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Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion

From: Cristy "Tinker Bell" Yadon 26 JAN 02

During July of 2000, I was at Disneyland for dance competition finals, so obviously i was there with a ton of my friends, because the majority of the dance studio was there. Anyways, my family and i had been there for 5 days and loved absolutely every minute of it. Well, on the last night there (Sunday) a bunch of the kids went off on their own to ride some rides, and watch Fantasmic! and stuff like that. there was nine of us: my cousins (kimmie, nicole, and christopher) kimmies boyfriend mike, me, and some of our friends (noel k., noelle g. and her sister danielle, and danielle's boyfriend dan). we all decided to go on the Haunted Mansion because it was late and we were a bunch of teens (me at 13 being the youngest and nicole at 19 being the oldest) that were gonna just scream like crazy and have a ton of fun because it was our last night there. so we get to the part where you get in the "Doom Buggy" and everyone gets in in pairs, but since there was an odd number we had one group of 3. well i got stuck in that group with Noelle and Noel, and to make matters worse i was put in the middle because i was the youngest. Anyways, right as the "Doom Buggies" start to go up a slant, there was a cast memeber with an eerie look on his face just staring at the 3 of us. Well, Noelle (G.) being the friendly/funnily-strange person that she is said "HI!!" and waved at the guy, and when he just kept staring and didnt even move Noelle said "Fine dont say hi back i see how it is." Just kidding around as we passed him and he was out of sight. Then, not even a minute later, the guy leans around the side of our buggy and just stares at us. We scream soooooooo loud! It scared us half to death!!!! and once we got out Noel (k.) and i gave Noelle (g.) the hardest time because Noelle (g.) was the farthest away from the guy when he leaned around! not fair!! hehe! But now it's definitely one of the best Disneyland memories ever!

From: Josh Huntsman 06 NOV 01

This Happened on the Haunted mansion. When I was little that ride scared me more than anything else, My parents, wishing to help me aliviate my fear made me go on it. I was about 4 and scared out of my wits standing in the entrance during the first shpill the ghost host gives I screamed loud enough for everyone to hear "I WANT TO TURN BACK" in the shocked pause that follows the scream of a child, the ghost host says "THERE'S NO TURNNING BACK!" This made the entire room, cast memebers and all to lose it to laughter, excpet for me, I was even more scared thinking this to be a direct answer by a ghost. now I am 22 and ride the HM as much as I can. My family still teases me with it today. And if you get the timing right you can recreate it, it's funny every time.

From: Becky Richards 04 AUG 01

On the Haunted Mansion, they used to occasionally have people dressed up (in suits of armor and whatnot) places at strategic points on the ride to scare the guests. They've stopped doing this, though, and I may be a fraction of one of the many reasons why. I was on the ride with a friend when one of tha cast members, dressed up, leaned into my Doom Buggy and "Boo!"ed at us! I screamed and back-handed him in the stomache as I am wont to do when scared. If you're reading this, and remember that incident, I'm sorry, Cast Memeber Man!

From: Katar Intarachote 04 SEP 01

One day my friends and I went to Disneyland. The thing about my group was that it was all couples. It was me and my girlfriend, my girlfriend sister and my friend, and my little brother and his girlfriend. The first time we went on the haunted mansion, I mean do the math, three couple, slow dark ride? I mean you know what will happen. We all were making out and during the part where you enter the cementery, on the speaker we all heard, "GRAB THE MONKEY" and we were all freaked. I guess they saw us all making out on camera. We road the ride again later that night and at the same cemetary part of the ride the speakers say, "WE'RE WATCHIN YOU, DON'T PUT ON A FREE SHOW" and that was just annoying. We left the ride kinda embarrassed but we all seperated and found our own make out time in the park...

From: Jamie 03 JUN 01

The Haunted Mansion is not only one of my favorite rides at Disneyland but also it was where I had my first kiss! I have always thought that it was kinda cute that I got my first kiss at Disneyland. I will always remember that day back in July 1997.

From: Cheryl Gentry 06 APR 01

Oh my Gosh! I "met" Maynard on the Haunted Mansion! I was with my husband and my best friend and we had decided that, even though we had already gone on it once, we would go on it one more time before going on Pirates of the Caribbean which had been closed all day, and we actually got stuck on for about half an hour. But anyway, we went in the large room where you wait to enter the stretching gallery. There weren't very many people other than us, so there was lots of room to see. When the door to the gallery opened, there was a man standing in the oddest pose, and at first my best friend and I thought it was possibly a mannequin, until she walked up to touch him and he moved. I had seen pictures of him online, so I thought I recognized him. I checked his name badge and sure enough, it was him! I tugged on my friends arm, talking a bit more loudly than I meant to, telling her, "That's him! That's the guy I told you about! That's him! That's him!" Since there weren't a lot of people on the attraction, we arranged to be standing where we could see him to see if he would do anything really cool. As it turned out, he did. He started telling one of the gargoyles he had seen her move, and that she should be better behaved. Then, when the lights went out, I stepped closer to my best friend, just in case. Abouyt a second before the lights went back on, Maynard clicked on his flashlight... he was like two inches away from me! He had two little gargoyle finger puppets, and the whole thing scared me SO much! It was absolutely the coolest thing in the world! I hope to get to see him again!

From: annie 06 JAN 01

Way back in 1983 me and my sister went on the Haunted Mansion. During the middle of the ride their was this cast member that had a black cape on and a white mask on. The cast member grabbed my arm and I yanked my arm out of his or her hand. And me and my sister screamed. The cast member laughed and ran away. Me and my sister laughed at each other. And until this very day nothing like that has happened.

From: Ryan 21 NOV 00

IN 1997 we took our kids to D-land for the first time. Near the end of the Haunted Mansion ride there is a warning to watch out for hitch hiking ghosts that might follow you home. Directly after leaving the ride our 6 year old daughter went into a restroom with an auto-flush toilet. She was convinced that a ghost had followed her home.

