 7yr vet of Great America, I can sympathize!!!)

From: Jessica 10 OCT 01

Apparently, once clever skipper on the Jungle Cruise managed to incorporate the Indiana Jones ride as originally intended - with much funnier results. Being that I also go on late at night (which is the only time this trick would work) I had one of the best laughs I've ever had at Disneyland. When taking off from the loading dock, the boat passes by the exit path from the Indiana Jones ride. One skipper turned off all the light on the boat as we approached this area and whispered to us all to be quiet and then scream as loud as possible when he counts to three. We quietly floated by for a few seconds while the skipper "readied" us. Suddenly the skipper whispered, "ready. one, two, three!" and we all screamed right at a crowd of people walking off the Indiana Jones ride. They were all so startled they actually jumped and screamed themselves. Our boat cracked up and we must have concluded it must be our skippers last day. I don't think the skippers would normally get away with doing something like that, but ...

From: anon 11 JAN 01

I remember going on the Jungle Cruise since I was a child, but I have never have had so much fun on it until last summer. Our guide was totally great! I loved her sarcastic humor, when she found out her gun was out of blanks she made a bang noise with her mouth and we got off she was like "Well if you liked this ride then my name was so-and-so, and if you didn't tough!"(or something like that)Thanks to the sarcastic/funny cast member!

From: anon 17 MAR 00

About three years ago I took a trip on the Jungle Cruise in the Evening. I don't know who was my captain but he was a riot. There wasn't that many people on the boat. We got to the point where they usually say "everyone point and laugh at the three hour long line for Indiana Jones" Instead he said How about we put some of these people ou tof their misery. He then shot at some people with the blanks they use. Every one started to crack up. Then we got to the point where the bangle tiger is. Right next to the tiger is a little rock. A real live cat perked up behind the rock right on que and went back down after a couple of seconds. The captain said it was the Tigers cub they named rufus. I wonder how it got there though. Since that side of the river is an island and cats don't like to swim. Hmm. interesting.

From: Shane Kidder 06 FEB 00

It was new years day, first time at disneyland in over 4 years. my friends and i were just wraping up a wonderful day at disneyland. one of the last rides that we went on was the jungle cruise. it had to be the best time i ever had on any ride in the park. i didn't get the cast members but they were the best. the woman that was running the ride was one of the funniest person i have ever heard. she sang songs and she joked with the people on the cruise. when we pulled up to the dock, they were dancing up and down like headhunters. it was the best thing i had seen in a long time. i've never laugh so hard in my life. if any of the cast members read this i would like to thank each and every one of you.

From: Nightlyre 28 DEC 99

This story is actually about the Jungle Cruise, but it starts at PotC, so bear with me. :) See, I'm something of a Fantasmic! nut, but the group I was with this last trip doesn't share that passion (er... obsession?). We were riding Pirates during what would have been the first of two Fantasmic!s of the night. But as the ride ended, we noticed something disturbing-- no Fantasmic!-y noises and lights outside and... there was actually a line for Pirates! We found out that the heavy wind had prevented the shows for that night. But upon exiting Pirates, we found ourselves swept up in the mass of people leaving the Fantasmic! viewing area, and went through Adventureland, pretty much whether we liked it or not. We noticed almost no line for the Jungle cruise, so hopped on to escape the crowd. The ride went as normal until the usual 'backside of water' joke... instead, the guide said, "So, how many of you are disappointed about Fantasmic! not showing tonight?" (I raised my hand, even though we weren't gonna watch it... it's the principle of the thing!) He continued, "Well, I've got a special treat for you... your own private showing of Fantasmic!" With that, he waved his flashlight around on the back of the waterfall, while singing the Fantasmic! theme: "Doooo doo doo doo doo dooooo dododo doooo" etc... It was wonderful-- I have never laughed so hard on that ride!

From: Jared 15 DEC 99

One day I decided to get a group together and go to Disneyland. We went on the Jungle Cruise mid afternoon and again in the evening. We had the same guide both times. We were reciting the jokes before he could. He got really mad and threatened to take away our passes. The funny thing was that none of us had passes. I would like to appolige to him and anyone who was on that boat! Sorry! We were really annoying!

