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From: Craig Waggett 07 APR 02

About six years ago when my family visited the Magic Kingdom at Easter we decided to ride Space Mountain. After queuing for ages we finally got to get on the ride. However, as my mother was getting in the car after my sister she accidentally slammed the safety bar down on my sister's leg, making her cry (she was about 8 then) and this was apparently noticed by a cast member. When we got to the unloading station we were approached by a cast member who asked my sister if she was ok and actually asked if we would like another ride because "you [my sister] might not have enjoyed it as much"!! We were then whisked through a "Cast Members Only" door, through some corridors, and arrived back at the loading station - right at the head of the queue - the people at the front of the queue had some funny looks on their faces indeed! I think that this shows how much Disney notices the little details and tries to please every guest!

From: Becky Richards 26 NOV 01

I went to Grad Night with a friend in '97 (I didn't graduate til '98), and at one point, we decided to go on Star Tours. We were the only people in line, and were set to board our own Star Cruiser, when suddenly, another group of kids showed up behind us. We went over to the nearest Cast Member and said in meek voices that we were kind of hoping to have our own Cruiser. Let me tell you... front and center of an empty Star Cruiser is a lot of fun! ^_~

From: Anah Redding 12 MAR 01 Hey! i have a story of whut happened to my friend and me on space mountain! ok. It was in the middle of March and me and my friend britney were waiting in line for space mountain. The line was going to fast, most likely because the ride was breaking down often that day. We got to go in the front seat, OF COURSE because its our little tradition, we got onto Space Mountain, for the seventh time that day, we went up throught the entrance. we were screaming our hearrts out, because its our absolute favorite ride at Disneyland, and all the sudden, right in the middle, after those 3 turns to the right, we stopped! the other cars were still going so Britney yelled "AHH! WERE GONNA DIE! WERE GONNA DIE!" i wasn't as frightend, but i was nervous that the cars would come close to hitting us. Then, the other cars stopped, and.. the cool part....the lights turned on. We could see absolutely everything! It is just all crammed up with little stairs and elevators. Once they turned on, me and britney were screamin' "YAAA! OH YAAA! WOOO HOOO! YA WE GOT STUCK!". Then, the good part, they gave us a free ride without waiting in line! it was truly one of my best moments in Disneyland!! ;)

From: Scott Space Ace Oliverson 04 AUG 01

I cannot believe the Rocket Rods XPR are gone! Great Scott, whoohooa! And after my brother Jason and I never got a chance to ride the 5-person roadster prototype on the former PeopleMover tracks. Now with the attraction gone I wonder what will replace it? Or will the PeopleMover return? I guess that's up to Walt Disney's Ghost (Since he created the theme park in 1955) to decide what to put in place of Rocket Rods. Anyway it must be embarrasing for other guests who ride the XPRs when they suddenly stop moving for no reason and sit there with fuming passengers waiting impatiently for the roadsters to start up again. Then they move again for a second or two...and stop again! I believe that must be the reason why the attraction was closed down permanently. Oooooh great scott!

From: Nicole 15 FEB 01

Back in 1975, when I was 5 years old, my family went with some family friends to Disneyland. I wanted to go on the Skyway badly (I called it "the buckets in the sky"), so we all went on. I was in a bucket with my mother and her good friend Glo, who was deathly afraid of heights, which we didn't find out until after we were up in the air. Her face had a look of sheer terror on it, and she was clutching the side of the bucket so hard, that when we got to Tomorrowland to disembark, she would not let go. They had to stop the ride for about 5 minutes, and it took 3 pretty strong CMs to get her off the ride. Glo's three sons were there as well, and they had been in the bucket ahead of us, and they were laughing so hard, I thought they would pee their pants! To this day, I get quite a glare from Glo whenever Disneyland or "the buckets" are brought up.

From: Princess Leia 02 MAR 00

I went to Disneyland with my brother on the day Tomorrowland opened. It was so awesome. We got to meet Paul Pressler and were also the first people of the general public to ride on Rocket Rods. The line guard even let us get out of line to watch the opening ceremony. I hear that Dick Dale was there as well as Leonardo DiCaprio, but I'm not really positive. I think everyone should have gone to that.

