Haunted Room

This is an easy "Haunted Mansion-like" show you can have for your friends. My cousin and I used to always make haunted house shows for our families if we spent the night at our Grandma's. All you need you can find at any hobby shop, your local hardware store and around the house.


Difficulty: Beginning hobbiest


Parts List


Building Instructions


  1. Effect 1
    1. Tie the fishing wire onto the back of hanging picture frames on the wall (make sure the picture isn't breakable and that it is hanging on one solitary nail.)
    2. Draw the wire over to a hiding place in the room. Be sure that if you pull the wire, you are able to make the frame swing back and forth on the nail.
  2. Effect 2
    1. Now another effect is you attach the end of some wire to the wall of the room, and attach the other end to the wall opposite. Make sure the wire makes a slope when it is connected between the two walls.
    2. Then tie some wire onto an object (like a small book or cup) to make a loop of wire on the object.
    3. Finally thread the wire from the wall through the loop on the object (you may have to unattach the wire on the wall to do this, then reattach it).
    4. Now the object should be able to move along the wire by the pull of gravity from one wall to the other. However,to trigger the object to run along the wire without using direct contact with your hands, you may need to tie a knot on the wall wire so the object will stay. Then tie wire onto the object so you can tug at it to go over the knot when you wish the effect to go.
  3. Effect 3
    1. It seems complicated, but actually quite easy. You'll get the hang of it after you work with the wire after a while. Then, you can be able to make rocking chairs and other objects "move by themselves".
  4. Effect 4
    1. Extra effect: put a light in the window sill of the room, draw the drapes over the window and turn the light on and off quickly to create lightning. This can be done by connecting the light cord into an extension cord with a switch (much like that you use for your computer) to make the light safely turn on and off.
  5. Implement all the effects in a room.
  6. Now, to have a showcase of your "Haunted Room", be sure that all the pull wires that trigger the effects lead to a hiding spot in the room.
  7. Plug in the nighlights and turn off the normal room light. This gives the room an ominous feel without revealing all the wires. The wires should appear invisible.
  8. Now put on some eery, but lively music.
  9. Get in your hiding spot where you have access to all the wires. Get an friend to invite people in and watch the show of a "poltergiest party".

Well,hope you have fun! BE SURE IT IS NIGHT WHEN YOU DO THE SHOW!

Backyard Imagineer: Tres Adames

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