From: anon 17 SEP 99 <>The best part about riding the Jungle Cruise in Adventureland is when the guides make up new jokes and stories for the trip. I go to Disneyland at least once a year and the old tired lines have been used over and over since my first trip in 1966. I always hope I'll hear something different. Recently, I read in the paper, that Disney officials were getting upset with any guide that changed the routine tour.....they wanted it the same everytime, everyday!!!....PLEASE!!! WE ENJOY NEW JOKES!!!! Some of these guides are fantastic....if it's not dirty let them have alittle fun with the trip....I too rode with the girl who kept saying, "Kinda freaky, huh"!!!The whole boat cracked up everytime.....Nightime trips are the best time to find guides willing to really ham it up....So, come on Disney Exec's, lets these comics do their stuff.....A comedy club on the Nile is alot more fun than another "It's A Small Torture".....ahhh...World....sorry....hahaha

From: Marysue L. Tiedtke(pronounced Tiki) 26 JUN 99

My Parent were married back in 1971, After much debate about ten minuts they decided to go to Disneyland for their Honeymoon. My mother was telling my dad about the first time they were able to go to Disneyland with my grandparents. How my grandfather who was a mill worker had to work almost all month to be able to save money so when they go their my mother, and her brother would be able to get the ticket book the the very special E tickets. They finally got to Disneyland and they save thier tickets so that they could ride on Jungle Cruise. But I guess as the story whent right in the middle of the ride my mother and grandmother looked up and their by some of the animals were four or five children. I guess they were very suprised. We would love to know who these Children were. When my husband I were married just a few months ago we alredy new were we were going to go you guessed it Disneyland. Disneyland has brought so much joy to our lives that we just always think Disneyland means family fun.

From: Jon T 25 JUN 99

When the Lion King was released in 1994, I went on the jungle cruise and saw a stuffed baby Simba in one of the crocodiles mouths.

From: Joy 22 MAY 99

The last time I went to Disneyland we went on the Jungle Cruise. We got this skipper who was just hilarious. Every time we passed an animal she would say, "Did you know that when full grown that animal can weigh up 5,000 pounds and jump up to 25 feet? Kinda freaky isn't it?" She even said it about the headhunter at the end of the ride. All day long my friends and I said that about everything that we passed. I wish I could have her again!

From: joeymommy 05 APR 99

One day i was on the jungle cruise (a year after the lion king came out) we were coming up on the crocodiles when i saw something in its mouth! It was a stuffed toy simba. also 2 days ago when i went, i had the funniest skipper captain person girl. (this was at night) She immatated all the old parades and sung to them while flashing the lights on and off. and we were passing the indiana jones ride while it was closed for repairs and she said, "and now we come across the temple of the forever closed ride." We also came across the part where all of spear guys are standing there making noises, and she stopped the boat and just started saying stuff about them, but then she said "hey guys your shoes are untied." and all of the spear guys looked down. it was somekind of timed thing she did but it was really funny.

From: Josh 31 JAN 99

This is one my seventh grade teacher told me, and he was pretty knowledgeable about Disneyland. A "Jungle Cruise" skipper decided to play a prank, and instead of shooting at the hippos, introduced them as her friends, and named them Tom, Bill, and Becky. She then went a little ways down the river, and waited for the next boat. When the skipper shot at the hippos, she screamed, "Oh my God, they killed Becky." The guests were shocked, as most of them had not been on the ride before.

