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  1. Outside of the Star Tours building, the wall painting of the Star Speeders in space, if you look at the top part of the wall painting there is a bottom half of a big planet, and two other small planets on the bottom right and left of it, it looks like a giant hidden Mickey, you can see it perfectly.
    REPORTED: Douglas Urquilla 21 MAY 99
  2. When you first enter the part of the line where you're actually in the building, look at the StarSpeeder. It has obviously suffered some intergalactic damage. Three burn marks on the side of the Speeder form a stretched out Hidden Mickey! My brother first told me about this. Every time I go on it, I say it to whoever I'm with rather loudly so that everyone around me will hear.
    REPORTED: hannah 25 MAR 06
  3. While waiting in line for Star Tours, look up at the moving baskets that have all the parts in them. Basket #DLB0406 has a hidden Mickey made of a solid sphere for the head and the ends of two pipes for the ears.
    REPORTED: Andrea Harris 06 NOV 97
    On Star Tours in the queue line, where the moving baskets are, the Hidden Mickey that is supposed to be in basket #DLB0406 is either not there anymore or it is very hard to see. Six of my friends and I looked hard for it and couldn't find it! Either they moved it, the person who reported it got the wrong basket number, or it is so hidden that we couldn't see it.
    LOST: TRMHatter 19 MAR 01 pict from
  4. One of the women on the video has two "buns" on her head. Her was dark. Together it looked like a Hidden Mickey to me.
    REPORTED: Bruce Barnett 16 AUG 94
    CONFIRMED: lhudson 19 JAN 96
    Although they are black, they do not look like a Hidden Mickey to me.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Kristin 22 APR 96
    WISHFUL THINKING: Michael Del Castello Jr. 14 JUN 96
    When you wait in line to board on Star Tours, the lady on the TV monitor who welcomes the guest has a hairdo shaped like Mickey's head. Does anyone agree or am I a wishful thinker?
    UPDATE: manuel caneri 29 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: Nick and Joe 31 AUG 96
    On Star Tours, before you board the ship, a pre-boarding announcement is given by a young lady with an interesting hair style. The style is shaped like our famous friend Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Theodore J Calcaterra and Nick Atonna 01 DEC 96
    In Star Tours, during the "briefing" video, note the hair style on the host of the briefing video. She has black hair, pulled into a strange bun on one side of her head. The bun is in the shape of two balls. Basically, her hair is in the distinct shape of Mickey! You do, however, have to tilt your head sideways to see it. (It's in this position--> 80 )
    CONFIRMED: J.J. Julian 10 DEC 96
    When you are boarding Star Tours there is this really bizarre looking woman with a really bizarre hairdo in the video you see right before you board the ride. She has three circles in the hairstyle that may form a Hidden Mickey! I remember seeing this, but I haven't double checked it... I'm sure someone here could do the honors ;)
    CONFIRMED: Monique VandenBerg 11 JAN 97
    I hate to say this, but that woman in the Star Tours video in the waiting area is sporting a Hidden Mickey hairdo. Find me anyone, ever, who has worn their hair like that.
    CONFIRMED: Theresa Kyame 19 JAN 97
    There is a Hidden Mickey just before you get onto the ride. In the video that is shown before you enter the ride, check out the lady's hair style. It is in a very obvious shape as a Hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Andy & Farrah 13 FEB 97
    The person with a hairdo that looks like a Hidden Mickey is not what you think it is. In the movie, Star Wars, Princess Leia has a hairdo that looks the same as the person. They are just imitatiing this hairdo.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Jonathan Berry and Travis 13 MAY 97
    As you are being briefed for the Star Tours ride, the "flight attendant's" hair-do forms a sideways hidden Mickey
    CONFIRMED: Greg Sarvas 09 SEP 98
    On Star Tours, in the opening video right as you are about to board the ride, the woman doing the introduction to the ride has her hair in a style that looks like a sideway Mickey head. Someone pointed this out to me.
    CONFIRMED: Stephani 10 MAY 99
    In the instruction video for Star Tours, the woman's hair is shaped like Mickey mouse, with the two ears on the right side of her head, the left side if you are looking at it.
    CONFIRMED: Lauren 17 AUG 99
    I am sorry to break this to everyone but in the pre boarding spiel at Star Tours, The women's hair style IS NOT a hidden Mickey. Yes it looks like one but it is not. For starters there is a scale that the circles have to be to be a hidden Mickey. The other this is in her hair style all three circles are different sizes. So I am sorry but no hidden Mickey there.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Daniel Kelley 12 FEB 00
    The lady in the movie that has that bun hairdo DOES have a Mickey. You guys are only thinking 2D. If you were to look at that lady from behind the backside of her head, and the 2 buns would make a perfect Mickey. That is why the buns look like diffrent sizes. (Think 3D)
    CONFIRMED: spencer 17 JUL 00
    In the video, the woman has two buns in her hair. Others have reported this as a Hidden Mickey, saying that if you look at it from the back of her head it would form a Mickey. Sure it would look more like a Mickey but the proportions are wrong! If the buns are the ears, they are too close to form a Mickey, strictly structural speaking. Again, I think a Hidden Mickey is a Mickey that everyone can recognize as a Mickey but does not catch it with the naked eye the first time around.
