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Please note I am not Disney! Please do not email me for Disney information! Try the Disney Contact List, our Travel Agency, the Disney Links page, or try Disney.com page. You might also check with your local independent bookstore or library.

  1. From: Sandy Goodman
    This may be a strange request, but I am hoping you can point me in the direction of the company which makes the Mickey Mouse car antenna balls....

    While I don't know if this is the company that does the MM ones, this link will take you to a company that does do that sort of thing. http://ic.net/~plasteel/antenna.htm or you can call them at (313) 562-5400.

  2. From: Many people in Southern California
    Where can local residents purchase Disneyland tickets?

    Local residents can purchase Disneyland tickets for full fare at their friendly local Disney Store or at Disneyshopping.com. These are located in most major shopping malls. One pretty good deal you can get through the store is a five day Flex Pass where you get 5 days for the price of two. Also included in the price of the Flex Pass is a pass to get into the park an hour and a half before it opens on one of your days and let the kids have breakfast with Mickey, Goofey, Donald and company.

  3. From: Many people all around the world
    Are all these real?

    I do my best to insure the list is as correct as possible. Some are wishful thinking. If a report has an official source, then it is real. If a report has many confirmations, then it is probably real. Real or not, they're fun to look for. Send me your reports, confirmations and wishful thinkings and have fun.

  4. From: Many people all around the world
    How do I contact Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland Imagineering, etc.? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    See the Disney Contact List

  5. From: Many people all around the world
    How do I find Walt Disney Company or Disneyland Paris financial information? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    See the Disney Financial Information

  6. From: Many people all around the world
    How do I get into the Disney College Program.

    See the Disney College Program

    To aid you on your interview, I am publishing Michele Warner's letter:

    Just wanted to let any prospective College Program students in on a little secret for the interview. The recruiters are looking to see what kind of first impression you make. The average guest will probably only see you for 5-7 minutes at the most. The recruiters/interviewers only spend about this much time with you at your interview(s). The key is to smile, smile, smile and be very friendly. When I went for my interview I went with a friend who had been on a previous College Program. She knew some of the recruiters and after the interviews (there was a mix-up with their travel plans so we had to be interviewed then and there) we all went out for coffee. They kept talking about how important the "show" at Walt Disney World is and that they are simply looking for people who are enthusiastic and up-beat.

    I was asked questions like "Have you been to Walt Disney World and what do you remember most?" (The number one comment Walt Disney World Guest Services receives is that the Cast Members are so friendly and helpful.) "Why do you want to work at Walt Disney World?" etc. Also, don't be afraid that your major does not pertain to a Walt Disney World internship experience. I was an Early Childhood Education major and was accepted.

    If you have the chance to do this program I would highly recommend it. It was the best use of a semester, ever!

    Good Luck and remember, smile!

    Michele Warner Former Disney Studios Cast Member College Program, Spring 1990

  7. From: Many people all around the world
    How do I find a former member of the Disney College Program?

    See the former College Program castmembers site

  8. From: Many people all around the world
    Can you send me Disney information, hotel reservations, etc.?.

    I have nothing to do with Disney. Please do not EMail me for information! Try the Disney Contact List, the Travel Links, the Disney Links page, or try a library search using our Search the Web page. You might also check with your local independent bookstore or library.

  9. From: Many people all around the world
    Can you make a copy, send me a text version, etc.?.

    I do not do requests. I am just someone who loves Disney and maintains these pages on my own time for fun. I couldn't possibly service all the world wide special requests I receive and still actively maintain these pages. You can save or print these Web pages from your Web browser just check the documentation to learn how to do this in your specific browser or check out Disney news on rec.arts.Disney. rec.arts.disneyland or rec.arts.disneyparks. Also, Stan Sroka maintains a text based list that covers Walt Disney World and all the other Disney Parks, movies, etc.. You might try them.

  10. From: Many people all around the world
    Can you tell me where you got the images for your pages?.

    Some of the images were scanned, some copied from the Web, some made by me using Photoshop, some composited by me using Photoshop and some EMailed to me.

    The pictures are in GIF, JPEG, and XBM formats. You can use your Web browser to obtain pictures. Just read the manual.