From: Scott SPACE ACE O. 07 MAY 98

In AdventureLand one of the rides was the Jungle Cruise which I enjoyed last time I was in Disneyland back in 1986 with my parents and brother as a graduation present upon my release from HIGH SCHOOL! All the audio-animatronic animals are still there yet one funny moment happened when our skipper notices some mallard ducks swimming next to the crocodiles or alligators. Noticing 2 mallards (Male and Female) resting on the back of a large croc he jokingly said "Hey check this out! Now there's something you don't see everyday, live animals on the Jungle Cruise those ducks getting a free ride on a croc!" and boy did that bring laughter from the guests in our boat! Another funny moment of Jungle Cruise I can recall was back in 86...It happened near the Native Village where the native people are dancing around a fire. Our guide told us "Well these native people are celebrating the kill of a lion let's not attract their attention we'll just sneak on by. They got a new dance they're working on it's called let's find the key to the bathroom that's why we call them headhunters." also when the warriors ambushed us he shouts "Uh-oh watch out we're being attacked by warriors. Ladies, men, children everybody duck down. If any poison spears, arrows or darts come onboard throw them back we can't keep souveniers out here in the jungle." May 8, 1998

From: "Congo" Carl Moore 15 JAN 97

As a College Program member in 1982 we had a Jungle Cruise tradition known as a "Jungle Run." New skippers were innagurated, after having their speil checked out, within 36 hours by their peers secretly appearing in the scenes while the rookies had a boat full of guests. I tried to keep a straight face while seeing one skipper playing dead under the jeep in the gorilla camp, an empty boat with a skipper hanging out under the falls, several more dancing with the natives, and one walking down the emergency exit in the temple pretending to be a mummy. Though this was not SOP it was good fun. In later "runs" I participated in some creative ways in the Hippo & Elephant Pools. Has this tradition continued?

From: Holly Smith 16 OCT 96

When a Cast Member quits at Disneyland, there is usually an unwritten rule of pulling off a "prank" as their final departure. Once, these two guys were leaving the Jungle Cruise and they thought it would be funny to put laundry detergent in the water pumps so it would make tons of bubbles. However, the last laugh was on Disneyland because they were caught and the cost to repair the ride was deducted from their check! Ouch!!

From: Jeff 26 OCT 96

Just recently, on his last day before retiring from service, a Jungle boat skipper at the end of his shift, jumped in to the Jungle Cruise waters, swam to the island and ran around playing among the audio animatronic figures. When he swam back to the mainland, he was greeted by a large group of "ties" (Disney administrators) as well as a group from security who took him into custody and later Anaheim P.D. arrested him for trespassing. He was considered "off the clock" and therefore trespassing. After the story broke in the papers, the park as well as the city of Anaheim was inundated with letters calling for the Cast Member to be let go. After a few days, charges were dropped.

From: Cara Codekas 21 JUN 97

Maynard is the best! One night three friends of mine as well as myself decided to go on the Jungle Cruise, because there was no line. We asked if we could have our own boat, and since there was no one else waiting, we did. It turns out Maynard was our captain! He is by far the best Cast Member at Disneyland. Right about at the area by the waterfall where they usually crack the joke, "Here's something you don't see often..the backside of water!" the ride broke down. To pass the time, Maynard did his cartoon impressions, cracked jokes, gave us each a leaf out of his hat and taught us the "Victory Leaf Dance". We danced around the boat and had so much fun until about a half an hour later we had to go through the Jungle Cruise backwards to get back to the docks. If that wasn't enough, they gave us passes to go to the front of any line, too, since the ride broke down!

Indiana Jones Adventure, Temple of the Forbidden Eye

From: Timmy Classon 23 MAY 06

One time, my mom and I decided we wanted to on Indiana Jones. We waited in line for about 2 hours! When we finally got in our seats in the front row, the ride had a problem. My mom and I were the only people in that car (probably because it was late at night). Some people went in the ride to find the problem. Then after they thought they fixed it, they let my mom and I take it for a test run. Inside it was sooo cool because they turned on all the lights and we could see every hidden mickey.

From: Lindsay 08 JAN 01

When I went with my family and best friend to Disneyland last year March 2000. We went on the Indiana Jones Adventure Ride about 9 times and never had a problem until the ninth time, where we got stuck under the hanging Indy for like 2-3 minutes and nothing happened. My friend and I were in the first row and he was danging directly above us, not saying a word. He did finally after those few minutes of people in the car asking "What's wrong?" or even just taking it in for a good laugh. To me it was funny/creepy!!