From: Scott SPACE ACE Oliverson 21 MAR 00

My brother Jason and I went to TOMORROWLAND IMAGINATION & BEYOND to experience the rides of the future/Y2K. We decided to go on ROCKET RODS XPR, the all new 5-passenger roadster vehicle that races along the former PeopleMover tracks...However, when we entered the main entrance, we were informed by CAST MEMBERS that the Rods were broken due to technical difficulties and needed to be fixed, so we had to wait and come back later. So minutes later we came back again, went through the queue area of the former CIRCLEVISION 360 THEATER main lobby and movie room looking at the blueprints of former TOMORROWLAND rides from the past, and watching film clips of transportation. Finally after passing through the VORTEX underground tunnel, we climb the spiral staircase to the boarding gates and next in line to get onto the Rods. But once again the XPR's were not moving! Again CM's informed us that the Rocket Rods were again broken down. Jason refused to wait any longer in line so we quit and left the attraction before ever getting onto the vehicle. Instead, we got a GO TO THE FRONT OF THE LINE PASS from a CAST MEMBER to use it for another attraction...

From: Princess Leia 02 MAR 00

I went to Disneyland with my brother on the day Tomorrowland opened. It was so awesome. We got to meet Paul Pressler and were also the first people of the general public to ride on Rocket Rods. The line guard even let us get out of line to watch the opening ceremony. I hear that Dick Dale was there as well as Leonardo DiCaprio, but I'm not really positive. I think everyone should have gone to that.

From: Sarah Sahutske 19 JAN 00

When i was little I used to be so scared of going into Star Tours because of all the aliens and stuff, but when my mom took me to Disneyland for my 6th birthday she talked me into going on it. She also had bought this bright pink little jacket for me to wear that day. While in line when comming up to the first droid with the eyes that look like a pair of banoculars I stood on my tippy-toes to look over the railing to see it better. I stood their for about a minuite just looking and wondering if the thing would talk. Then all of a sudden the droid talked and said "hey cutie what a nice little pink jacket you have their, have a wonderful day today, ok?" I was so surprised and amazed I had a smile on my face the rest of the day. Everytime I go now I hope it will talk to me but unfortunatily it wonte. Thank you to that person who made my day and a great memorie for me to have forever. :o)

From: Nightlyre 28 DEC 99

Want absolute proof that Disneyland makes you a kid again? One of my most memorable trips there was last December. Three generations of my family went, including myself (19 at the time), my parents, my grandmother on my mother's side, and my grandfather on my father's side. My grandfather, 90 years old and a very charming person, has trouble walking sometimes, and so used a wheelchair through most of the trip. His favorite rides were some of the faster ones... no coasters, but he wanted to ride Indy again and again! Star Tours was another favorite. We were waiting to see Honey I Shrunk the Audience, when Grandpa mentioned something about wanting to ride Star Tours next. One of the two CMs at the entrance leaned over to my dad and asked, "He rode Star Tours?" Dad answered, "Yeah, a few times." I had to put in, "But he *really* likes the Indiana Jones ride!" The CM looked amazed and, grinning, started telling the other CM about it as we walked over to the last doors where the handicapped entrance is. Incidentally, Grandpa wants to go back in 2001 to see what all the fuss is about the new California Adventure. :)

From: Lynne Shapiro 28 JUN 99

Before there was ever a submarine lagoon, before the monorail, there was a train-type ride, called, I think, "The Metroliner" or "The Superliner". It had a front just like the old monorail, and I have an old Super-8 reel movie of my sister and I on it! We also have pics of ourselves on the "Flying Saucers", walking thru the "20,000 Leagues under the Sea" exhibit, and the old Monsanto "Hall of Chemicals". We used to take the monorail over to the hotel, wear our bathing suits under our clothes, swim at the hotel, dry off, then go back to the park.

Trash Car Trio

From: Rick August 14 AUG 98

One day about a year ago, I was standing in line to get on Star Tours for about the millionth time in my life, when I heard some shouting and what at first sounded like cap guns going off. I looked around and saw what the commotion was about. I don't know if you have ever heard of the music group called STOMP, but there were three Janitors (one quite the senior of the other two) and they were using their trashcans as drums! It was awesome! These guys were great, and perfectly timed with each other. And not only did they just play the cans but they had choreography as well, dancing around the three trashcans and trading high-fives with each other between beats. They got a tremendous applause from their audience, and I had to wait another two hours for Star Tours because I had gotten out of lne to watch the show.

Star Trader

From: anon 28 JUN 98

My sister works at Disneyland and told me this true story: In the attic for Star Trader, it is supposedly haunted. There is a white wall and on that wall, in a lighter shade of white says "Helter Skelter." They tried to repaint many times, but it just came back. Not only that, but a worker was up there getting stuffed animals to take down to the store. She was throwing them over her shoulder. But when she turned around to take them down, what do you know! They were all stack in a neat pile, seemingly impossible without the aid of someone physically stacking them theirselves.

