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  1. As you go through the line, and make way to the loading area, look over at the control panel that is closest to the (runway/launch run) and there are three circles of lights or control switches that form a definate hidden Mickey. I believe it is on the upper right of the control pannel. You can't miss it.
    REPORTED: Andy & Farrah 25 NOV 98
  2. When watching the circle-vision movie in line for the Rocket Rods, when Walt Disney is talking in his left pocket of his jacket he has a hankerchief on it is a Mickey Head.
    REPORTED: Tracy White 28 AUG 98
  3. In the waiting area in the Rocket Rods there is the video with Walt Disney talking about the tranportation of the future and in his pocket the handkerchief has a Mickey Mouse on it.
    REPORTED: Tonya Larson 10 SEP 99
  4. While going into the circular room, there are flood lights inset into the ceiling...when looking at the carpet, three of the lights hit the ground to make the Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Cyndi 02 OCT 99
  5. While waiting in line for the Rocket Rods in the old Circle Vision, which is now used to entertain you while standing in line, there is a Hidden Mickey is in a film they show. The film shows different cars driving, using the Circle Vision technology. In the last clip if you look in back there is a Mickey Mouse formation on the ground of the futuristic city.
    REPORTED: Renee 23 MAY 98
    In the former CircleVision room, there are several short movies which play while guests wait in line. At the end of the movie which has clips of former CircleVision movies, Walt shows us "what the future of transportation may look like." At this point, there is an overview of a futuristic city with some sort of teleports (I think). As the view changes to a simulated "ride" through one of these teleports, there are three white circles on the ground (in the film) which form a hidden Mickey! I believe the three circles are the bases of the three teleports.
    CONFIRMED: Kathi Kramer 23 MAY 98
    During the movie that is being played in the waiting line for Rocket Rods, there is a hidden Mickey in one of the films. It is in the film that plays clips from the old Circle Vision movie. At the end of this clip, it show what travel might look like in the future. If you look at the screen above the area that you entered the room, there is a hidden Mickey in white lights. It is the outer lights of the city that show off the hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Brad Greenbaum 05 JUN 98
    As you enter the Circle Vision part of the queue for Rocket Rod, look directly to the screen to your left, in the video that's about future transportation and shows the Eiffel Tower (towards the end of the video), the city lights form a hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: marisa 06 JUN 98
    In the queue area in the old Circlevision room, during the movie showing transportation of the future if you look away from the direction of travel during the Paris sequence you'll see the three circle image in lights on the horizon.
    CONFIRMED: Sophiedog 02 NOV 98
    CONFIRMED: Pianoman 11 JAN 99
    CONFIRMED: Reid 29 MAR 99
  6. In one of the film clips in the old Circle Vision you will be looking at a new "Back to the Future" type car going through a city (it's right at the end of the clip). Turn around and look at the sky and you will find Mickey shapes in the stars.
    REPORTED: Arlene Blakeley 29 DEC 98
  7. While waiting in line for the Rocket Rods in the old Circle Vision, which is now used to entertain you while standing in line, a Hidden Mickey can be found in between film clips while the Tomorrowland symbol is on the screens. If you watch it carefully there are a few moments where the circles intertwine and make out Mickey Mouse.
    REPORTED: Renee 23 MAY 98
    In between films, the new Tomorrowland logo is shown. As the logo moves and twists, watch for another hidden Mickey. The gear in the middle (behind the big 'T') is the center circle/face and if you watch long enough you'll see two of the smaller circular areas come together for a split second to form a Mickey (tilted just to the left).
    CONFIRMED: Kathi Kramer 23 MAY 98
    While waiting for the new Rocket Rods, the line now moves through the old Circle Vision building. In the second room there are a few short films that play every couple of minuites. Inbetween these films is a logo for Tomorrowland Transit with a big 'T' inside several clear rotating spheres. On these spheres are circles that rotate also. At a certain time, two of the circles move towards the top left of the logo and form a hidden Mickey with a circular gear that sits behind the 'T'. This only lasts for a few seconds and it takes a while to appear once the logo gets moving so be patient (you'll probably get to see the logo 10 times or so while in the room).