From: Katie Kirkland 04 NOV 00

One day about a month ago my friend and I visited Disneyland (we both have annual passes)Anyways,we went on the haunted mansion and were being loaded on the doom buggies by a CM. I entered the cart first,and my friend followed.The cast member lowered the safety bar and said a quick "hey" to my friend. My friend looked back at the CM as he walked away but didn't see him.I looked around my side of the cart and the same CM was standing there and he shined a flashlight at my face and he screamed at me.I screamed bloody murder and was freaked out the rest of the ride.I had been on the ride hundreds of times before and it had never happened.I continue to go back to the Haunted Mansion but it hasn't happened since.

From: Mike Koyle 22 FEB 01

I went to Disneyland for my 10th birtday, 14 years ago, with some of my friends and right after being seated on the Haunted Mansion we ran into the ever popular man dressed up in the armor. He tried to scare me and my friends by bending over and burping right in my face, My friend yelled out, "GROSS." I heard later he was dropped from the cast...I wasn't surprised!

From: Ed Gein 05 OCT 00

This is in reply to the cast member wearing the suit of armor in the room with the knocking doors. This is true! there is a real guy in the suit. It was years ago and I was young, and living in Anaheim i went to disneyland a lot. After awhile the ride starts to get a little dull. So being the sly guy I am I thought it would be a great idea to get out of me DoomBuggy and look around backstage. I knew where most of the camaras were so I did my best to stay hidden. Everything was looking good, Saw some stuff I've never seen just sitting in the ride. When I started thinking about how I would get out of there in now buggy I stated to run back to the one I jumped out of. When I was running down the hall with the knocking doors people were laughing at me cause I must have given them a little scare running past the buggys. I heard a few jump. Up ahead a few cars was my Buggy, I saw the armmor guy and ran right up to it to get in my car and he GRABBED ME! I let out a AAHHHH and pushed him off and started to run.

From: Linds 02 OCT 00

Here's something REALLY scary about Disneyland's Haunted Mansion---and I'm not making this up, either! Gordon Williams, a sound designer at the Haunted Mansion, was finishing his work when he heard soft, non-stop music coming from behind one of the walls. There were no speakers on the other side of the wall, and the music wasn't bleeding over from another part of the attraction. Williams thought maybe a radio had accidentally been walled over, or maybe a makeshift ham radio had been created by crossed wires or pipes touching, so he waited for a radio announcer or a station's call letters to break in. The music never stopped, so he placed a large speaker right in front of the wall. The Haunted Mansion theme music, "Grim Grinning Ghosts", completely drowned out the phantom music. For all I know the phantom music is still playing behind that wall to this day....

From: Lilian Cavanaugh 13 AUG 00

Sometime in May, my friend Katie, my sister and her friend Neeko went to Disneyland and when we got to the stretching gallery, Maynard pointed up to a gargoyle and said," Lucy! Are you moving? Well, if you are, you better stop because we don't want to scare our guests prematurly!" We were kinda tired so as we went into the hallway where the chaing paintings are, Katie and I lagged behind, and he came up vey quietly behind us and suddenly said "Boo!" Katie and I screamed bloody murder and when we turned around, Maynard said, " Don't lag behind, unless you want to take up permanent residence!" Then whe we got to the Doombuggies, he insisted that he had to sit with us so his lizard could sing to us. On the day of the Pirates Event, Sunita (my sister) and I saw him put some guy's Pirate patch on his nose and Maynard took out the lizard and sang,"Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A Pirate's Life For Me!"

From: Moose 13 AUG 00

I was at Disneyland with my girl friend yesterday and while we were in the elevator on the haunted mansion we had this wierd lookin old guy for the cast member, well when the lights went out he turned on this little skull he had and then put a light on his face. I played off like I wasn't scared because my girlfriend jumped 6 feet so I held her. but really it scared the living daylights out of me.

From: Andrew 10 JUN 00

I was whisked away late in the afternoon to Disneyland for a six hour stay. One ride I got on was the HAUNTED MANSION. I had been worried at the popularity of this ride after 30 years. I wondered how much longer it would stay after the tragic loss of the "Submarine" ride. I was prooved wrong. Once in the painting room I whitnessed the love for this ride. Close to thirty people squeezed into one room. All ages. I saw a frat party, to a grad night party, to a married couple, to a couple on a date, and even three senior citizens. Each and everyone excited for this ride. The voice of Thurl Ravenscroft came over the loud speaker and I didn't hear him. What I heard was the joyous chorus of each guest reciting the famous monlouge. It was glorious. Finally, when Mr. Gracey (or the pirate) graced us with his presence over the scrim, each person gave a robustious scream. It was then I remembered what Disneyland was all about, and that this ride will continue forever and ever.

From: ScottY Mac 25 MAY 00

Once when I went inside the huanted mansion, I saw a man in the huanted mansion that looked rightly placed (spooky and pale). I didn't know at that time who maynard was, so I walked up to him and said "hi". He gave me a confused look and moved his face close to mine, as if trying to find something. It was kinda creepy so I moved my head backwards. suddenly he screamed bloody murder and scared the living bajesus out of me. He appoligized and pulled a living gecko out of his pocket. After he did a little show with a singing lizard he tossed the gecko to the side, letting it stick to the wall and crawl up the wall. later that day I saw him asking a girl with minnie mouse ears to marry him.....Kinda wierd!

From: Jeff Wright 10 MAY 00

About ten years ago I was on the Haunted Mansion when it broke down. We hadn't gotten to the buggys yet, and were still waiting in the transforming picture room when a cast member corralled everyone together, telling us the ride was experiencing difficulties and it would take some time to fix. He then led us through a door to the left (next to the slatted windows where it is appearing to be raining). The door led to a very brightly lit, rather normal looking hallway lined by offices. After weaving around the hallway for about thirty feet, we were led out through an emergency door (which is actually the crypt door in the cemetary by the berm). There were a lot of confused looks from people still in line at this large group of guests exiting the crypt!

