The Spirit of Refreshment

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Phsst: Fun Facts

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  1. Under The Spirit of Refreshment Coca Cola stand are a series of "shipping boxes" with various futuristic patterns on them. One has a pattern that ends with a nifty Mickey (it is behind the counter somewhat so you may have to walk around to find it)
    REPORTED: Al Huffman 19 JUN 98
    CONFIRMED: Lauren and Erin Ferreira 26 JUN 98
    Confirming the Hidden Mickey on the shipping crate, at The Spirit of Refreshment: The crate is no longer behind the counter; it is now on the ground, at the far left end of the counter, in plain sight.
    CONFIRMED: Bruce and Debby Forrest 30 JUN 98
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 18 JUL 98
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