Stories Behind the Scenes


From: ashleyp 08 JUN 06

My grandfather had actually met Walt Disney in the early 60's or late 50's, My grandpa had gone to Disneyland and spotted him there. He had went up to him (Walt Disney) and shook his hand. He didn't get an autograph though.

From: sandy 27 APR 06

The cast members often share their stories about their day with other cast members. I once overheard one of them saying that someone came up to them and asked when the 7:15 show began. How sad!

From: Travis 02 APR 02

When I was taking a picture with Goofy, the person who was taking the picture didn't know what to do. I don't know what the person who was playing Goofy was thinking but he said "press the button" in a small voice thinking I didn't hear him, but I did. He broke the silence thing.

From: DiSNEy GiRL 12 DEC 01

I went to Disneyland in March 2000 with my whole family. We were walking down Main Street and all of a suddne we looked arougd and couldn't find my cousin Tanner who was about 8 yrs. old. Everyone started panicking we ran over to one of the Popcorn Stalls and befroe we said a word the lady working there told us to calm down and that she had someone take him to the Lost Child building on the end of Main Street. We said "You mean a boy, 8 yrs. old..,". "Yes," she said. We were amazed!! We ran over there and there he was watching Disney movies in the cuttest little room you have ever seen with 5 ladies taking care of him. When we found him we were so happy. But he wanted to stay in the Lost Child room!!! It is great the way Disney takes care of everyone!!!

From: Manuel Caneri 03 JAN 00

This is an account I thought I would share regarding the great time I had New Year's Eve 2000. I had the privilage to spend the Millenium New Year Celebration at Disneyland and it was an amazing time! We arrived at the park at 6:00 am because we were told that by 10am the park would reach it's full capacity. Well, there quite a few people there but not more that any busy summer day usually holds. (By the way, I was told the park never even reached capacity by day's end) We were let in the park at 7:30am (a half hour earlier then their scheduled opening time). We went on a few rides and then it started to rain. And it continued to rain on and off until about 5:00pm. We actually got caught in a torrential downpour while waiting on the outside que of Space Mountain. And there was no refuge. It let up a bit and later stopped completely. Until then, I had never been to Disneyland in the rain. But it's actually not that bad. Disneyland is awesome no matter what! Anyhow, the day went well. The crowds were not as bad as anticipated. Infact during the first part of the day, the longest we waited in line was 50 minutes for Star Tours. It did start to fill up at around 8pm. that is also when they started to play music on the speakers through out most of the park. People were dancing around everywhere. It was great to see everyone having such a good time. Closer to 11 we ventured towards the hub by the castle but it was way too packed. So we made our to Fantasyland where we situated ourselved close to the dance party that was taking place at Small World promenade. They were playing some great music and everyone was dancing. At 11:45 there was a special Wishing Moment where everyone lit up the glow wands that were given out and made a widh upon a star. Then shortly before the countdown, a big 2000 sign with a Mickey head was lit up on top of the Matternhorn. The came the countdown and some really amazing fireworks! After the celebration, music kept playing and people kept dancing all over the park. We exited at about 2:00am to the sounds of a dance version I Say A Little Prayer being played on the Main Street speakers. It was an absolutely wonderful time. I'll remember it for a long time!!!

From: Niki Clayton 31 MAR 00

My friend Sonya and I go to Disneyland every year on January 1. Well last year when we went we knew that her cousin was working there (Clint) but we didn't know where or even if he was working that day. (They don't talk much.) We looked for him for about half a day and then gave up because we finally considered the size of Disneyland and the amount of people. Later we went to get dinner at the Piza Port and some guy walked by. I noticed him cause he was totally hot and told Sonya to check out the cutie! She looked and said that's not cute that's my cousin!!! We called him over and they didn't even recognize each other! Anyways Clint works in ToonTown and is great w/ little kids. Plus he got me money off my food and he didn't even know me!

From: anon 22 OCT 99

This is somthing cool Disneyland did for us. Last Dec. 21....It was the coldest recorded date at Disneyland....My 3yr old son fell in some water on Tom Swayers Island. I went to First Aid to ask if they could dry his close for me. They told me , in order for them to dry them, they would first have to wash them. That would take 2-3 hours. They asked me his sizes, and told me they would get him something to wair. I thought it would be something from the lost and found. They gave us a new Mickey mouse sweat suit, an polo shirt, and three pairs of sox, because his shoes were wet. I thought this was such a nice thing for them to do. We would have had to leave the park if they hadn't done this.