From: Scott SPACE ACE Oliverson 21 MAR 00

This was my #1 attraction in DisneyLand. That's because I own the audiocassette of the re-released 1969 DisneyLand LP record HAUNTED MANSION story. I pretended Jason and I were those two teens Mike & Karen trapped inside the spooky house, while seeking shelter from a thunderstorm. We entered the ART GALLERY which streched, the paintings got taller, the dead guy is hanging from the rafters above followed by the scream and crash. I said "OH WELL" out loud but nobody laughed at that remark. Next we passed through the ART CORRIDOR walking by the morphing portraits and spying busts and boarded our Doom Buggy. Unfortunately as we began climbing the staircase to the 2nd Floor, by the time we reached the landing, the carriage stops or breaks down! Then the stupid recording comes online saying both versions: "WE HAVE BEEN UNAVOIDABLY DETAINED BY PRANKY SPOOKS. KINDLY REMAIN SEATED IN YOUR DOOM BUGGY PLEASE. WE WILL CONTINUE OUR TOUR MOMENTAIRLY" "PLAYFUL SPOOKS HAVE INTERRUPTED OUR TOUR. PLEASE REMAIN SEATED IN YOUR DOOM BUGGY. WE WILL PROCEED IN JUST A MOMENT" Finally we move again, passing the suit of armor that comes to life, the floating candelabra coming down the endless hallway, the ghost or dead guy trying to escape from his coffin in the CONSERVATORY, the haunted knocking doors, and into the SEANCE ROOM where Madame Leota is contacting the spirits, the floating objects in the air...Next the Doom Buggy passes into the BALL ROOM of the ghostly birthday party & dance, and then into the ATTIC where we see the ghosts calling out "I DO", jumping up and down time and again. I spotted the shadow-figure playing the piano and Jason recognized the ghostly bride with her glowing heart. We then passed through the window, onto the balcony, down the fire escape and into the CEMETARY where 999 HAPPY HAUNTS come out to socialize! In the end we entered the crypt-vault, picked on or tortured one of the hitch-hiking ghosts who tried to join us in our carriage. Then exited the vehicle, went up the escalator and returned to the real world once again.

From: crystal 14 JAN 00

This story is about the haunted house. I must have been about 5 or 6 years old but I was on the ride with my mother and just after you get on in the dark hallway a CM dressed as a skeloton(or something similar) reached into our doonbuggy and grabed my mother's arm. I was so upset by this that I hit the CM's arm rather hard and started screming bloddy murder. The CM actualy started screaming too but he sounded more hurt than scared. I have since been on the haunted house hundreds of times and never seen this skeloton again. I just wondered if anyone else has had a similar experiense. This would of been in the mid 80's. ohh and sorry to the CM whose arm I tried take off.....

From: Sharon 07 NOV 99

I just wanted to also share a story about Maynard. After reading about him on this web site and his web page, it became my personal mission to find him whenever I went to Disneyland. When I went in September, I finally did! My cousin was in a wheelchair, so we went in the secret way through the Haunted Mansion. The person helping us into our buggy was no other than Maynard! I was so excited! I was wearing my cute Minnie ears, and as we were climbing into the buggy, he told us to wait a moment before he started the ride up. He pulled out his little plastic Gecko lizard and proceeded to tell us that his lizard had a song for us to add to the excitement of the day..."la la la la la la..." It was great! Then he told my cousin and my sister to be sure to join us the next day at 11 as he was going to marry the little mouse (me). And he told them to be sure to bring purple tupeware because it makes a great gift. Then, we came back around, and he helped us off the ride, reminding us once again of the wedding and festivities the next day. And he yelled to me, "Good bye little mousy. I will see you tomorrow at the wedding." He is the greatest. If only I could be as cool as Maynard. =)

From: Tim 29 OCT 99

Me and a couple of my buddies were riding Mansion and and when we where at the part at the talking head, we were just enjoying the ride when we saw that the car in front of us with about three people had a lighter and was using it too!!! We weren`t sure what he was doing, maybe he was lighting a cigarette??? We tried yelling at him and telling him that smoking isn`t allowed in the ride and that he might catch something on fire or something. He just ignored us. And right when we were just going out of the room he lit something and threw it at the head!!! 3 seconds later we heard a loud bang in the room. We started yelling to the people ahead of us to see what was going on. A moment later the ride stopped and the lights came on with security coming out of nowhere. We were freaked for a moment, because we didn`t know what was going on. Turns out he threw an M-80 or cherry bomb at the head and blew it up and he was also a crew member!!!! He got sent to "the room" and later arrested for arsen and of course, fired. It was perfect timing too because it was scheduled for refurbishment the next day!!!!

From: Amy 19 SEP 99

I nearly had a nervous breakdown on the Haunted Mansion. When I was little, I was terrified of the ride, and used to go through with my ears plugged and my eyes shut tight. By the time this incident happened, I was 21 and needless to say had gotten over that, and always had great fun on the ride. When we were in the area where we board the Doom Buggies, I noticed a cast member who appeard to have been very appropriately assigned. He was tall and thin, and very pale, with prominent eye sockets. The man looked like a cadaver. We boarded the ride, and I was sitting on the left side. As we started to go up the ramp, he leaned around the side of the doom buggy into my face and shined a flashlight on a fake eyball in his hand. I screamed louder than I ever had in my life, and jumped so my head nearly hit the roof of the vehicle. It was scary, but great fun!

