Food Outlets

Casa Mexicana Restaurant

  1. For your choice of dessert you might want to try Flan. The Flan is molded in the Hidden Mickey shape. SHHH! This is a secret. One time a cast member was hiding the flan. She knew I saw. She politely asked if I would like this. Out comes the Hidden Mickey. The cast members can be alot of fun. Especially to customers who are waiting patiently in line.
    REPORTED: James P. McDonald 02 APR 99
  2. While in line for dinner, I looked at the serving block that is used to serve the Caesar Salad from and the wood cutting block has three holes cut in it for the three different steel bowls they use. These three holes (two small and one large) form a perfect Mickey head. There is one in each of the serving lines.
  3. While standing in line and getting food at Casa Mexicana, I noticed at the end of the line where the deserts were located they had Mickey Mouse shaped flan, or Mexican custard. This was very noticeable, and very clever.
    REPORTED: anon 24 JAN 98
  4. After you pay for your food, go outside and go to the far right hand corner (towards the kitchen). Turn around as if you were to walk out and you'll see three hanging round objects being held by some rope. They look like a Mickey to us.

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