Tomorrowland Honey, I Shrunk the Audience
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  1. The hidden Mickey is located on a man. The guy is a technician in the Imagination Institute and he has a hard hat with two round lights on both sides of it.
    REPORTED: Lilian 17 MAR 98
    In the movie itself when the Host of the awards introduces the inventors son, and when the son comes up onto the podium with the snake around his neck, standing behind him is one of the cameramen with a helmet camera on. As the cameraman faces us his helmet is round and lights on his helmet form perfect mouse ears of light. The cameraman is standing directly behind the podium facing the audience. He stands there for nearly a full minute.
    CONFIRMED: Gary Emrick 02 NOV 98
    In "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience" there are guys running around with helmets on their heads with two lights on top of them. I looked for the one reported when the snake showed for the first time but couldn't see it. Finally, one of the guy turns on the two lights and there it was as clear as well... daylight! You can either, include the guy's head and say it's a full Mickey head or you could just say that it makes a Mickey hat.
    CONFIRMED: TRMHatter 19 MAR 01
  2. Towards the end of the show at the top of the screen, there are two techs. Next to the one on the left it looks like there is a side view of a Mickey head made up of the silver control knobs on the panel.
    REPORTED: Bighunk 11 FEB 99

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