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  1. Hidden Mickeys in the queue area are listed in the order that you come upon them while in line for the ride.
    1. While standing in line for Gadget's Go-Coaster, I saw a "Hidden Mickey" right in the center of the pool, underneath the Go-Coaster ride. It could be spotted from several places while standing in line, and from down below, looking across the pool. It is a hollow circle, with the two ears; if you draw Mickey's sillouette, the "face" part is hollow; this is what it appears like. There is alot of loose change thrown into the pool; and I am uncertain if this is something that was also tossed into the pool or not--it looks like it either was painted in there, or it might be a piece of black plastic. It is definitely a "Mickey"; whether it was intended to be a "Hidden Mickey" I do not know.
      REPORTED: Mark Seven Smith 15 NOV 97 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
    2. The Hidden Mickey is when you come around the first U turn to your left in line. It will be on your right hand side directly between two courtesy lights when you are about have way through the turn. It's almost at the top of the wall. It is made out of three rocks.
      REPORTED: Eric B 19 APR 96
      CONFIRMED: Wendy Park 07 JUL 96
      CONFIRMED: tiger lily 13 DEC 97
      CONFIRMED: cyn 01 JAN 00
      When you get in the line for the Gadget Go Rollercoaster look to your left before the comb bridge and a little farther past that and you will see two "rock" hard Mickeys' on the wall.
      CONFIRMED: Will Tucker 02 APR 01
      CONFIRMED: hehe 09 JUN 02
    3. The Hidden Mickey is when you pass the first bridge; on the right hand side; between the first and second courtesy lights after the bridge. It's about one foot off the floor. It is made out of three rocks.
      REPORTED: Eric B 19 APR 96
      CONFIRMED: Wendy Park 07 JUL 96
      CONFIRMED: Bren 19 APR 97
      In the waiting line for Gadget's Go-Coaster, there is a cement rock wall that lines the path, on the last turn that makes you turn left, on the rock wall is the shape of Mickey's image with one large round smooth rock, and two smaller round rocks right above it. It is across the path from a garbage can.
      CONFIRMED: James McLaughlin 08 OCT 97
      CONFIRMED: cyn 01 JAN 00 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
    4. The Hidden Mickey found in Gadget Go Coaster in Toontown. It is located once you are in line on the stone wall on the lower left side when you are facing the loading dock for the coaster. Once you get past the three bridges, look to the left stone wall above a courtesy light. There are three stones that are in the shape of a Mickey. There are at least 2 more on the wall as well. One is about 20 feet ahead of the original sighting on the left.
      REPORTED: Maureen Alfere 05 JAN 96
      CONFIRMED: Stephen Blanchette 14 MAR 96
      CONFIRMED: Brad C Willoughby 02 APR 96
      CONFIRMED: Eric B 19 APR 96
      CONFIRMED: alan lohner 31 DEC 97
      CONFIRMED: SalemCat 18 JAN 98
      CONFIRMED: cyn 01 JAN 00
      CONFIRMED: hehe 09 JUN 02 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
    5. The Hidden Mickey is on your last U turn to you right before boarding the ride; on your left hand side; about four feet to the left of the second courtesy light. It is formed out of three rocks.
      REPORTED: Eric B 19 APR 96
      CONFIRMED: Wendy Park 07 JUL 96
      CONFIRMED: cyn 01 JAN 00
      CONFIRMED: hehe 09 JUN 02
      pict from hiddenmickeys.org
    6. The sixth Hidden Mickey is right next to the fifth Hidden Mickey but is about two feet to the left of the third courtesy light; about one foot off the ground.
      REPORTED: Eric B 19 APR 96
      CONFIRMED: Wendy Park 09 JUL 96
      CONFIRMED: cyn 01 JAN 00
      CONFIRMED: hehe 09 JUN 02
  2. There is a hidden Mickey on the instructions.
    REPORTED: anon 18 JUL 99
  3. In the area where guests are physically boarding the ride in Gadget's Go-Coaster (ie: inside the treehouse), there are "blueprints" adorning the walls. On one of these such blueprints, is a drawing of Mickey. There is also a note about meeting Mickey for a dog show or a horse show or a picnic lunch or something of the sort. This note is scribbled beneath the drawing. The blueprint would be best viewed standing in the third row while waiting for the acorn train to pull in.
    REPORTED: Doctor Worm 20 DEC 99
  4. When you are in line if you look at the coaster as it is going up the first hill you can see the hand turning the crank to the side of it there is 3 gears that make a hidden Mickey
    REPORTED: anon 04 MAR 99
    On the top, the large hand is turning a crank connected to three small gears. The three gears make up a hidden Mickey. It is sideways but is still rather easy to see. Both my daughters spotted this one when we were walking to the ride and pointed it out. Mom didn't agree at first but later confirmed it after seeing the other hidden Mickey's in the park.
    CONFIRMED: The Doty Family 27 JUL 00
    The 3 bottle caps or gears which they use to lift the cars going up form a hidden Mickey at the begining of the ride.  
    CONFIRMED: DipityDawgGoofy 21 OCT 01 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  5. When you are exiting the ride, look down. You will see Mickey on a manhole cover. decor
    REPORTED: TR Shaw 24 SEP 00
    pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  6. When you fully exit Gadget's Go Coaster, you will come upon a popcorn vending machine. If you look up at the top of the popcorn popper and look at the fake popcorn models you will see a piece of popcorn that has the shape of Mickey's head.
    REPORTED: Tammi 26 MAY 98
    The popcorn kernel is about a foot across, and is mounted on top of the popcorn wagon.
    CONFIRMED: Ed Johnston 25 OCT 98
  7. If one is a Cast Member and can go up on the hill behind Gadget's Go coaster, there is a Mickey stone on a small masonry fence. This one has the actual face of Mickey instead of just the three circle outline normally scene throughout the park.
    REPORTED: sullivan 14 FEB 96
    As a Cast Member I would like to confirm the existance of the sculpture of Mickey Mouse behind the mountain on Gadget's in toontown.
    CONFIRMED: anon 15 APR 97

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