From: Sharon 23 OCT 99

This has to do with the first aid at Disneyland. We went last year, Dec.21,22,23...On the first day my 3yr old son fell in some water on TS island. It was the coldest recorded day at Disneyland in its history. (So I was told)...A cast member told me to go to the first aid, that they would dry his cloths for me. They told me they would, but they would have to send them down to wardrobe, and they would have to run them through the wash first. It would take 2 hours. They asked me his size, and told me they would get him something to wair. I thought they would bring us something form the lost and found, and at that point I would have been greatful. A few min. later they came back with a new $50.00 sweat suit, a cute matching polo shirt, and three pair of sox (his shoes had also gotten wet). I thought this was so kind. (they took his cloths and cleaned them for me, and I picked them up the next day.) Thanks Mickey! We are going back again this Dec.1, we are ordering some nice southern Cal. sunny weather...PLEASE

REPORTED: Tadao 08 NOV 99

Waving at people from the trains has become an every-trip kinda thing for me. I went to the Park with a few of my friends, and we sat in the back of C.K. Holiday and the rest of Excursion. From our seat in the very back, we waved and yelled, "EY!" to everyone we passed over. From then on, I've been doing that everytime I get on a DRR train. Everyone should try it sometme. It's fun, and people do wave back....only if you yell "EY!!" really loud.

From: Edward Grant 06 OCT 99

I really enjoyed your site. I was a "cast" member from the spring of 1965 to the fall of 1967. I was, what we called ourselves, a "Parking lot Commando". Directing the hordes of cars/buses into and out of the massive parking lot. After my first summer I became "permanent part-time" and was trained to drive the Trams. At that time, we parked the trams in the backstage area. We had to learn how to get these very long (117 ft.) down through the passage way from the employee gate area, under the "berm" and into the inner area. What a challenge that was! If you didn't get right you could block the entire entry/exit! I mastered the task after a few near failures. I thoroughly enjoyed my years at the Magic Kingdom. The fellow cast members were all such great people! During the late spring of 1967, I had the opportunity to go a promotional tour for the re-release of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". We visited 18 cities in 21 days. We flew on the company plane Walt used to fly in. (He had passed away the previous winter.) It was the hardest work I had ever done. The costumes then weighed in at about 65-70 lbs. We were "in costume" for up to 45 minutes at a time and in weather that few of us had any experience with. Very, very HOT and very, very HUMID!!!! We all lost weight the old fashion way! It literally poured off of us! It has been my hope to someday have a reunion of that tour group. If you have had any correspondence with any of my fellow dwarfs or perhaps Marcia Minor, the Disneyland Ambassador, I would love to be able to at least contact them. Please feel free to give out my e-mail address to any interested parties. Very sincerely Ed Grant (BASHFUL) 1967 Tour!

From: Jon T 25 JUN 99

Last year for my 14th birthday I decided that I would bring my best friend Curt along. We got there and we were going on rides all day, but right before the park closed that night we decided to go on splash mountain one last time, then we would sprint to the monerail to catch the last trip that night. After we got off the ride we ran as fast as we could to tommorow land. We took every shortcut we could and when we got there, the monerail was just leaving and we missed it. The security guy said that we had to leave and he got mad at us for going into that area. As the security guard was yelling at us, one of the cast members said to us to come with him. We went down some steps and we were in the underground tunnels of disneyland! We got in his golf cart thing and he took us back to the disneyland hotel. The tunnels were marked with sighns and maps and it was cool.

From: Lisa Bell 20 FEB 99

Roy Oliver Disney's son, Roy Edward Disney, was born on January 10, 1930 (he's 69 years old). He has a son, Roy Patrick Disney who was born in 1957. This would be Walt's grandnephew. I had the honor of having a book about Roy O. Disney signed by his son, Roy E. Disney late last year. The Disney resemblance was amazing! It gave me the chills because looking at Roy was like looking at Walt! I also met Diane Disney Miller (Walt's oldest daughter) last year as well. Very exciting!

From: G. Szovati 08 JAN 99

In 1979 while I was stationed in the Navy Band at San Diego, we performed a concert at the Magic Kingdom. This was during the time of the A-E passes, and we were told we would get free tickets for our performance. After an 1 1/2 hour concert, we got our ticket books, with only 1! E ticket inside. It seemed like we gave alot to the crowd with just a little in return

From: Carrie McCabe 10 APR 99

I have always loved Disneyland ever since I was a little girl. My whole room is done in Disney stuff especially Beauty and the Beast stuff and Sleeping Beauty stuff. I even have my dream wedding and I every one knows that I am going to get married there someday, work there someday and even have kids there. I was once told that if you give birth to your baby there they get into Disneyland free for there whole life. That is what I am planning to do, except I am having four kids that are all going to be named Disney names. My first girl is going to be named Belle and my second girl is going to be named Auroura(Sleeping Beauty) and even my dogs that I will have are going to be named Lady or Tramp. I have always wanted this. I know it sounds all crazy and stuff but this is my dream and I know that dreams do come true. I am now 17 turning 18 in a month. In two years I am going to move down there and get a job while going to school. Who knows, I might work there forever. My uncle met his wife, my aunt there when they worked there three years ago. They have a wedding at the Disneyland hotel. They have sort of a fairytale story of how they met working on splash mountain. She had a crush on him. Ever since then my crave for Disneyland has gone crazy but I do want to say its the best place ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Walt Disney Story

