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  1. On the new Astro Orbiter in the entrance to Tomorrowland there is a Mickey in the planets above the ride. I saw it from the hub, but it can also be seen just outside the entrance to Tomorrowland and a little to the right. A large ball orbits counterclockwise with a smaller ball on an arm. Another ball the same as the small one orbits on a tilt. Every twenty or so turns the planets allign and form a perfect tri-circle Mickey.
    REPORTED: faerie rae 18 FEB 98
    After the addition of the Astro Orbitor attraction I was standing in line for Star Tours and noticed that when the sun is on the west side of the park ( late afternoon) it causes the spinning gold balls to cast a perfect Mickey on the ground every 42 seconds ( because the balls spin at different speeds and heights).
    CONFIRMED: Celeigh 30 MAR 98
    As you enter Tomorrowland from the Fantasyland side, you walk between two rock walls. As you do, look up at the Astro-Orbiter. Every 20 seconds or so, the orbiting planets will form a hidden-Mickey. The outline is created by two of the smaller planets orbiting above one of the larger ones.
    CONFIRMED: Kurt & Krissie 09 JUN 98 pict from pict from
    On Astro Orbitor have you ever realized the "planets" if thats what those balls are supposed to be, are what we call round? Well, on the park map, mine if from July 24, 1998 (the one I am looking right now), the top right of the Astro Orbitor looks like a Hidden Mickey. If you are looking for it on a park map, look on the right side, right above the middle, it looks like its on the pink portion of the Fantasyland.
    CONFIRMED: Donald 23 JUN 00
    CONFIRMED: Joan Wong 09 JUL 01

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