    It is supposed to be in the future...that's why we can't show you anyone that has ever had that haircut are reaching!!!
    CONFIRMED: Jason 05 MAY 02 pict from
  5. When you are watching the "pre-boarding" video look for the Ewok boarding the STARSPEEDER 3000. He is carrying a little stuffed Mickey Mouse doll. I pointed this out to the Cast Member and she confirmed it as a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Gautam Shah 26 MAY 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 25 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 02 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Loretta Drummond 15 AUG 97
    CONFIRMED: Gates Browne 12 OCT 97
    CONFIRMED: Eco-Mono 09 NOV 98
    CONFIRMED: ryan 15 JUL 99
    In the pre-flight movie before you board your startship in Star Tours one of the aliens is carrying a stuffed Mickey doll. It goes by quick, but its there right before the lady tells you to store all carrige in the under-seat compartment
    CONFIRMED: Disneygeek 316 24 JUN 02
  6. I saw this one several times - but not recently Star Tours waiting area - the big screen with the ads for your trip has a couple of rows along the bottom for alpha display - about once every 20 minutes (the slower the line the better your chances) a bunch of stick people run across the display - and every once in a while - the last one dawdles and then catches up
    REPORTED: Stan Long 08 MAY 98 pict from
  7. There is a box of tools/parts next to him and the robot he is working on that it looks like the Mickey Watch has been dropped in. White faceplate with a red Mickey in the center.

    REPORTED: Jeff Shepherd 04 SEP 96
  8. When you are in line for the ride and in the second "staging" area (where the G2 droids are) stand in the 1st line. On the floor below the first G2 droid (with the boom-box), to the right near the far wall is a large storage tank. On the end of the tank are three dark circles where the pipes attach to the tank.
    REPORTED: Kevin Freels 24 MAR 97
  9. While in line, there is a row of flashing sirens to the right (in the second section of the line). If you look very closely (even spinning your head a little), you can see that the siren's light is mirrored into a metal dish, similar to police sirens. These "dishes" are cut into the shape of Mickey. It took 3 trips and a lot of dizziness to confirm what I saw.
    REPORTED: Gary Pattillo 24 AUG 97
  10. I spotted was a mouseketeer hat in one of the parts baskets overheard. In box RC-1202, you can see the set of mouse ears as it goes over you head. The ears are lying flat on the bottom of the basket.
    REPORTED: Kevin Freels 24 MAR 97
  11. When you see Rex on the ride, watch the buttons flashing behind him. For about a second, the buttons form a pixelated Mickey head!
    REPORTED: hannah 25 MAR 06
  12. In the very beginning of the ride when you are in the interior of the space station and you are going up, there is a Cast Member (Mickey head) parking sticker in the right hand corner of the screen.
    REPORTED: Holly Smith 16 OCT 96
    In the ride's film itself, you are greeted and then you go up an elevator to the flight deck when you take a wrong turn. There you are seeming to go in to the take off area when the cabin jerks to the right. At that point, if you look to the right hand bottom corner of the screen there is a white bar or light with a black Mickey head in it. It looks like a Cast Member parking sticker!
    CONFIRMED: Michelle 23 OCT 96
  13. The hidden Mickey in Star Tours is when you first jump to lightspeed. If you look in the upper middle of the screen, the stars outline Mickey's head.
    REPORTED: anon 13 APR 98
    I would like the confirm the hidden Mickey found on Star Tours. It is the out line of Mickey's head formed by the stars right before it takes you into light speed.
    CONFIRMED: Vikki Wellington 16 JUL 98
    During the show when you are going through light speed, just after you are done going through light speed, the stars form a Mickey but I think it is Wishful Thinking. I don't know about before you go into light speed because I didn't see it but there is one after you are done. I don't count it as a Hidden Mickey though.
  14. During the ride, look at the cockpit control panel. As the lights change, one of the sets of lights (in green) make a hidden Mickey. I noticed it come on and off several times. It is on the lower half of the control pannel.
    REPORTED: Brad Greenbaum 06 JAN 98
  15. When you go into the comet, right before entering, look below it, there is a comet that rotates towards the screen that is a Mickey Mouse.
    REPORTED: Jenifer Campbell 05 JUL 96
    WISHFUL THINKING: Scott M. Leonard 04 MAY 97
  16. I found a very tricky and quick hidden Mickey in the film. It is in an explosion in the bottom right hand part of the screen right before you and the x-wing you are following enter the death star trench. I will let you know that the only way you can see it is with a slow function on your vcr as it only appears in one frame of the movie. I found it by mistake!
    REPORTED: greg smith 01 JUN 00
  17. When on the Star Tours ride, I saw that the begining of the last light-speed that we go through is in the shape of Mickey's head and ear.
    REPORTED: Sarah Sahutske 17 JAN 00
  18. At the end of the ride, if you look on the supports holding up the lights it resembles a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Qoosurfer 13 DEC 97

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