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From: Ashley P 08 JUN 06

Me and my relatives went on Spalash Mountain last summer. My brother was a big fan when he was five. While most kids cryed during the big drop he smiled with arms straight up. I don't even put my hands up....!Last summer he sat up front with me knowing it was a bad idea .Well during the big drop ge hit his mouth and started bleeding.When we got off the cast members had saw the crying and the blood. They called the nurses closed the ride for about 30 minutes and sent logs and cast members to test it out.After they treated the injury and got up the blood. They offered us to ride it again w/out a wait in line.They gave us 8 fastpasses and free icecream and there apology from the manager.They take a cut lip really seriously!They still havent figured out what ausd the pressure from the log to hit my brother.

From: michelle 20 APR 06

haha I remember going on splash mountain a few months ago and sitting in the second row, and my brother sitting in the first. During the whole ride, I'm thinking how we're at Disneyland and I'm not going to get soaked. Well, only on the second drop [the one where Brer Bear is hanging over you in the dark] after the drop, a whole bunch of water just sploshed into the log soaking only my pants. I looked like I just waded into a pool with my clothes on. Extremely uncomfertably, yet hilarious :]

From: Hannah 18 APR 02

When my family went to Disneyland this past summer, we went on Splash Mountain, and we got the picture at the end. Now we laugh about it, cause the people behind us were picking their noses in it.... I know that that's not really a "flash" mountain story, but it's funny. After that, my brother and I did it to eeryone else on all the other rides that had pictures.

From: Cristy "Tinker Bell" Yadon 26 JAN 02

During July of 2000, my dance studio and i were in Disneyland for the national finals of a dance competition. We were there for 5 days so we rode every ride just about a billion times! 2 of my cousins also compete in dance so along w/ my parents and little brother being there, my aunt, uncle, both grandmas, and all 4 cousins went too. (also, my cousins boyfriend, and my brothers best friend) anyways, one of the days we were there a bunch of us decided to ride Splash Mountain (i dont remember exactly who was in the boat, but i know that at least my bro, dad, uncle and i were) well, they all decided to start rocking the log. i'm the kind of person that doesnt like to get in trouble, ya know, the little goody-goody so i was telling them to stop and that they were gonna yell at us over the loudspeaker. sure enough, the next thing we all heard was "please do not rock the logs" well, from that trip we learned where the "hidden" camera is at that point in the ride, so now every time we go by there, we look straight into the camera and all start waving. its way fun and almost like a tradition now!

From: Rebekah Nelson 20 NOV 01

When I was about six years old my family went to Disneyland. While we were there my Mom, sisters and I decided we wanted to ride on Splash Mountain. When we got on the ride I was sitting in the very front seat. I was having a lot of fun until we came to the part where they take you up for the big drop. The logs were really backed up, so we were stuck inclined on the hill. Well, you know those two vultures that are sitting up on a branch just above your head? They sit there and they say little things like "Hmmm, looks like trouble ahead," and they kind of cackle and laugh at you. Well, our log was stuck right under those vultures for the longest time, and being six and as scared as I was for the drop, I finally got so scared that I started screaming at them "Shut up, shut up!" I still get teased by my family every time we go to Disneyland for yelling at the vultures.

From: Cheryl Davies 09 MAR 01

In April 1998 we were at Disneyland during Spring Break for our kids (we live in Utah). Splash Mountain was everyone's favorite ride, so we had to have pictures. We used our early entry and headed straight for Splash Mountain, since there were no lines because everyone else was having breakfast with the Disney characters. There were 12 of us, ranging in age from 11 to 42 (two families plus an extra sister-in-law). We loaded into two logs with seating according to age. As soon as we heard Zip-A-Dee- Doo-Dah, our 18 year old son began to sing along. Soon we were all singing, and all the other people on the ride thought we were crazy. We had been practicing for days to have the 1st, 3rd and 5th person lean to the right and the 2nd, 4th and 6th person lean to the left, so our pictures would turn out just right. We rode Splash Mountain 3 times as fast as we could, and on the last time we got the perfect pictures!!! We still have that picture displayed in a curio cabinet devoted to trips to Disneyland! The next trip (no kids this time) we learned the hard way why you put the heavyest people in the back. We got drenched, and didn't dry out for 8 hours!!!

