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The Hunchback of Notre Dame Festival of Fools Fun Facts

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  1. Festival of Fools uses a state of the art sound sytem that involves digital feeds to the speakers which allows most effects and digitized mic inputs to be shifted around the "theatre in the round". This incredibly complex operation allows the sound of an actor's voice to travel with them as they move around. Also, some characters are canned (that is pre-recorded) and others are live. The chorus is a combination of both mixed to give the show a "fuller" sound. Personal opinion: although the computers and canned voices allow for a more complex shows, it also means the shows must retain a rigidity. (e.g. Festival of Fools, Beauty and the Beast, etc.) This can lead to a cookie cutter show for repeat visitors. Hats off to those production people who still strive to put out 100% regardless whether it's the 10th or the 10,000th show.
    REPORTED: Tony Crescenzo 27 JUN 97
  2. At the Festival of Fools, some singing is pre-recorded. Source: FoF director Michael Bernard.
    REPORTED: Catherine Parkins 21 SEP 98
  3. The blue ball outside of Esmeralda's Cottage at the Festival of Fools in the "garden" is actually an ornament from Disneyland's Christmas Tree
    REPORTED: Paul 9 APR 97
  4. It is one of the best shows Disneyland has had. It is also prone to accidents. Once, it started to rain and the show was halted right in the middle. The cast hustled offstage before the announcement was over without breaking character. Another time, I saw a dancer slip and twist her ankle. She bravely sat on the nearest piece of scenery, waved her scarf, and smiled, though there were tears in her eyes. Fellow cast members danced by her and, still in character, asked is she was all right. When the number was over, she was covertly carried off stage and stayed off for the rest of the show until the finale, where she put in a brave appearance. I think that this shows more than anything the dedvotion of cast members to the Disney spirit.
    REPORTED: Tangaroa Jr. 17 JUL 97

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