From: MDI56 01 JAN 01

Ok, now it appears when the Indiana Jones ride first came out they distributed decoder cards that gave you something to do for the 4 hours you were in line. The awesome cast member Maynard Smith quickly discovered that if you licked the back and stuck it to you forhead, it stuck! Now this was all fun and games, you go on the attraction again that day and get another card. Well for those of you who still have them, don't lick and stick! These cards are now collectible and have already been selling on e-bay! Hang onto your cards! Lick and Stick is fun and all, but when it comes time to make that decision, just say "no". hehehe. Surf the synthentic waves, MDI56 My name has a secret meaning to! It's original meanins was [M]allrats [D]ogma [I]ndianajones and 56 is a secret number that no one should know unless you've seen dogma, and counted a certain something. Look for the meaing of Blink182 and you will know what i'm talking about. Anywayz, my point is i recently found a secret meaning in my name!

From: anon 19 MAY 00

The Indiana Jones Adventure: The Temple of Mara The second time I had ever ridden it, the ride broke down right at the climax with the rolling ball. We got to see it "roll" back to a portion of the ride's "insides". Just last night, I rode it with a friend of mine, and saw that the ball wasn't rolling at all....It just pushed forward!! We had a good laugh.

About two months ago (March 2000) My Dad and I wen't on Indiana Jones in Adventureland. While riding the ride we approched the part with the big snake (i hate snakes) then all of the sudden, when the big snake was just about to strike, the ride broke down. We sat there for about 10 min untill two cast members came and brought a little step latter and released the seat belts an let us out one by one, we all followed in a line picking up all the other passengers in the jeeps. I got to walk most of the ride, under the bridge, through the part with the arrows, and under the big rolling rock, wich actually never moves, it just sits spinning, The ride is no big deal with all the lights on, it was just a big room with rocks and stuff, But it is very fun to walk through because you get another perspective of the read, and notice things you normally don't see, I think it's better than the ride it self! :)

From: Scott Space Ace Oliverson 01 MAY 00

When my brother Jason and I returned to DisneyLand in March of Y2K/2000, we went back to re-experience Indiana Jones Adventure for an encore, not unlike the January 1998 experience of long ago. Anyway, upon entering the temple, the lines were not that long so we were hurrying along through the antechambers, corridors and caves. I could not find the SPIKE CHAMBER boobytrap where some wiseguy/idiot yanks on the bamboo pole and the ceiling falls on your head with the spikes coming down to impale you! We did listen to Salah again giving his Safety Tour Tips about remain seated in the transports, keep seat belts fastened, personal belongings stowed in the compartments located in front of you, and remember...BEWARE THE CURSE! LOOK NOT INTO THE EYES OF MARA! Then we passed Indy's office again, and entered the Chamber Of Destiny. However this time, unlike before we boarded our Humvee only to realize we had NO DRIVER! I said, "Who's driving? Where's our driver?" then it occured to me that our grandmother, my mother's mother who passed away a long time ago on October 14, 1999 was sitting at the wheel although I could not see her, but could feel her presence with us on the ride. So off we go, this time passing through the Gift Doorway leading into the Fountain Of Eternal Youth. As before, I was watching the native people drinking from the mythical spring to regain their handsome youth & beauty while Jason dares MARA to get mad again by looking the IDOL squarely in the eyes! Once more we get propelled towards the GATES OF DOOM but Indy comes to our rescue, slamming the gates shut, breaking the CURSE and orders us to escape while we can. So we go careening helplessly out-of-control through the haunted chambers...Encounter MARA shooting lasers at us in the Cavern Of Bubbling Death, attacked by tarantulas, scorpions, black widows in the Insect Chamber, Chased by mummies & skeletons in the Mummy Crypt, Just barely escape the wrath of the KING COBRA in the Snake Temple, rats running about in total darkness in the Rat Cave, spears & darts flying over our heads in the Dart Corridor. Then Indy appears once again, hanging by a rope from the ceiling above calling out: "CAREFUL IN THERE, I GOT A BAD FEELING ABOUT THIS." then he hears the boobytrap being sprung and shouts "UH-OH, OH NO! GET ME OUT OF HERE!" That's when the giant boulder starts rolling towards our humvee and we reverse, back up while trying to escape. Suddenly the floor collapses and we go plunging to our doom. But we did survive, somehow. Rounding a turn at the far end, we saw the giant rock crashed through another wall, rubble & debris scattered on the floor and leaning against a huge hole created by the boulder was Indiana Jones himself again telling us a little joke: "WELL, THAT WASN'T SO BAD. WAS IT?"