From: Erin 20 AUG 99

When I between the ages of 4 and 8, my mother had a silver pass (we got in free) to Disneyland, and we went a lot. I'm now 16. Recently, my boyfrined, who I have only known for 4 months, was showing my some pictures of a family vacation he took to Disneyland when he was 7. One of the pictures showed himself as a little kid standing next to his mom right outside the Haunted Mansion by the low brick wall. I took a closer look at the blurry backround. There was this girl in the back, wearing these stripped overalls and pink shirt with a little matching hat. It was me!!!! I still have the whole outfit (my little sister wears it) The strange this is that I was five feet away from my future boyfriend almost ten years before I even met him. It was fate, I swear!!

From: LyndseyBell 14 JUL 99

It was really late at night on New Year's Eve 1998, the park was open until 3 am or something, so my friend and I decided to go on the Haunted Mansion. Our elevator operator was kinda cute...but he was something straight out of psycho. He was doing all these broad hand motions and creeping up on me because I was standing next to him. He crept up to me, got in my face and was making all these faces. Right as the lights went out he was on the floor, clutching my leg. Scared the beejeebers out of me!! I screamed, and walked out of the elevator as fast as I could..he was scary. Little did I know, he was on my tail the entire time, followed my on the conveyor belt, tapped my shoulder and hissed at me as I turned around! Scared me SO much; I was shaking. I returned to do the ride again, started a little conversation with this guy...name is JOEY (does anyone know him?)nad he had been working over 12 hours that day. I will never forget his strange way of involving the guest in the ride.

Many years ago, I travelled to Disneyland with my family while my mom was pregnant with my little brother. We were in line for the Haunted Mansion, in the hallway where the pictures change. There was a knight standing in the hallway...something that wasn't usually there. Turns out it was a cast member that was playing a little practical joke. He jumped out at my mom...she though she was going to have her baby right there. Won't go on the ride to this day!!

From: future imagineer 12 JUL 99

i was at disneyland with my friend last summer during peak visiting season,so the park was open still at 1:00.the rides were all closed at 1:00 and we were running to the haunted mansion to see if we could get on before we left.there was nobody inline and the gates were closed.in our dissapointment,we both leaned up against the fence.the fence started to slowly creak open!this was a golden opportunity to explore,but we were happy with our experience as it was.this was the only time we were given a good scare in disneyland!

From: Corinne 30 JUN 99

My Mom told me this story: She went to Disneyland with her parents when she was little. When they went to the haunted mansion there was a cast member by the door as you enter the mansion. He was very still, and didn't look real. Her mom said out loud "he must be a wax figure, he can't be real." Her dad laughed and said "no, he's real." She thought she was right (as always) and went up to him and looked right in his face, then started to push him to see if he would move. This lasted quite awhile, while my mom and her dad laughed, Finally the cast member said "BOO!!" or something, and her mom screamed soo loud! I thought this was such a cute story and now anytime I go to the haunted mansion I see if there are any still cast members standing around waiting to scare people!!

From: Lynne Shapiro 28 JUN 99

At the Haunted Mansion, years ago my girlfriend was a lead on that ride & Pirates. She told us how she met her husband who was part of security for Michael Jackson at the opening of Captain EO and whenever Michael would come to the Park. She told us how, when guests were facing forward towards the banquet scene at the mansion, she'd be in the large space in back, doing leg lifts!

From: Crystal 29 JUN 99

I am confirming about nice and helpful castmembers on the Haunted Mansion. If you get a nice one, they will pop out and scare someone...if you ask. I went on Haunted Mansion about 2 years ago,after they darkened the ride,and I was riding by myself with two of my friends in the buggy ahead of me. Right berfore you get to the actual ride and after you got into your buggy, I was having trouble with me lap brace and a castmember came out of a corner and asked if I needed help. He scared me and I screamed. He just smiled and asked if he scared me. And to this day, I still check that corner.

From: AprilDecember 14 JUN 99

I've an interesting little story regarding the Haunted Mansion's expanding rooms. I can't recall which one it was, though the experience was just three months ago. As our elevator began to descend, Paul Frees' Ghost Host narration began to double, triple, and quadruple up on itself! Usually, the narration travels from speaker to speaker around the room (I believe that there are four speakers, one for every other wall). When one portion of narration is finished, the next takes up from a subsequent speaker - but not this time! Just as one bit of narration started, the next would also begin, creating a creepy and cacophonous din. I'm sure the phenomenon is easily explainable, but it was freaky anyhow!

From: Flora 07 FEB 99

I had read about Maynard on various Disney websites, but I could never find him. I saw zillions of CMs working in the Mansion, but never him. But last Halloween (no joke!), I found him in the elevator. He had a flashlight and some puppets, and everyone was in hysterics. I nervously approached him, and said I had read about him on the internet, and he was very nice. He even took my party back upstairs in the elevator and had the CMs bump around him so he could visit with us. Since then, I've seen him working Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, Jungle Cruise, and Astro Orbitor, and he has great personalities for each attraction. If you see him, say hi but don't bother him if he's busy or he'll totally ignore you. He's nicest to his *quiet* fans. Keep in mind that it took me 15 trips before I found him. Happy hunting!

From: Dennis 01 SEP 98

Im a cast member at the haunted mansion. And theres been rumors going around that its haunted somehow.Im confirming such a rumor.Theres been many times.One more remerable went like this.The stretch room is a big elevator when you unload the guests you wait for a signal then go back up,but all the lights are on and you go up twice as fast,but on one occasion it went up slow the lights went dark and lightning was flashing and you could see the dead guy hanging up in the rafters. And the soundtrack was playing backwards. when i reported this one of the technitions said that was impossible beacause all of the sounds in the hm are all on cd so it couldnt play backwards.

Followup: Gay Lynn Duel 31 DEC 98

Confirming the rumor of the Haunted Mansion being "HAUNTED": Dennis, September 1st.... The very same thing happened to me in stretch-room #2, and as soon as my heart stopped pounding, I called up to Tower and begged them to have someone bump me out! The technician informed me as well that it was impossible to hear the narroration being played backwards because of the CD! From that moment on, I refused to work that elevator!