    CONFIRMED: Cameron Taylor aka Chip...DPC 24 MAY 98
    CONFIRMED: anon 25 MAY 98
    The moving circles appear to make a semi-profile hidden Mickey: the main circle his head, two smaller circles his ears, and one small circle as his nose.
    CONFIRMED: anon 27 MAY 98
    When you go through the line, it takes you through the old 360 movie theatre. every minute or so a movie is shown... there are 3 movies. One of the movies shows transportation of the future... it's a cool 3D rendered nightscape of a futuristic city. The lighting over the city are discs of light... in the back part of the 360 view, there is a hidden Mickey made from 3 discs of light... Hint to see this... a flying car goes straight through the Eiffel tower, while this is happening, turn around and look on the back screens!!!
    CONFIRMED: Robert Fox 27 MAY 98
    It is very hard to photograph!
    CONFIRMED: Brian 10 NOV 98
    Our friends refer to the Circle Vision part of the queue as the "Circle of Hell". While waiting in line here, I was watching the big "T" logo that displays on three screens between film clips. Behind the "T" is a circular gear. As the logo moves around, you'll see three or four smaller circles looping around the big "T". Watch the upper left corner of the logo; two of the smaller circles eventually work their way over there and form a hidden Mickey. The circles are the ears and the big gear behind the "T" is the head.
    CONFIRMED: Pianoman 11 JAN 99
    Between the movie there is a Tomarrowland Transportation logo on the screen. The logo is a large 'T' with a toothed gear behind it. Around the entire logo is a gimble-like drawing that starts to rotate, and during the rotation there are several small circles that move around the entire logo. A one point the small circles will line up on the toothed gear to form a Hidden Mickey that is looking to your right.
    CONFIRMED: Steve Brooks 17 MAR 99
    The circles are way out of proportion and do not connect properly. Even the photo proves it.
    CONFIRMED: Jonathan 26 AUG 99
    CONFIRMED: Matt 16 SEP 99
    CONFIRMED: jasmine becket-griffith 22 JAN 00
    I'm a Rocket Rods Cast Member so.. The Tomorrowland spinning logo in the Theater actually does form a perfect hidden Mickey for one split second.. This was designed folks, so it's not wishful thinking! :)
    CONFIRMED: Mike 17 APR 00
    On the Rocket Rods in the circle vision theater part in line, when it says "tommarrowland Rocket Rods" or something (I forget excatly what is says)in between videos and before the doors open to the stairs, there are circles going around the screen, eventually they will form a hidden Mickey for a short amount of time, but I have seen it more than once. And my family saw it too.
    CONFIRMED: Person 25 MAY 01
  8. While waiting in line, in the second "death spiral", old films are shown of future transportaions. Between the film segments, one of the trailers has three spiraling circles which at one point are aligned to form a clear Mickey.
    REPORTED: scotty d 26 FEB 99
  9. In the queue after CircleVision the is a map of Rocket Rods System Expansion. Look at the future station at Walt Disney Studios
    REPORTED: TR Shaw 12 DEC 98
    In the queue for Rocket Rods, after leaving the former CircleVision room, there is a hidden Mickey where there is a sign for the system expansion of Rocket Rods. It is on the future Hollywood station on the old-fashioned camera.
    CONFIRMED: Roger Rodriguez 01 DEC 99
  10. During an exhibition for Tomorrowland Vehicles when I went to the Rocket Rods I looked closely at the vehicle. Then on the back I saw an etched Hidden Mickey on the back rear bumper. I talked to the imagineer who designed it (Jason Hulst) while he was there, and he told me that the Mickey was not in the full scale model he made, but added after it went into production. It's very difficult to see when on the ride itself.
    REPORTED: Christopher Do 28 JUL 98
  11. On the outside of the building that houses the exit and exit shop for the Rocket Rods as seen from next to the old Rocket Jets - on the upper right corner there is a sort of surreal painting of one of the Rocket Rod cars. There is a stark black shape amid all of the colors that is possibly a hidden Mickey. This shape is supposed to the heads and shoulders of two people in the car but I think could also be interpreted as a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: John Lincoln 09 AUG 99

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