From: Judith Hall 06 FEB 98

My grandfather passed along this Walt Disney story to me. While walking around in the newly created Disneyland one afternoon, a rather distinguished looking gentleman decided to grab a quick bite to eat. While he was sitting at his table, he turned around rather quickly to grab a napkin. Unfortunately for him, as he reached out for the napkin, his arm bumped a newly-hired cast member (waitress) who was carrying a tray with a cup of coffee on it. She lost her balance and dumped the cup of coffee all over the man! She then made matters worse by chewing him out -- telling him how clumsy he was, he should have watched what he was doing, etc. She really gave him a hard time. The man offered to have her clothes cleaned, apologized, etc., but she would not be appeased. The next afternoon, when she showed up for work, she was handed a slip that let her know she was fired. When she asked why, her supervisor grilled her about the coffee incident and asked, "Do you know who you spilled coffee on?" She replied that she did not. It was Walt Disney.


From: Javier Lopez Jr. 19 JUL 98

I have been reading that people have been grousing about the high prices in the park, and though to a large extent, I agree, I also know a bit of a secret. If you don't have alot to spend you can get a really cheap lunch in the Blue Bayou. The Blue Bayou, you say, but that is one of the most expensive restaurants in the park. Well just order the Gumbo, and have ice water or a coke and you can have one of the cheapest meals in the park, plenty of bread and a view of the Pirates of the Carribean.

Behind the Scenes at Disneyland

From: Harold Ferguson 22 APR 96

As a guest at Disneyland many times, I used to slip behind the gates and eat at the employees' restaurant. The prices were a lot better. I had one run in with "Alice." She spotted my camera while I was shooting pictures of some of the characters swapping heads. I also had a near miss in the restaurant once when a couple of security guards set down at my table. One of them kept looking at me and I just knew I was caught. Finally. he looked at me rather hard and said. "Excuse me .......could you please pass the salt." Needless to say, I got out of there fast and headed for the park where the guest were supposed to stay.

From: Sue L. 26 OCT 96

Hi, I'm Sue L. and I can confirm as well that Disney allows the public behind the scenes. I was there in May 96 during Memorial Day weekend. The park was very busy and after the 10 o'clock Spectro parade more people entered the park for the 11 o'clock parade. There was no place to put all these people so they opened the gates near the ice cream parlor and allowed us to walk through the back of the buildings to the railroad station. It was neat to see the magic behind the scenes as well as what you actually see. We saw various vendor carts, employees, cars, trucks. Thank you.

Chem Teacher

From: Adam Vega 20 JAN 97

It's interesting to note that even nature seems to make Hidden Mickeys. If anyone has taken a chemistry or biology course, they know that the formula for water is H20. Well, it just so happens that a water molecule forms a Hidden Mickey - with the large Oxygen molecule making the head and the two smaller Hydrogen molecules making the ears. When I was in High School, my chem teacher gave us little cutouts of Mickey heads so we would remember!

Disneyland Hotel

From: Jennifer Kleinkauf 18 FEB 98

During my senior year in high school (1990), my choir performed at the hotel. We sang a medley from "Phantom of the Opera." It was during Disney's "Magic Music Days", and I had a couple of solos. I was so nervous! People were out on their balconies looking down at me, but I didn't look at them(I thought I would faint!)! We then went underneath some tunnels and came out in the park. We each got a turquoise t-shirt (I ended up with about 10, but I've sold a lot at yard sales like a dummy). That was pretty cool, since my dad sang at the opening of Disneyland (according to him). The best part of it all was that the technician working the sound said that I had the best voice from all of the choirs that had performed there! WOW!

Just Don't Do It!

From: Devi Nay 12 SEP 98

NEVER run at Disneyland. Me and my friends were a little enthusiastic when we went on a band trip and made a stop there. Several times in the evening Cast Members would yell (and I mean yell) at us for running. I had no idea. I guess it's only common sense but I had never been in that situation before. SO JUST DON'T DO IT!!!

This is about the Just Don't Do It! reoprt in the General Stories page. In all the times I've been to Disneyland (several times a month) I always run, because it's mainly where I try to get my exercise (for some wierd reason). Anyway, even on crowded days, I never get yelled at, even when I almost knock over cast membefrs or kids. Of course, I've never, ever actually hit anybody.
UPDATE: Ben 23 FEB 02

Tough Day with Lucy

From: sapphire 12 DEC 97

My dad worked at Disneyland on the monorail in front of the Disneyland Hotel and one day Lucille Ball with her flaming red hair came to him and said, "Can you hold the train for my party". He said, "No way, its policy". She was upset and told him she well report him to his boss. Later that day, his boss came up to him and commended him on what he did.

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