From: anon 30 JUL 98

In the ride, your ghost host asks for a volunteer. I have asked the unload people if I could join. They either tell me that I need my death certificate, or they look at me really dumb look.

From: Tiffany 23 MAY 98

Last year my friends and I were riding the Haunted Mansion during Mickey's Halloween Treat (the last year they ever did it) And right when you turn the corner and you look at the starving dog and scared man, there was like a mummy ghost guy in a costume. My friend jumped and almost hit him with her poster! Then yesterday (the grand opening of the new Tommorowland) My three friends and I were goofing off. When they have the headless fortune teller and her flying instruments, I screamed "Aaah! strings!" and they told us to be quiet. Well, we didn't pay attention to their warning, and almost got kiced off the ride! Another time I went with my friends, Julia was fixing her hair and all of a sudden one of the techs used the speakers behind your head and said, "dont worry honey, your hair looks fine" well she got so scared, she jumped up, and the ride stopped!

From: Scott Oliverson 03 DEC 97

My experience in Haunted Mansion occured back in 1986 after my graduation from high school and my brother & parents took me to Disneyland as my graduation present. One time was in the Art Gallery (elevator in disquise) when the paintings were about to strech. I am talking into my TalkBoy recorder and mentioned to my dad that we should step away from the pictures but he cautioned me not to shout into the microphone because people are staring...Then a CM (Cast Member) appeared in the door and said and I quote "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN PLEASE STEP TOWARDS THE DEAD CENTER OF THE GALLERY AWAY FROM THE WALLS." that brought laughter from everyone...Then at the point where the candles go out, thunder/lightning I stare down at the floor while my brother looks up towards the ceiling since I knew what was coming up and didn't want to shock myself. Another time was boarding the Doom Buggies. Elderly or handicaped people are being assisted into the carriages and the stupid recording coming over the hidden speakers is saying "PLAYFUL SPOOKS HAVE INTERRUPTED OUR TOUR. PLEASE REMAIN SEATED IN YOUR DOOM BUGGIES. WE WILL PROCEED IN JUST A MOMENT." While standing about my brother Jason said to me "Now don't start taping until we're into the ride." and I say to him "I am taping because we're waiting our turn." then he went crazy! "No-no stop!" I guess he didn't want me to waste the batteries in the TalkBoy, then as we prepare to climb into our carriages my mother says into the mic "Do we have to get on while they're moving?" Finally in the graveyard (YOU GUESSED IT) we got STUCK! I found myself facing the singing busts and that recording announces "WE HAVE BEEN AVOIDILY DETAINED BY PRANKY SPOOKS. KINDLY REMAIN SEATED IN YOUR DOOM BUGGIES PLEASE. WE WILL CONTINUE OUR TOUR MOMENTAIRLY." Next the music was playing with the a! udio-animatronic ghosts singing, dancing, riding bicycles, flying above our heads, etc. but we remained stuck for GOD knows how long??? Finally the carriages re-started again and we exited the cemetary and entered the crypt where the ghost host warned us about hitch-hiking ghosts following us home, the safety bar goes up a recorded message asks us to step onto the moving sidewalk leading out of the crypt and going up the escalator towards the vault-door this 3-D ghost-woman is giving her speech..."HURRY BACK...HURRY BACK...BE SURE TO BRING YOUR DEATH CERTIFICATE IF YOU DECIDE TO JOIN US...MAKE FINAL ARRANGEMENTS NOW...WE'VE BEEN DYING TO HAVE YOU, HMHMHMHMHMHM...

From: Jason Schwab 26 MAY 97

I was waiting on line outside the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland last summer with my friends and we were at a point in the line where it winds past one of the Cast Member doors. Suddenly the door opened and one of the mortician dressed Cast Members popped out of the door with a loud and crazy scream (to elicit a few screams from the line). I was the only person to scream on line and it was loud. Everyone looked at me. Now that I think of it, the Cast Member must have been Maynard (a very dramatic Cast Member that has worked there for many years).

From: Gay Lynn Duel 29 NOV 97

There is a small table located in the Seance Room, just to the right in the front of the large table. This table was donated by some witches in Salem. As the story goes, a bad spell had been cast and actually put a crack on the top side of the table. We were told by our leads NOT to touch it, or go near it for ANY reason. When I asked, I was told that there had been some CM's that were playing around and actually got hurt. I don't have to tell you that it made for a pretty scary walk at the end of the night just knowing you were inches away from it!

From: Gay Lynn Duel 29 NOV 97

When I was a "rookie", a lot of the CM's were having fun with me by sharing all the ghost stories and unexplainable mishaps that happen in the Mansion. Well, after a few weeks I soon realized that the stories were in fact true! When working at Load 1, around 11:45 pm-12:30am, you are alone. The CM working Load 2 leaves you to take the ER back up to get more guests and then brings them down to the ride. It is during this time when you are all alone that you start realizing that just maybe you aren't the only one there. You'll be walking on the treadmill waiting to see the guests (usually kids running down the hall way). You'll always here the noise they make so you naturally assume your position and wait for them to turn the corner. Well, on at least 2 different occasions I heard the guests coming (little childrens' laughter) but NO ONE CAME! I called up to the Tower to ask them to look on the monitors and see if the guests were loafing around, but I was told that the ER was still up at the top! I freaked out, because I really heard them coming! Another creepy thing that happened ALL THE TIME: The CM's wear a remote for E stops at Unload, Load 1 and Load 2. You wear it on the back of your costume. When getting bumped, you would hand it to the CM relieving you or they would just tap you on the shoulder and take the remote themselves. At Unload I would "feel" the remote leaving my back and so I would turn around to say hi, only NO ONE WOULD BE THERE! One time my remote actually flew from the back of my apron and across the Doom Buggy, and I had to call Tower to stop the ride so I could retreive it! Other moments included the ER #2. It really is haunted! When you drop off your guests at the bottom, the doors automatically open and they all proceed down the hallway. You have to wait for a signal before you can take the Elevator back up. On the ride up the room is completely lit, and it is a fairly quick ride. On several occasions however, the lights would dim and the thunder would turn on scaring me right out of my skin. One time I heard the sound track playing backwards and that is when I called the Tower to have someone bump me out! The sound technicians came in and said that it was impossible because everything was on CD. They couldn't explain it. Mind you, these kind of things ONLY happened in ER #2....(the one on the right side of the foyer).