Capain EO

From: Maeve C. 25 NOV 96

My brother went to Disnyland with his friend for his friend's birthday. They saw Capain EO, and when one of the little, fuzzy, fury characters came on screan, my brother's friend tried to reach out and grab it. He was surprised when he really DID grab it! But he really just grabbed the hair of the guy who was in front of him. He didn't know untill the guy whose hair he touched turned around.

Space Mountain

From: Julie Denise 19 JUN 01

It was about two years ago. 1999, I think. It was one of the those hot summer days, but we were having a blast. My dad, brother, and me descided to ride Space Mountain. The ride kept breaking down and a lot of people kept dropping out of the line cause it was going so slow (It goes much faster when it's broke down, the line that is). We got to the section inside the ride were your waiting in line next to the glass windows, which you can see the people inside riding the ride. At that point the ride broke down and the lights shot on. I got to see first hand what Space Mountain looks like in the LIGHT! It looks like a normal rollercoaster but much more track and crammed up. It was really great being able see what it looks like in the light. It was great! But I really wish I was the person on the ride at that time.

From: Bob 03 MAY 01

I was on Space Mountain with my older brother and my dad. We were going up the dark lift hill, when instead of the music, there was a recording saying, "We are currently experiencing technical difficulties, an attendant will be with you in a few moments." We thought it was really weird but we ignored it. We got into the big room and passed the first turn when the ride stopped. The lights turned on. We were looking around, and discovered the stars were made by disco balls on the ground. It was amazing. We were assisted by attendants who got us started again. We were given a free ride through with the lights on, and then a second one with the lights off!

From: Katie kitty 24 FEB 01

Last year me and my mom went on the Space Mountain. My Mom really didn't want to go but she went on because I was to scared to go alone. I loved it but she hated it and she said she had a bad feeling the whole time, like we were going to get hurt. The next week after we got back from Disneyland, we saw on the news that 6 people got hurt from the Space Mountain!

From: Cody Walker 25 MAR 99

I rode Space Mountain once, and right when I got to the final tunnel where you slow down, the ride stopped. They turned on all of the lights, and we had to sit there for like 10 minutes until a cast member came and unlatched the safety bar. We had to climb out of the cars and walk out through the tunnel where the cars usually come out. Climbing out of the car, you have to step out onto a cat walk which is as tall as the track, and it's a good 7 feet above the ground, think about that the next time your leaving the ride. (:O)

From: Aaron Wynn 13 JUN 98

Jun 11 1998 On june 11 I went on space moutain and in the middle of the ride the music went out and the stars went out. And the whole ride went dark. Then the car started going faster than any ride I have ever been on. When the ride was over the car stopped suddenly! Lader I found out the power had gone out. I am scared to death to ever go on that ride again!!!!

From: Patricia 01 FEB 98

I was riding Space Mountain (at Disneyland) with my sister and all of a sudden, half-way through the ride, our rocket stopped. All of the lights turned on and we got to see what the track looks like. Then they announced that the computer was malfunctioning and that we would have to wait about 20 minutes for the computer to reboot (start up again). So we waited and about 35 minutes later, a cast member approached our rocket and instructed us to "hang on tight and don't look up". Then he gave our rocket a push and we were off. I could tell that we were going much faster than usual and what was really scary was that we could see the track above our heads and the cross beams looked like they were going to hit us. Well, we finally got back to the boarding area and they asked us if we wanted to ride again and everyone in the car did, so we went again. This time, just after the first drop, we stopped. The lights turned on again and this time I took some pictures. 20 minutes later, 2 cast members came and pushed our car again. This time it was alot scarier. At the top, right when you are circling the bottom of that giant, orange, light up orb thing, there is one point at which the track looks like it is only 6 inches above your head. When we got there, like 5 people in our rocket screamed. Then everyone else started laughing. It was so much fun and you could tell that everyone in the rocket was really scared. When we got to the bottom, 4 people did not want to go again, so they got out and four people that were in line got in. This time everything went okay, but to this day, I never put my hands up in Space Mountain at all.

From: Kelly Jeanne 25 FEB 06

Under Disney Stories there is a person that says the Rocket Rods closed because they 'stopped' often. The real reason is that the imagineer that designed it said it should run on the track at a reasonable rate of speed. The park decided to run it at TOP speed, causing that squeal sound as you rounded corners over the autopia. The imagineer insisted it would leave the track at that high rate of speed and refused to put his own children on the ride. The park ran it for a short time at top speed; and the ride was closed shortly thereafter.

