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Main Street USA

From: Darrelyn Casey 01 APR 06

My family and my mother's twin sister's family vacationed at Disneyland in the late 1960's. My little brother, Gordon, became very ill in the park. Due to the situation, my mother took him to the first aid center on Main Street, where his condition was assessed. The knowledgeable and helpful medical staff whisked them away, to an underground clinic or mini-hospital, where my brother was treated (as per Disney rules and regulations) and both he and my mother were able to rest in comfort. Disneyland took good care of my loved ones back then and still does to this day.

From: Nicole 09 AUG 01

When I was in Disneyland last May, my two cousins and I were walking down Main Street and I saw Daper Dans. I told them that we have to stop and listen to them because the sing well and they are funny. Well, we watched them for a while and during the song "My Coney Island Girl" (I don't know the exact name, the man dressed as the cop kept looking at me and smiling. He would look away and then look at my cousin and then back at me. Then the others started to look at me (probably because I was smiling and blushing). It was soooooo fun!!! I wasn't having a good day because many of the DCA attractions broke down while I was over there, but Daper Dans made me laugh I had a good time!!! I hope to see them again when I return to Disneyland!!!

From: Eco-Mono 18 APR 01

There is a band of singers at Main Street called the Dapper Dans. They performed Tuesday at 5:30 PM in front of the Jewelry Shop, and they are SO funny. They sing classic Disney songs and other songs, and have these neat chime things that they play during their songs. The time I was there, they let my brother play one while singing Pop Goes the Weasel!

From: Colleen Harmon-Bond 27 FEB 01

My family went to a GTE night one time, and I was soo excited to get to ride Splash Mountain-that had just opened- that I RAN through the park. Ony I didn't get far. right in the main street cult-a-sac, my shoe snagged the trolley track, and I fell up onto the curb hitting my head on one of the old posts that they used to tie horses up to ( they had a horse figure on top, and a metal hitching thing). Well, I didn't stop, but my parents soon noticed I had hit pretty hard. ( Due to all the blood. I didn't notice, I just wanted get to the ride) I was rushed to a Cast Member who took me behind the scenes to the right side of Main Street where I saw behind Mainstreetand the back part off Space Mountain. There is an emergency room back there. I remember waiting -what seemed to me like forever- for a doctor, but they checked me out and I was OK. What I thought more interesting than that whole experience though was that the next time I went to Disneyland, they had taken all the posts out that were too close to the street and the trolley track. And I just have to wonder if I had something to do with it.!

Candlelight Procession

From: Tricia 12 APR 02

Years ago, I had the honor of being in the Christmas candlelight procession. It was the most amazing choir to be a part of. Over the years, it has changed. It is no longer on the steps of the Main Street Train Station. It is now located in the Fantasyland Theater with very limited seating. Of course most of the seats go to the VIP guests and the rest of the seats are given away early in the morning on a first come first serve basis. Needless to say if you are not at the park bright and early you will not get a seat. It is such a beautiful presentation of the Christmas Story and I wish more people could see it.

From: Katherine Hochdorfer 27 JUL 97

The Candlelight Procession is a parade done just before Christmas. The choir you see walk down Main street to the front of the train station is made up of High School choirs. They have to submit there entries by mail months before and get excepted to go. They must also practice before the performance with a Guest Director and Guest Speaker who will tell the story of Christ Birth. This is done in the Production studio where the Electric Parade is normally at. Even with all the practice you don't just here the choirs when they're processing that music and some voices are pumped through speakers. When they are at the train station its just the choirs. The candles you see them holding are actually battery operated. I had the honor of doing this all 4yrs I was at Jupiter High School. What an experience.

Main Street Train Station

From: Lady Rose 05 MAY 97

One night a friend and I wanted to be the last people to leave Disneyland. It was a 6:00 pm closing so we wouldn't be there that late (as opposed to the Park closing at midnight and the last people leaving at 1 am or so). We decided to sit on the benches at the Main Street Train Station, a prime location for watching parades. We sat there and talked and watched the crowd slowly diminsh. When the crowd thinned out to about 20 people or so we got involved in our conversation and weren't looking out for the other guests and security guards (they are supposed monitor guests and make sure they all leave before they give the all clear signal so clean-up crews and others can come out and begin their after-hours work). After awhile I looked around and noticed there wasn't another soul on Main Street, not even Security. We then got a little worried and walked down to the exit. All the gates had been closed! Luckily there was someone at the gate to let us out. They asked where we were and I had answered, truthfully, that we were in plain sight on the benches at the station! We were let out, no further questions asked, but given quite a strange look!

Main Street Electrical Parade

From: Charlie 25 SEP 96

Just last week I had the opportunity to be a "Tailwagger" in the Main Street Electrical Parade. I got to go behind Its A Small World, back to where the floats are kept, along with a million other things. I sat in a seat which is perpendicular to the tail. There is a small silver steering wheel to control motion. The driver controls the head/neck movements along with driving. The inside if filled with fuse boxes, amplifiers, speakers, and other electronics. You can actually see pretty well out of the front, and if you knew where to look at the tail, you could actually see me sitting there!

