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audio Enjoy some music played at Tomorrowland audio

  1. On one of the wall inside, the one with all the Laptop Computers. Around in the middle, one of the computers spell out Mickey MOUSE, on the top row of letters (keys.)
    REPORTED: Caleb B. 26 JUL 99
    CONFIRMED: Chris Prewitt 03 AUG 99
    Yesterday I went to Disneyland, and while at Innoventions I checked the site on Hidden Mickeys there. #10 on the Innoventions-Hidden Mickey Page talks about how one of the keyboards spells out Mickey Mouse, I'm afraid that this Hidden Mickey is no longer there. I checked all the keyboards several times. Sorry Everyone!
    LOST: Jason Morrell 24 OCT 99
    Last night I walked up to the laptop mounted on the wall and there was a girl tapping her fingers on it while her friends were looking into the camera and watching other guests "talking" to them. Next time that you go to Innoventions find the computers with the camera and look at the laptop on the wall just to the right.
    UPDATE: Chris Prewitt 06 NOV 99
    In the Innoventions building there is a lot of new construction. Regretably sometime things must change. The hidden Mickey on the keyboard has now become a lost Mickey. But look around in the same basic room/area there is a New hidden Mickey.
    LOST: Chris Prewitt 26 JUN 00
  2. There is one in the Comic Room in Innoventions.
    REPORTED: stephanie wilson 13 JUL 98
  3. The bubbles on the upper left corner of Frontiers of Tomorrow's Marquee show a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: anon 19 JUL 98
  4. This hidden Mickey is on Tom Morrow in Innoventions. It is a Mickey pencil in his coat pocket.
    REPORTED: Stephanie Wilson 17 JUL 98
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 18 JUL 98
    CONFIRMED: Kevin J. Donaker-Ring 27 JUL 98
    CONFIRMED: pixie 31 JUL 98
    CONFIRMED: Bob Galindo 25 AUG 98
    The pencil in Tom's pocket, is gone. It seems to make various disappearances and reappearances, however this time it is supposedly going to be gone for a while. It has been replaced by squiggle pens.
    LOST: anon 09 JUL 00
  5. In the new Info Zone, take a look at the 'canopy' above the park bench and the mannequin. The leaf outlines were made by Disney Techs, and include a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: anon 12 JUL 00
    When they changed things out for Christmas, and put them back later, the canopies changed to solid white. :( It's gone.
    LOST: anon 02 FEB 01


  1. In the second story at the Honeywell gameshow a question is asked about warm-ups, and one of the answers is a coffee mug with Mickey mouse ears on it.
    REPORTED: Eric Johnson 30 JUN 98
    CONFIRMED: Ed Johnston 21 AUG 98

Disney Visual Magic

audio Enjoy some music played at Disney Visual Magic audio

  1. There is a Mickey Mouse Mouse Pad on the desk. decor
    REPORTED: TR Shaw 18 JUL 98
    LOST: Adam Gubman 25 JUN 99
  2. Mickey Mouse is hiding behind some partially opaque plexiglass on the far left of the stage.
    REPORTED: TR Shaw 18 JUL 98
  3. There is a Hidden Mickey in Disneys Visual Magic Show in Innoventions. To the right of the stage there is a self with some markers and next to it is a hidden Mickey made out of three magnets. Two yellow and one green.
    I can confirm the hidden Mickey with the magnets in the Visual Magic Show in Innoventions. Bad news though. The show has been taken out. Its now a lost Mickey
    UPDATE: ONYX 14 SEP 98
    The Hidden Mickey on the shelf of the bookcase in the Visual Magic Show in Innoventions is still there. The show has not been canceled and as far as I know won't be for awhile at least.
    UPDATE: Tina 10 JUL 00


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