From: anon 28 NOV 97

Beware of the Haunted Mansion!!! It tried to take my foot off!! Actually, it happened on my way OUT of the mansion. The part where you go up the slanted moving sidewalk. I guess I was too close to the side, and my shoelace got caught on a screw that held the section of the siding together. It wasn't even untied or flopping around. Anyway, I kept moving, but my foot stayed there!! It started to pull really tight and I was trying to pull my foot out of my shoe frantically!! I was yelling for someone to help but nobody did, I think they thought I was messing around. I was so scared because my foot was really starting to hurt. So with all my strength, I pulled. I mean with EVERYTHING that I had in me, and I ripped my shoelace right off, freeing my foot! I was ok, but I had a really large bruise for about a week after!

From: gen 06 NOV 97

Recently we visited Disneyland on Halloween, we decided just before we left for the evening to ride the Haunted Mansion one last time. We had a lively crowd- everyone knew the words to the dialogue and when the lights came back on in the elevator, there was a young girl laying on the floor with her throat slit. It was extremely shocking but (being halloween and all) it added to the atmosphere of the ride. Just wondering if youve heard from anyone else who has witnessed that. The three girls responsible were in great spirit for this holiday and we hope to see them continue their antics in the future.

From: Jon Fether 19 OCT 97

One day while I was visiting Disneyland one member of our group was confined to a wheelchair. They stuck some kind of sticker on the side of the car that. Well, we went on the Haunted Mansion and when we got to the end of the ride they had us sit in the car, and we went around a ~300 degree turn. We then started to go through a long passageway with a curtain around it. So, I jokingly said "ignore the man behind the curtain". Low and behold, a CM who had overheard that opened the curtain and jumped out from behind it! That spooked the heck out of me! (Made my pants a bit damp!) After that we got off the ride and went back up in the strechy room, which doesnt sound so mystic 'cause it actually makes a lot of noise while going up!

From: Joe 16 JUN 97

listen i was at disneyland 2 days ago and it was pretty freaky a luney was staring at my friend and i while we were getting ready to take the elevator in the haunted mansion this guy was very wierd looking and looked like a molestar so we got in the elevator it was pretty crowded and we basically tried to ignore the guy and not look at him so when the elevator goes down and the pictures stretch and when the lights flicker and the guy is hanging down from the top the guy look even more scarier so when the elevator came to a stop we ran as fast as we could to are doom buggy and bumped into a lady she said jeez slow down everyone is gonna get there turn i explained the situation than we got on the doom buggys we were heading up by the halls with the floating candele by the suit of amor i remember reading the storys on here about the armor moving so we payed close attention 2 it and this was are 5 time that day going on this ride to kill time so we could go on indiana jones when fantasmic started so what are doom buggy broke down right by the suit of armor the suit of armor did actually move and it was freaky there was a maniac on the ride and the ride stopped and it said we are experanicng technical difficuttys with the ride 2 many souls from the outer world have hopped on we will be with you momment tairly we waited about 5 minues as we started back up again the suit of armor went off its platform and took a step toward are doom buggy we were screaming and yelling then as you go into the dark we never knew what happend after that cause your doom buggy turns away from that scene so that was about it other than this maniac on the ride and the suit of amor yes did really move maybe the ride is really haunted!

From: Lady Rose 05 MAY 97

One time I was with a friend that needed to use a wheelchair to get around Disneyland. We went over to the Haunted Mansion and she stayed in the wheelchair until the loading area. In addition to seeing the "black curtain" I noticed an unusual effect later on. When there's a guest in a wheelchair that loads where everyone else loads, the only way for them to exit is by going back up the elevator or "stretching room" backwards. As we were going up I expected it to take as long as it did going down. So I sat down on the floor and looked up to watch. The elevator went twice as fast, and the ceiling (because of the effect used so you can see past it to the hanging man) looked like it hung lower than it actually did and was going to crush us. It was an optical illusion of sorts that made the ceiling seem only a few feet away from me!

From: anon 23 JAN 97

While many have experienced The Haunted House being shut or slowed down while a handicapped or disabled person is being let out of their doom buggy, few have actually been that person. A friend of mind had a broken leg and was using a wheelchair that day. Instead of letting us off at the end of the ride, we continued through some curtains and were riding our doom buggy through some sort of technical area, with bright flourescent lights and linoleum floors. The area was slightly blocked off from the buggies by a white curtain, but we lifted it up to see the many controls for the ride! It's very strange to sit in your doom buggy and go from a bright control room to a dark haunted house!

From: Jed 24 NOV 96

Has anyone else had an effect ruined for them? I have, twice in the Haunted Mansion. The first was in the ballroom. I was riding at night when those glowing plastic "things" that people wear as necklaces, bracelets, and what have you were being sold. I was in a doom buggy very close to a few people adorned with that special jewelry. I could tell exactly where they were by staring straight across the ballroom, for there were unnatural red, green, and blue glows drifting along at our level. If I didn't already know about the glass, I would have been confused. The second incident was in the art corridor (with the morphing portraits and spying busts.) The portraits, as you should know, are projections from behind onto the screens. I assume they are slides, but whatever they are, they alternate from normal to haunted. I was passing in front of April/December (the young woman who ages suddenly) when I noticed her to have a slightly different appearance. As the months changed, a fly slowly began moving up toward the top of the portrait. Within a few changes, a newcomer would believe that the young beauty turned into a crone with the silhouette of a fly on her face. The fly had crawled onto the lens of the projector, but it surprisingly looked almost natural, positioned where it was. If it hadn't eventually crawled away, I would have been fooled. As long as I'm in the same gallery, when did the family yacht/ghost ship change directions?