From: Lane 16 MAR 99

I went with two friends about a month after Indy opened. Of course that was when the line basically started on Main Street, but being 13 it was all we had thought about for a week. So we wait about an hour and a half and we finally get inside the dang building. So then we get to the "movie room" about 30 minutes later and the stupid thing breaks down. Well we hadnt waited more than 2 hours only to be defeated! So we waited another 40 minutes for the ride to be fixed and 15 minutes later we rode the ride. It was worth the wait! Since then I havent had any more Indy problems and I do my annual ritual of dancing in my seat every time the ride ends just for the added pleasure of embarassing my Mom.

From: Scott SPACE ACE Oliverson 17 APR 98

When my brother Jason and I went to the Magic Kingdom this January 1998 along with our Aunt Mitzi and Uncle Doug one of the rides we went on was INDIANA JONES ADVENTURE... While walking through the corridors, antechambers, caves of the detity MARA I was pointing out the boobytraps, explaining what happens along the way and so forth. We stopped to listen to Salah giving his safety tour tips in the Projector Room, passed Indy's office and then entered the CHAMBER OF DESTINY where Mara decides we seek the FUTURE KNOWLEDGE OF THE 21ST CENTURY! Climbing onboard our humvee we enter through the gift-door into the Observatory Of The Future. Since my brother knew what would happen he actually defies Mara by looking the GOD right in the eyes causing him/her to become angry while I was looking up at my Future Destiny. Now our humvee is being pulled towards the Gates Of Doom but Indy comes to our rescue by slamming the gates shut and tells us to escape. All the while I was taping this on my Talkboy recorder our transport is swerving left, right, up and down through the haunted chambers. The guests sitting behind me were screaming so loud even I couldn't hear what was happening around us. At one point we entered a chamber so dark I didn't know whether it was the Insect Room because Jason claims something hit him in his hair. We passed through the Cavern Of Bubbling Death, escaped the Mummy-Skeleton Crypt, get attacked by Rats, avoid being spiked by skeletal warriors attacking us in the Dart Corridor, nearly missed being struck by a KING COBRA in the Snake Temple. And the finale came when Dr. Jones is hanging by a rope from the ceiling saying "YOU MADE IT!" when the boobytrap is sprung, then he shouts "UH-OH, BACK UP, BACK UP!" and that giant boulder comes rolling towards our humvee as we attempt to escape. Suddenly the floor collapses sending us into darkness and death but we survived, racing around a corner and noticing the boulder has crashed through a section of wall creating debrie and rubble strewn about and there was Indy, a stupid grin on his face saying "WELL. DON'T TRY TO TELL ME THAT WAS FUN?!"

From: E. Haugh 15 DEC 96

On a recent trip to Disneyland my family and I walked onto Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye three times! The secret is to go during the first part of Fantasmic or a parade. This works best if you go at the beginning because if you have more time at the end, you can hop the rails to the line as you exit (we weren't able to do this, the walk ons were three seperate occasions).

From: Marna D.Engel 01 OCT 96

Well, my fiance and I used to go to Disneyland, and I hope this can go in, since it's about Disneyland, not DW. Anyhow, we were one of the 1st people to ride Indiana Jones. Well before the ride we had watched the MSEP and my fiance bought me a few of those cool glow rings, so I made a headband and wore it through DL. Well we made it to the ride and the ride started, I felt my precious head band start to fall off my head, and I didn't want to lose it, so I let go of the bar in front of me on the Indiana Jones ride, and as I let go, the car hit a big dip and it lurched and my right wrist hit the metal bar by the side of my thigh and we thought for sure it was broken, so I was screaming and screaming, and my fiance thought I was screaming for fun, and I was screaming for pain, as I continue to scream as I got off the ride. The CM's were WONDERFUL!, they took me to the first aid station and had me seen, and wrapped my arm, and it turned out, I did injure it pretty good. So anyhow, I rec'd a letter from DL, wondering how I was, and that they were slowing down the ride, or making it less jumpy, I am not sure which, but it's not quite as wild as it used to be. Have I gone back on it? YOU BET!! Do I grab for anything that falls off my head? NO WAY!!!

