In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Cube

Stuck in a dreary corporate cube all summer? Transform your cube into a Tiki Cube and feel like you're really on vacation in Adventureland.

Difficulty: Beginning hobbiest

Get rid of non-essential stuff - Clean up your imagineering canvas

Go shopping - Obtaining material

Decorate - Imagineer your cube

Enjoy your cube - Imagineer your day

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Backyard Imagineer: drizzt

  • As I read this Imagineering Submission, I got to thinking, why not use this same idea/concept to do other themes, such as "Indiana Jones", or "Thunder Mountain". You can find all kinds of cool stuff in Thrift Stores to decorate your cubicle or office. Use fake (or real if you have the money and time to find it) jungle type plants and use items such as rubber snakes, pith helmets, "voo-doo" dolls, "artifacts" (stuff that you can find in a thrift store that looks old and mystrious), mosquito netting, and if you have a place for it sand, to decorate the office/cubicle. Wear an "Indy" style hat, and khaki color clothes, hang a bull-whip or pistol on the back of your chair, etc. Basically take people into your adventure. Play music of native drums, or jungle type sounds just as you would with the Tiki Tiki cubicle, just change your props to fit the new theme. Or you could do a "Thunder Mountain" theme, use an old flannel shirt on the back of your chair, other props would include: gold mining pans (you can find these in Mining Supply Stores, or if worse comes to worse, try using an old metal pie pan), pick ax, shovel, fools gold, sacks of gold, old whiskey bottles, old wanted posters or "rules of the saloon" (you can make your own "old signs/posters" by creating the poster/sign that you want and aging it. The way to "age" your poster/sign is simply to leave it in sunlight for awhile until it looks how you would like it, or it can be done by submerging the blank paper for the poster/sign into a tea solution until the desired tone is obtained, and then taken out and allowed to dry, you can then fold it and unfold it to achieve the look of an old, roughly handled document.), rubber rattle snakes, old wire rim glasses, if your adventurous you could install or build a fountain/waterfall and pan for gold in it (sprinkle fools gold along with sand and small gravel into the "pools" of the waterfall/fountain), put some old boots in the corner. Again basically find things that fit your theme and put them around, play the "tin-panny" sounding piano music, or banjo music, that you hear on old west type shows. The basic theme/concept of the Tiki Tiki Cubicle can be used to create many different themed cubicles/offices, it just takes a little imagination and a little adventure of your own to find and create the items for your themed cubicle/office.
    REPORTED: Jeff 19 APR 98

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