From: Patrick 11 MAR 96

According to this book I own, it told a story regarding the tour guides in the Haunted Mansion, and some of the pranks they would play on one-another. One of the funniest story's is when a tour-guide and his buddies just dropped off a bunch of people for the hallway, off the evelvator, that once the doors shut, and the began to make its journey upward to grab the next bunch of people, two tour-guides literally attacked one, and took off his pants throwing it up on a gargoyles head. Little by little the pants came closer as the elevator went up, and little by little, so did the guests waiting just beyond the elevator doors.

From: Amy Stone/Mark Kaproff 16 MAR 96

I know what I saw: A suit of armor came out of a door in the hallway of haunted doors and disappeared into another door across the hall. My husband, who was sitting right next to me, didn't see it! We've been on the ride countless times since then, but the phenomenon has yet to recur. Please confirm that I didn't make the whole thing up--my husband still gets that skeptical look in his eye every time I make mention of this incident.

From: Eric B 17 MAR 96

I can't confirm this actual suit moving around at Disneyland but when I went to Disneyland for Mickey's Halloween Treat (something they just started and was awesome), they had a man in a suit of armor at the area of the doors. Me and my friend were the first ones in our elevator full to go and that guy freaked us out because he was always there before but had never moved! As far as I know, they only did it only for Mickey's Halloween Treat, I don't know if they ever did it during normal operating hours.

From: Rich Gazan 23 MAR 96

Yes, yes, yes!!! I grew up in southern California and visited the park countless times. One hot day a friend and I were cruising through the dark, cool Haunted Mansion for the fifth or sixth time that day and just as our car turned sharply and we could see the suit of armor, it took a quick step toward us and grabbed at us with both arms!!! We screamed and were shaking for hours afterward. Since then, I always keep a sharp eye on the armor, but I've never seen it move again.

From: Jed 05 APR 96

I remember my first trip to Disneyland (I was three) and I don't remember much about the Haunted Mansion. I do remember the suit of armor, though. It stepped toward my doom buggy and dropped its axe - three inches above my hand. I cried and screamed. I was still crying on the next ride - The Skyway To Tomorrowland. The suit of armor never moved again any time I ever saw it. I did see it move once (it rattled and moved its axe), but it stayed put. I assumed it was an animatronic. But it definitely still becomes possessed by a Cast Member around Halloween, among other times.

From: Jonathan Reuel 11 APR 96

Yes it's true, up 'till two years ago, Cast Members were allowed to roam the inside of the mansion. The main reason they let that, was because it was so easy to jump out of the Doom-Buggy and run around inside. But after Damage, Rapes, and safety concerns, a new infa-red security system was installed to stop this. It's actualy a really neat system. Cameras cover every square inch of the track that buggy go. A computer monitors how much infa-red heat (Body Heat) is given out in certain areas. If the heat rises unexpectedly (ie Somebody reaches out of the buggy, or stands up) the ride quickly shut down, and the computer then shows a picture of the cause of the shut down. This is why that attraction shuts down so much. This system can be shut down at a flip of a switch, so they can "add" ghosts for certain events.

From: chernabog 24 FEB 97

When our family went to Disneyland some time ago, the first ride we went on was the Haunted Mansion. That was unusual for us anyway, but there we were. After we got into the strech room, my brother was telling me that he heard about the suit of armor that moved. At first I didn't believe him. When we got onto the "doom buggies," We passed that suit. It did it's usual movements, so I thought that's what my bro was talking about. Just before we passed that area, the suit moved right towards us. I leaped about a foot, my heart a little further. I've been on the Haunted Mansion thousands of times, but I've never seen it happen again. I guess I was just lucky!

From: Scott Kooiman 07 AUG 98

I was taken back by security when I was in 7th grade when we were there with Magic Music Days (Guest Talent). We were on Haunted Mansion and a buddy got out of his car and was climbing into mine... The ride stopped while he was in mid-climb and a CM was RIGHT THERE! Chris got back in and at the end of the ride a dude with a huge gut took us into a room downstairs and yelled at us for a half hour or so.

From: Holly Benton 05 JUL 96

Graduation Clock When I visited the Haunted Mansion during Grad Nite in 1985, there was a live actor in a suit of armor waiting in the corner where the prop armor now stands (at the beginning of the ride with the floating candelabra and the breathing door). He scared the pants off of a number of people, myself included, who had been on the ride a hundred times and never expected to see a live actor inside the ride.

REPORTED: Scott SPACE ACE Oliverson 11 APR 98

When my brother Jason and I went to DL in January 1998 we went on every ride (UNTIL A POWER-BLACKOUT KNOCKED OUT ALL RIDES THROUGHOUT THE PARK!) one of my #1 rides was the HAUNTED MANSION...Upon entering the house I pretended Jason and I were the two teenagers Mike and Karen trapped in a thunderstorm, seeking shelter in the empty house and escorted by the GHOST HOST. On the DOOM BUGGY we actually got attacked by the suit of armor that did jump off the platform and rushed to attack our carriage. Jason ducked down in the seat while I felt my heart jump in my chest. I was taping the entire ride on my TalkBoy Recorder. The embarrg moment came when we were in the attic with the Boogymen Phantoms taunting the ghost-bride and specter playing the piano, our carriage comes to a stop. All the sounds stop except for the recording which said and I quote "PLAYFUL SPOOKS HAVE INTERRUPTED OUR TOUR. PLEASE REMAIN SEATED IN YOUR DOOM BUGGY. WE WILL PROCEED IN JUST A MOMENT." then the sounds, music came back on and we rolled out of the house into the cemetary where once again we stopped or got stuck this time near the singing busts and again that stupid recording says "WE HAVE BEEN UNAVIODABLY DETAINED BY PLAYFUL GHOSTS. KINDLY REMAIN SEATED IN YOUR DOOM BUGGY PLEASE. WE WILL CONTINUE OUR TOUR MOMENTAIRLY." Finally we exit into the crypt, passed the hitchhiking ghosts, rode the escalator out of the vault passing Little Leota saying goodbye.

