Adventureland Swiss Family Treehouse

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  1. There is a Hidden Mickey in the parents bedroom in the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House. It is formed by two straw hats and a big pillow on the edge of the bed.
    REPORTED: Desiree 04 MAR 97
  2. In the kitchen, walk over to the rocks that are at the far left. The first set of rocks form a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Tim Turnbaugh 07 FEB 97
    As you enter the kitchen area, look on the ground to the far left within the fenced area. There, in the stones, is the Mickey image.
    CONFIRMED: Kurt & Krissie 26 MAY 98
  3. As you start up into the tree house, the second exhibit has a desk, with some sort of brass pen holder, or something like that. Anyway, there is a circle in the center of it, and some scrollwork above it at a minor angle... on the scroll work, it has two circular "scrolls", appropriately placed for Hidden Mickey's.
    REPORTED: Benjamin Rockwell 03 FEB 97
    The ink well has been obscured by a feather pen.
    UPDATE: Benjamin Rockwell 30 AUG 97
  4. In the boys' bedroom of the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, go to the side opposite the hammocks. If you bend down to about the 3-foot level, and look up to the right, you'll see a shelf with some small pieces of luggage on it. Look at the case to the far right. If you look at the latch, you'll see it is unlike the other latches. It has three overlapping leather circles sewn together to form a hidden Mickey. There are two straps which connect to it, but the base of the latch is a Mickey.
    REPORTED: Mary Messec Smith 06 APR 98
    CONFIRMED: Mark Smith 08 MAY 98
  5. On the second to last platform on the way down, your feet are just about level with a green and white canopy. If you look directly down, a pitcher and two cups form a Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Ryan Vesely 19 AUG 97
    While level with the green and white canopy, you can see the image of Mickey while looking over the railing at the kitchen table below. It is shaped by a pitcher and two cups.
    CONFIRMED: Kurt & Krissie 26 MAY 98
  6. In the Crows nest, Swiss Family Treehouse, on the dresser there is a towel with an embroidered outline of Mickey on it.
    REPORTED: Todd Richards & Sandi Kotai 04 MAY 97
    I looked for the towel with Mickey embroidered on it. I saw two towels but neither one had Mickey on it.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Loretta Drummond 15 AUG 97
  7. Just before the exit turnstyle of the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, look down at the river to your right. There is a small rock waterfall. The rock is in the form of a Mickey, though a little primitive.
    REPORTED: Jeremy Vesely 19 AUG 97

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