From: anon 17 NOV 99

Shortly after Splash Mountain opened, a friend and I decided to wait in the 50-minute line on a particularly hot afternoon. We started talking with the people in front of us, two local, middle-aged couples who had season passes (which, apparently, are relatively cheap for locals). We were college students, and so were their children -- they seemed rather conservative, but we had a surprising amount in common, and we enjoyed chatting with them. They so nice that when we got to the front of the line, they let us get into the log ahead of them, so that we would be in the first row. After the big splash, we went to look at our pictures. Being locals, our friends weren't too interested, so they disappeared into the twilight. We waited for more than 10 minutes, and our picture never came up. Fortunately, my friend remembered the number, so we went to the counter and asked for it. We were told that they were very sorry, but it "had been removed from the system." No further explanation was offered.
REPORTED: James Rudoff 10 OCT 00

On my last trip to Disneyland, my friends and I were fooling around on Splash Mountain and decided to rock the log side to side (why, I don't know). All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a voice said, "Stop rocking the log!!" That shut us up!
From: Brian DuMonte 04 NOV 99

This sighting happened when I went to Disneyland in 1995. I think it was late March. I had gone with my friend Jason and my brother Scott to spend a great day at Disneyland. It had been a Great!!!! day when we decided to go on Splash Mountain because my bro had never been on it before. We waited in line for over an hour before we finally got on the ride. When we came to the first substancial drop the gates on the flume closed and the ride stopped. After about a minute a cast member came on the intercom and said to be patient and the ride would be continuing very shortly. We waited for about five minutes and a cast member came on the intercom and said someone would be up to get us off the ride. When we got off the ride the cast member led us off the mountain along the inside the corridor where we could see the ending scene after the drop. We could also see some back-up audio-animatronic figures. We exited from an area behind where the regular guests exit. At the bottom of the stairs was a cast member who was giving out front of the line passes to get on Splash Mountain. The ride never opened and we later got in Disneyland free for a half-day. It was a very cool day.

From: Rick R. 06 APR 99

When me and my friend went on the Pirates of the Caribbean back in 97, we were the first riders of the day. For some reason or another, my friend wanted to be *dangerous* on the ride. He had heard about all the cameras on that ride, but he didn't seem to care. So right before the second drop, he started to stand up, and all of a suddent eh ride stopped, and the music got turned down and a very commanding voice said: PLEASE REMAIN SEATED!. His face became red and he sat back down. I gave him a bad time about it for the rest of the trip.

From: Adam 05 MAR 99

A few years back me and my friend went to Disneyland. It was a light rainy day and we loved it because lines were very short. We had ponchos on and were having a blast. We decided we wanted to get a really good Splash Mountain picture so we both got a $50 Darth Vader masks at the Star Trader. Then we went on the ride and before the last drop we put them on and had some great pictures with his going down the hill with Darth Vader masks and yellow Rain Ponchos on. It seemed to go over well because the very first picture we had did it on, was the display picture the CM used as a sample at the Picture cart for a few hours. We did it about a dozen more pictures till we got one we finally bought.

From: Brian Walsh 11 FEB 99

I went to Disneyland with a large group. 10 of us all wanted to go in the same log. The first attendant told us no, but another one let us through. As we went down the turn with the curve at the bottom our log tipped and water poured over the right side of the log. We were all drenched. This is the only time you will get really very wet on Splash Mountain.

From: anon 20 OCT 98

as a cast member during the opening of Splash Mountain, i was fortunate (or unfortunate depending on safe the ride was) enough to have been on it during the cast member nights. the year it opened, i recall working a grad night and then being allowed to ride splash in costume. it was certainly a sight for the guests, seeing cast members in variuos costumes screaming down the mountain. and i can assure you that we were drenched...the costume people were not pleased the next morning when we were exchanging for a clean set of costumes. it is also my understanding that they can vary the water level to adjust for how wet you get.

From: mneris 15 NOV 97

2 years ago, my friends and I were on Splash Mountain. Right before we got to see our picture, the ride broke down. We ended up waiting 15 minutes before a cast member helped us out of our log. We did not go right to a traditional exit, but a hidden one through a wall that looks like solid rock. We exited through the back into a large empty space. On one side you could see the pumps and filters for the water, as well as a slope that appeared to be one of the drops. One the other side, there were large white walls, well over 30 feet tall. Behind the wall, were large trees and bushes. The cast member led us through the back and we exited from the place behind the cart where you can buy your souveneir pictures. Splash Mountain is much bigger than it appears to be.

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