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  1. When you are walking to the entrance turnstiles, behind the windows that allow you to view the construction of California Adventure, you can see a set of large Mickey stones.
    REPORTED: anon 21 MAY 00
    Contruction on DCA, looks like the Mouse will be prominent
    CONFIRMED: Meg 04 AUG 00
    The two stone Mickey ears are actually used for benches outside the ticket booths in the common area between Disneyland and DCA. They are turned on their side and two planks are run between them forming a bench.
    CONFIRMED: David Donaldson 28 NOV 00
    Park Benches right outside of the main entrance to California Adventure have 2 Hidden Mickeys as the ends with a metal bench between.
    CONFIRMED: Mark Fisher & Ryland Madison 28 JAN 01
  2. Go to the new California Adventure preview center tent. Walk over to the model display and maps for Grizzly Mountain. Look up, to your right, and there is a speaker hanging from some scaffolding. The holes in the speaker form Mickeys head.
    REPORTED: Debby Forrest 10 NOV 98
  3. In the display tent for California Adventure, there is a rendering of the new park which shows the wooden rollercoaster. There is a large cut out area in the coaster which is Mickey's image. decor
    REPORTED: sophiedog 23 NOV 98
    In regards to the Hidden Mickey report, on the plans for the wooden rollercoaster...the Mickey head is SUPPOSED to be there!! It is not "hidden," due to the fact that the Mickey head is part of the design, within the structure of the roller-coaster.
    UPDATE: Bruce Forrest 23 DEC 98
    Sophiedog mentioned the Hidden Mickey in the roller coaster at California Adventure. The Hidden Mickey is there and the coaster's inversion appears to be Mickey's head. Sophiedog is wrong in that this roller coaster will NOT be made from wood, despite what the Disney publicists are saying. Since it will have one vertical inversion, it will have to be made from steel (both the track and the structure) and the latest rumor I heard from several fellow members of American Coaster Enthusiasts is it will be made by Intamin AG. I was hoping that it was going to be a real wood coaster made by Custom Coasters International or Great Coasters International.
    CONFIRMED: Locoboy 23 DEC 98
    CONFIRMED: Ed Deeth 13 MAY 99
    While riding the Lion Country tram back to the parking lot... look at the covered rollercoaster being built. There are two ears being constructed and the head of Mickey is the loop of the rollercoaster. It is also noticable from Katella Ave, viewed from the backside of the coaster.
    UPDATE: Liz 12 SEP 99
    The Mickey on the coaster is deleberate, it is very obvious in both the plans and on the coaster, as you can already see it.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Laurel 04 APR 00
    The coaster is indeed made out of all steel with no wood supports at all. Mickey's head is the backdrop of the one loop in the coaster. There are three drops and the best part of the coaster ride is the beginning where you start from 0-60 mph in 4 seconds!!
    CONFIRMED: r888r 16 JUN 00
  4. From the tower just west of the "California Adventure" Prevue Center you can see what appears to be a hidden Mickey being constructed. Look straight south of the "California Adventure" Prevue Center tent and three manholes have been installed in the familiar shape.
    REPORTED: Chris Prewitt 15 AUG 99

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