From: Andy Hicks 18 JUL 96

My brother, friends, and I had just come from the Coca Cola Pavilion on Central Plaza and brought with us about a dozen straws with the wrappers still on them. We decided to go on Space Mountain next. After we had arrived in the queue room with the large "space probe" hanging in the middle, my brother decided to be a little ornery and shoot one of the straw wrappers at the space probe hanging in the middle. We got a kick out of it, when the straw got stuck hanging over the edge of the space probe. After we went on the ride, we arrived back in that main room when suddenly, the straw wrapper fell from the space probe and hit my brother in the head, about a full 15 minutes after he shot the thing.

From: Josh C. 11 JAN 97

I was at Disneyland on it's 40th birthday (so was half of the people in the U.S.). I was waiting with my family for Space Mountain and for about a half hour the line stopped. My family was pissed and we were in the handicap waiting area and there were people behind us and in front too. So we couldn't move. When the Cast Members came out they were coming with an adolescent boy. He had ice packs and bandages on his hand. When the people saw him they started booing him, and yelling certain four letter words. He was the most hated person that day. The lesson follow the rules so you don't get spit on.

From: Bill Corless 09 MAR 97

In February me and a few friends went to Disneyland. It was my first time since they had added the music to Space Mountain. When we got on space mountain we thought the music was lame, but then it got better. But inside the ride it was brighter than before. I could see all the beams and staircases which are on the LEFT side of the track most of the time. It made me not put my hands in the air like i usually do because the metal beams looked SO close.

From: Scott M. Leonard 25 DEC 96

I must have the worst luck. Here is a horror story from the 'magic kingdom': (Keep in mind this is one day!) I was on Space Mountain, at the "Space Shuttle, this is flight saftey" area when the 'shuttle' turned left, not right! I was treated to the sight of two off duty Cast Members enjoying lunch, as well as an assortment of Space Mountain collectables, including an 'opening soon' sign! After leaving the building, I travelled to the Monorail station and rode the blue one (oldest one in the park) which broke down shortly after leaving the station. (It happened earlier that day too.) I then stood in line for the Matterhorn, which broke down just before I got into a sled. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was next. It actually stopped near the end of the ride, and Cast Members let us all take a red rock from one of the buckets decorating the site. Trying to complete the mountain range, I took in Splash Mountain, which also broke down. It seems they have had a problem with the number three belt (the big climb) and a sensor after the drop. It broke down three other times that day. I rode Indy (exactly 44.5 times; the lines were short that day) and it broke down as I was in the Chamber of Destiny. After a day like that, I decided to just leave and come back another day.

Submarine Voyage


My father told me that in the early 70's Disneyland was closed on Mondays or something like that during winter months. Well it turns out that his dive club (he was a scuba diver in souther cal.)had a Disneyland big wig in it. So one day that disneyland was closed the d-land big wig let him and his drive club go scuba driving in the Submarine ride. I thought it was a pretty cool story. Is there anyone else out there who has done the same thing? From: John Snell 13 JAN 97

Several years ago on the Submarine ride(back when they had live mermaids), there seemed to be a unexplainable breakdown that occured systematically at the same time and at the same place in the ride.

The submarine would go underneath the waterfall then stop. The driver would ring the bell and announce that the submarine had to halt for some technical repairs. The visitors would have to watch the same fish circle around for 10 to 15 minutes. Then the problem would be solved and the ride would carry on. This proceeded every day for a couple of weeks.

The Disney engineers spent hours and hours checking every possibility, but came up empty. It turns out that the breakdown always occured right after the shift change for the mermaids. Apparently, a mermaid and a fellow Cast Member thought they found a secluded place they could sneak to between shifts to have romantic escapades. Little did they know that the drivers of the submarine had a sneak peak.

The romantic couple put 2 and 2 together when they heard about the submarine problem and stopped their daily escapades. The submarine breakdowns left just as mysteriously as they started. Luckily for them, management never found out about it, as far as I know.

From: Erin Mahoney 23 JUN 97

When I was little (maybe 3 or 4 years old), my parents (Disney fanatics) would bring me to Disneyland at least twice a year. Every time I went, I would wear the Snow White dress my mom had made me, in hopes of meeting my idol. One day, my dad and I sat down on a park bench while my mom visited the restroom (I think this happened in Tomorrowland). Anyway, my dad got up to go to the drinking fountain accross the street, and when he turned around again, Snow White was sitting on the bench next to me! He stayed at a distance while we talked, and for some reason, Snow White wasn't mobbed by a crowd. He says she talked to me for a few minutes before leaving. My dad was so upset that my mom had the camera at the time...he said it was so picturesque!

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