    Please maintain the copyrights when copying.

  11. From: Many people all around the world
    Can you tell me where to go to get a job at Walt Disney World?.

    I have nothing to do with Disney. Please do not write me for a job! Try the Walt Disney World Contact List.

  12. From: Roger Keating:
    I can't go to these resorts to do my own searching but it is fun to read about all those who have. I wonder if these are all by design? Is it the intention of Disney to do this for on purpose, or is this part of the insiders design attitude, or something like the way software comes with easter egg surprises?

    A little bit of all of the above. At first, the artists just slipped in a Mickey (pun intended) when they were building an attraction. Later, this was formally allowed by the Disney Company.

    Sometimes, as at the Wilderness Resort, the building subcontractors went overboard and placed so many Hidden Mickeys in the resort that Disney had to come back in with painters and paint over many of them. However, there is still well over two dozen left!

    Additionally, some summer Cast Members (employees) and others slip them in as described in the Spacecoast Hidden Mickeys of Disney Studios on The Great Movie Ride and at Typhoon Lagoon. Also, there are some serendipitous Mickeys what just happen and were not planed at all. Examples of these are shadows, bushes, paint chipping, imperfections in concrete and plastic molds. Some of these may be wishful thinking Mickeys but others are real. I have seen them.

  13. From: J Davis
    I enjoy reading your page on Hidden Mickeys. I have a question. Do Hidden Mickeys ever appear on film? I went to watch Pocahontas with my daughter, and I started wondering if Disney animators ever slipped a Mickey. (No pun intended.)

    Yes they do. I don't track them but you can link from my Disney Links page to others that do and also find all sorts of other great Disney information.

    I heard somewhere that there is a secret room in Cinderella's Castle which Walt Disney had planned to use as a hotel room, but never did. Is this just a rumor?

    There is a room upstairs in Cinderella's castle. Actually, it is more like an apartment. Walt was going to use this not as a hotel room but as an apartment for his family. Unfortunately, Walt never saw the opening of Walt Disney World and this apartment was never used.

  15. From: Mark Inmon 17 JUL 95
    My wife and I just got back from Walt Disney World last week. A co-worker told me that there was an entire &qout;city&qout; underneath Disney World. Is this true, if so can you tell me about any books or documentaries about it. I find this so interesting. Thanks for the help.

    Mark, years ago, when I bought a lot of Data General equipment, I got a tour of the underground. Data General back then provided the computers for security and fire monitoring. The underground was quite something! As I remember, Disney Cast Members (employees) called it the "first floor." You can find more about the first floor on the Fun Facts of Disney World page.

  16. From: William Hanff
    Is it true that since the Walt Disney Corporation hires individuals as "Cast Members" that they can require certain physical characteristics? For example I'm 22 years old, and have a beard (neat, trimmed, but a beard nonetheless), I am looking for entry-level work in media and entertainment. If I were to work for/at/with the Disney Corporation, would I have to shave?

    Yes. Disney can require certain physical characteristics for Cast Members (employees). Not all of Disney has "Cast Members." The parks do. The stores do. Probably some other places too. Walt Disney International doesn't. I don't believe the Studios (the real ones, not the Disney park) do either. Nor probably Hyperion Books, Disney Development, and a raft of others. If you hire on as a Cast Member, you shave. Work at WDI and dress pretty much however you want.

  17. From: Many people all around the world
    Where can I find rumors and legends about Disney?

    Try Disney Urban Legends.

  18. From: Many people all around the world
    Where can I get a list of Disney films on laser disk?

    Mail David Uy and ask him for his complete list of Disney Films on LaserDisc.

  19. From: Many people all around the world
    Where can I get a list of Disney stores?

    Mail Kelly Stewart and ask her for her complete worldwide list of Disney stores.

  20. From: Jeff Parker
    Can Disney shareholders get discounts?

    All shareholders are eligible to become members of the "gold" club for a fee of $50 for two years - or free if your credit union, employer, or other affiliations are members in the club. They verify stock ownership by SS# before they will send the details. The club gives you discounts to the properties, stores, catalogs, etc.

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