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  1. This one's on the right hand side of the "main" Main Street square, near the Walt Disney Story building. Next to the hat shop, there is a gate where the parades start (or finish) from. Just to the left of this gate is a random little brick-floored patio with planters and benches, etc. The Mickey is upside down and partial as you look at him, but there are bricks forming two partial and one full circle. Hey, a cast member showed it to us on the "Walk in Walt's Footsteps" tour, so don't blame me for wishful thinking!!
    REPORTED: Brooke 07 AUG 98
    It is made from the pattern in the bricks. It can't always be seen though because it is on the ground and sometimes covered
    CONFIRMED: scott fleming 20 NOV 98

Disneyland 45 Years of Magic Parade

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  1. In the new "Disneyland 45 Years of Magic Parade" confetti is tossed into the air for visual effect. Take a look at some of the confetti, there you may find some cut into the shape of a Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Chris Prewitt 22 MAR 00
    CONFIRMED: craig 26 APR 00

Hercules Parade

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  1. While watching the Hercules parade, we were walking behind the last float, and we saw that the blue and white swirls on the back forms a large, perfect hidden Mickey. If you walk right behind the ropes that the cast members carry, look in the middle, and you will see it.
    REPORTED: Eric and Candace 07 AUG 98

Mulan Parade

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  1. On the float with Mulan and Shang on it, Mulan and Shang tower above the whole Parade route. Under their platform are 2 gold lions. Under where the lions are standing, in gold also, is a bunch of hidden Mickeys all in a row. Now remember, this is the platform on which the lions stand on not, Mulan's. I think you'll all agree these are Hidden Mickeys.
    REPORTED: Lauren Ferreira 23 JUL 98
    They are definitely there, on the platform, with the lions, on Mulan and Shang's float. They are little decorative Mickey heads, all along the front, back and both sides of the platform.
    CONFIRMED: Bruce and Debby Forrest 06 AUG 98
    On the first float (the lady with the long dress, ironically familiar to the lady who led off the Main Street Electrical Light Parade) On the bottom in all the swirls there is a hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Candace and Eric 07 AUG 98
  2. In the Parade there are 4 girls dancing with lanterns on curved sticks. Each of the girls has a belt on, one of them has a shape that resembles a Hidden Mickey
    REPORTED: Lauren Ferreira 03 AUG 98
    There are ladies dancing with umbrellas and 2 of the ladies belts are shaped like Mickey heads.
    CONFIRMED: Candace and Eric 04 AUG 98
    CONFIRMED: james buck 08 AUG 98
    In regards to the reports of the hidden Mickey on the belt of one of the dancers in the Mulan parade, I must disagree. True, it is a large circle,with ears, but the head is way too large, and abstract shaped, and the ears are too small.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Bruce and Debby Forrest 02 SEP 98
    My wife spotted a hidden Mickey on one of the dancers. There are a group of four women who are dressed in flower costumes, each with a belt and huge buckle. One of these buckles is our friend.
    About 1/3 of the way through the parade, there are six women carrying lanterns. Two of the women have belts in the shape of a Mickey head. The 1998 version of the Mulan Parade had only one belt in this shape, so this HM is similar to the Haunted Mansion "table" HM in that you never know how many HMs there will be.
    CONFIRMED: Pianoman 11 JAN 99
  3. In the Mulan Parade, the square castle pagoda, which is the reddish colored one, has many small hidden mickeys all over the grey parts of the trim. they are probably too small to see when the parade is going by at night, but they are definetly there and more of a hidden Mickey than on the horse carrige or the flower girls
    REPORTED: ricky morales 21 SEP 99
  4. One of the last floats in the parade holds Mulan and her love, the Captain. They stand on a platform made of golden lions. The lions stand on a platform in which the side are carved in a continuous Mickey-logo pattern.
    REPORTED: Esther J 28 MAY 99
  5. The very last "float" in the Mulan parade, which I believe is supposed to be the Emperor, holding a fluorescent moon-look at the bottom of his flowing gown. There are upside down Mickeys heads woven into the fabric, along the entire bottom.
    REPORTED: Bruce and Debby Forrest 02 SEP 98
  6. At the end of the Mulan parade, there are two "lucky" cast members, who get to pick-up after the horses. They are wearing kimono-looking shirts, that have butterfly patterns. The Mickey head in hidden within the butterfly design; the head and ears are perfectly proportioned.
    REPORTED: Debby Forrest 16 SEP 98

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