From: Scott 27 MAR 98

This Haunted Mansion story happened to me and my brother Jason during our vacation to DisneyLand. Since I listened to the record story based on the attraction I pretended Jason and I were Mike and Karen trapped inside the spooky, empty house with no way out and offered a guided tour by the GHOST HOST!

On our Doom Buggy we passed the suit of armor which came to life and ATTACKED OUR CARRIAGE!!! I mean it jumped off the platform, charged towards us and tried to grab and swing its battleaxe. Jason was screaming and I was recording the whole episode on my TalkBoy recorder. That caused guests in other Doom Buggies to laugh hysterically out of control...

Another embarrg moment occured in the attic seeing the boogymen phantoms flying around or jumping out of hiding places, the shadowy man playing the piano and the ghostly-bride waiting for her lost groom. Suddenly our carriage stops halfway through the attic, all the noises stop and that stupid recording comes on saying..."PLAYFUL SPOOKS HAVE INTERRUPTED OUR TOUR. PLEASE REMAIN SEATED IN YOUR DOOM BUGGIES. WE WILL PROCEED IN JUST A MOMENT." later all the sounds and music come back on and we escaped from the mansion into the cemetary. I plan on going back there again in 2001 during the opening of DISNEY's CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE!!!

From: Cami 24 APR 98

I have a memory of being scared by a cast member wearing the suit of armor in the room with the knocking doors. The knight leaned over and scared my younger sister and me, and then apologized. For the longest time I thought it had been my imagination because I never saw it again, but since other people have experienced the same thing, it must be true!

From: Wes Clark 22 JUL 96

I was only 13 when my Mom and I visited Disneyland during the opening week of the Haunted Mansion - I think this was in August 1969. Anyway, I prepared a 1/4" dynamo tape label which read "Wes Clark was Here" to commemorate the visit. I found a good place for it at the end of the ride: There was a metal railing atop a brick wall as one exited the ride, and I could stick it to the underside of the railing. In other words, it was easy to see if one knew where to look but not seen at all otherwise.

That label remained there from August 1969 to at least September 1982, when I last saw it, covered in several layers of enamel paint. The railing was removed when Splash Mountain was constructed so now it's gone. (I'd love to see it reappear somewhere else in the park!)

From: Nathan Smith 08 SEP 98

When I got caught going too far on the Haunted Mansion they put me in a caged (gate closed) area clearly viewable when you get off the ride before the exit and before the exit for the wheelchair viewers. Why would that little area need to be gated?

From: Joe Guisti & David Casas 14 FEB 98

I read on the web site about Maynard that lunatic cast member. I have been keeping my eye out for him and I finally saw him yesterday (2/11/98). Me and my friend David were walking off the Haunted Mansion and he told us to "step to this side for happiness." He is AWESOME!!! He gave us a hysterical little puppet show, and when people stepped by he would greet the children with "Hello little person!" We told him that he was famous on the internet and he seemed pleased. We hung out with him for about 10 minutes before we took off. We came back about 3 hours later and asked if Maynard was still on shift. Maynard was our tour guide for the stretching room! After we got in, Maynard stepped out. We told him to come through the ride and hang out with us, but our new tour guide told us that he was going to come into the next queue, and if we wanted to go talk to him we could. This is when we saw Maynard go out of character. He shot a menacing glance back at the tour guide. I think he was mad at her for telling us to hang out w/him. Nonetheles, he still put on another hysterical Maynard (tm) show for us. I recommend anyone who goes to Disneyland to seek out Maynard. He is the greatest!

From: chernabog 15 SEP 98

My friends and I went to Disneyland in May, and it was a blast. While we were there, we went on the Haunted Mansion about thirty freaking times. It was awesome. Several of the people we went with hadn't ever been to Disneyland before, and they were really stressing the mansion. Just for reference, the three of them were girls. This was our first time on the ride for the trip, and we decided to take three doom buggies. Two friends went in the first car, then there were two girls from our group in the next car, and then as the intelligent beings that we are, we tried to cram Bobbie, Mike and myself in the third car. Bobbie and I are not really that small, and that left bare breathing room for Mike. We ended up with Bobbie and I shoulder to shoulder, and Mike practically half in and half out of the car. We got to the hallway where there's the breathing doors and the suit of armor. I had told the girls about how the suit of armor will sometimes have a real person in it. Right at that exact moment, Mike (who had a perfect shot at the buggie) reached out and slapped the car. The girls freaked, and one of them darned near fell out of the vehicle. We just sat back there laughing our heads off.

From: alicia 02 SEP 98

This is a story that I had heard . A long time ago there was this really old woman and she was going on The haunted mansion . This woman was in a wheelchair and so she went on the ride however when she came out she was dead. she had died of a heart attack. In memory of this woman they put her wheelcair on the ride . When you are in the dinning room if you look behind you there is a folded up wheel chair against the wall . I'm not sure if the wheelchair is still there,but last time I checked it was still there. I had asked one of the workers if the wheelchair was there for a reason, He told me maybe and started laughing deeply . I think he was trying to scare me .

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