From: David & Kelly Sopp 07 AUG 96

My friend Andrew and I were on the Indiana Jones ride when it broke down right in the middle of the bridge. A couple of disinterested Cast Members came to get us and sort of mumbled to get out of the car (we were the fist ride on a Magic Morning, so...). Andrew and I hung back as much as we could as they walked us back to the entrance. The Cast Members were mad that we kept sneaking pictures of the place on our way back to the entrance. And WOW, does that Indy animatronic holding the doors closed look really bad or what!? It's even worse standing up close without the sound.

From: Cabel Sasser 21 MAY 96

Indy broke down on us! -- kinda. We were almost out and the lights -- usually dimming due to the "generator" -- suddenly went very stable bright. The work lights flipped on in the corridor leading to Mara. Suddenly, two men appeared with mops and walked down the track. We were intrigued. Every Cast Member shot us a different story, and we're still paranoid that someone died or was injured. But the most plausible of the stories (although frighteningly well-prepared) was one of hydraulics: apparently, the rides break down frequently due to snapping hydraulic cables, sending oil spewing everywhere across the track. Any cast members able to confirm this story?

They gave us "re-ads" when Indy broke down allowing us to skip the line on popular attractions. Fortunately, many Cast Members blissfully handed our re-ads BACK, meaning we got plenty out of those magical pieces of paper.

From: fenrus 26 OCT 96

I would like to confirm the statement made by one of the people in your 'Stories' page, regarding the reason the IJA broke down. I was down there last summer during the big west coast power outage, and the IJA broke down about three times, for about 45 minutes each time. My friends and I cornered a Cast Member and asked what was going on. We were told that one jeep out of the fleet of 16 has always had trouble with its systems, snapping oil lines and moving into the 'safe zones' of the other jeeps, both of which cause an automatic ride shut-down.

Indiana Jones look alike

From: Tim Norris 18 JUL 96

One time, I wore a leather jacket and an Indiana Jones hat that I bought in Adventureland, and I looked exactly like Indian Jones. My friends Andy and Jamie went out to watch the fireworks that were synced with the music. I bursted out of a door on Main Street so I wouldn't lose them, when at the same time, the music started to play the Indiana Jones theme. It caught me off guard, and a bunch of people started staring at me all at once, while some were cheering saying it was Indiana Jones, a lot of them looked at me and laughed. I was slightly embarrassed.

Tarzan's/Swiss Family Treehouse

From: "Skippy" A.K.A. Nikki 21 OCT 01

There once was a boy named David Davis who was in love with me. It was his 8th grade trip to Disneyland, and my brother went along. A few months earlier, I had gone to disneyland, and made the rounds to all the lands with my two best friends since pre-school, Kristin and Charlie, and we had visited the Tarzan Treehouse. David and my little brother climbed the stairs to Tarzan's living quarters and my brother said..."Nikki once stood in this exact spot, David!" And David, racing back down the stairs, knelt upon that spot and kissed the ground. So if you ever stood in front of the drawing of Tarzan, you're standing where he kissed the floor!

From: Cabel Sasser 12 FEB 96

Somehow, we managed to hang out at the top of Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse until 1 in the morning, at which point we decided it would probably be best to leave. While walking out, we sacred the hell out of 2 idle security guards. They asked us where we were -- and once we told them ("The river! The Treehouse!"), a guard took off to "investigate". Apparently, "We have people who climb the fences and sneak around". We were (obviously) asked to show our passes. But once piece of information was gleaned: at 1:30 A.M., the sprinkler system goes on, and apparently every now and then super-doused people appear wandering through the park at night, pathetically trying to explain how they got wet. So, kids, if you sneak in, don't hang out in the bushes around 1:30!

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