Tomorrowland NASA

The NASA Space Experience Exhibit

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Phsst: Fun Facts

  1. In the new NASA display area across from Star Tours, there are two computer screens in the back right that have a touch screen interface. The computer runs a simple browser that enables the user to "walk through" a proposed space station, see specs on a prototype space craft, read information on asteroids and comets, and so on. There is a slide bar on the right of the display. When you are at the "home page" (which you can reach by touching the "home" button at anytime), go to the slide bar and move it to the bottom. A little Mickey head will become visible on the lower left hand side of the display.
    REPORTED: Pianoman 03 JUN 98
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 18 JUL 98
    CONFIRMED: Alex Koreneff 14 AUG 98
    They redid the web site, and the hidden Mickey is gone.
    LOST: Alex Koreneff 01 FEB 99

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