Town Hall

  1. Back in the early days of Disneyland, when I was about 12, I would sit with Roy Disney on the porch of the Town Hall and he would tell me stories about Disneyland and Mickey Mouse. Every time I went there, he was sitting on the porch and I would go up and talk to him. I didn't know who he was until I was about 15, when i saw a picture of him and realized who he was. He was very nice to me and I will always remember how nice it was to talk to him.

    As a child I was handicapped, I wore a trecheotomy tube for 12 years, and when I first met Roy Disney, he asked me about my health and he told me to be strong. I told him how the other kids tormented me and I had no friends and he told me that I was very pretty and that the other kids were just very jealous of me. He said that I was very lucky to have such a special condition and that made me a special person. He would always ask me about my school and how my grades were. I always got very good grades and that made him very happy. One time, he asked me where I lived. I told him I lived in San Clemente and he said it was so nice there. One time, as I was walking down Main Street, the Phantom of the Opera came out and scared the living daylights out of me and I ran over to the steps of Town Hall and found Mr. Disney laughing. He saw what happened and it made him laugh, and then I started laughing. He had a great laugh. Roy Disney made a very difficult childhood bearable just by knowing I would see him when I would go to Disneyland.
    REPORTED: April Jo Rogers 26 DEC 98

The Walt Disney Story, featuring "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln"

From: Scott Space Ace Oliverson 04 JUN 00

Ever since I last saw GREAT MOMENTS WITH MR. LINCOLN at Disneyland back in 1998, I decided to dress up as Abe Lincoln during a Halloween Costume Party back in 1999 on October 31st. The party was held at the Flathead Industries Production Center where all employees and their bosses wore various costumes, enjoyed free food & drink, listened to Halloween music, etc. Then came the judging finale to who was the best male costume, female costume, and so forth. One of the winners turned out to be ME! Everybody liked the way I resembled Abraham Lincoln, the former President of the USA of the 1860s during the American Civil War. Top hat, jacket with coat-tails, pants, fake beard, etc. I wore the hat over my head because I had gray hairs on the side and balding on the top and front of my head and Abe was not bald, nor was he gray-haired! But I did win GRAND PRIZE for the best costume anyway...

From: Scott Space Ace Oliverson 04 SEP 98

This story features the Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln! I always enjoy listening to the American President even though he was killed in 1864 at the end of the CIVIL WAR... But it is really interesting seeing an audio-animatronic robot that looks and sounds just like the real Abe Lincoln giving his speeches to an audience of the 21st Century. I sure hope that Disneyland will one day create an all-new presentation called HALL OF PRESIDENTS just like the one in Walt Disney World, Florida...Where it has all the Presidents from George Washington to Bill Clinton!

From: Unknown 21 MAY 96

In the early 70's a former boyfriend of mine was traumatized when Abe's mouth broke in the middle of a speech. The boyfriend (6 at the time), who thought he was seeing the real Abe (somehow) was horrified when by the loud clacking noises emitting from Abe's jaws while the taped speech continued....

From: Andy Bach 04 FEB 97

The report of Mr. Lincoln's mouth breaking open in the early 1970's is true. I was also in attendence that day when I was about 5. It also scared me terribly. I later had several dreams of Mr. Lincoln's head popping off and landing on mine. My memory of that first trip was the terror of Mr. Lincoln, rather than the Haunted Mansion which I was scared to go on, then found to be not scary.

Christmas Tree at Town Square

From: PhilChil 08 DEC 95

Here is something that few knew about, the Christmas Tree at Town Square, which usually comes from Oregon, caught fire in 1972 or 73 and within 24 hours the staff shop had taken the tree out, lopped off the top, pulled one of the two Christmas trees in the Castle's Moat out that they had, shaped it to fit and literally plugged it on top. They then took the other tree and removed the branches which they then plugged into the damaged tree to match up to the new one on the top. The rebuilt tree was sprayed with a green fire retardant (which prior to the accident had not been done) and replaced every single ornament and replaced it within one day! The cause of the accident was electrical shorting of the lights, the fire started about 15 feet from the top of the tree.

Fire Station

From: Fredy Ceja 05 MAR 98

It was a dark gloomy night (yeah right, there's no such thing at the happiest place on earth)...There is a story that goes way back when Walt Disney was alive. The story says that when Walt would visit Disneyland (in Anaheim) he would sleep in the Firehouse, on Main Street, and you would know he was there because the kight to the room would be lit. It is said that when his children were there, the firehouse garage door would usually be closed, because his children would be inside playing on the fireengines. Ever since Walt passed away, nobody is allowed to go into the room upstairs, but the last time I went to Disneyland, I saw shadows of peopole up there. Creepy huh?..Who knows, it could have been Walt and his family.

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