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  1. Twice a week, five times a day, the Golden Horseshoe Saloon hosts the Golden Horseshoe Variety Show. The star, Dana Daniels, who also conceived and wrote the show, is an accomplished magician who has performed on Broadway and, before this show premiered, played Pecos Bill in the previous GH Revue and worked under a variety of guises as a juggler and magician on the streets of Disneyland.
    REPORTED: Star Girl 05 SEP 98
    I work the Golden Horseshoe and yesterday had the privilege to actually meet the original Pecos Bill who was in the park visiting...he's quite old and I can assure you that Dana Daniels, who I see perform quite often is not that old and is not the same person.
    UPDATED: anon 26 OCT 98
    The first Pecos was Wally Boag, one of Walt's first hires for Disneyland(I was with him that day in October when he and I took some time to visit the Park and see the show that was currently playing in the Horseshoe). Wally, along with Donald Novis and Judy Marsh (as Slue Foot Sue), opened the Horseshoe Revue the day the Park opened, July 17, 1955. However, that was not the first official performance of the 30-minute show. The first show had taken place the night before at a party hosted by Walt and his wife Lilly in the Horseshoe. Wally was with the show from the opening until 1982 with a brief interruption when he went to Florida to produce and open the Diamond Horseshoe Revue at Walt Disney World. There's been a long line of excellent young comics who've played the Pecos and Traveling Salesman roles, including Bert Henry (who was Wally's sub when the show opened), Jimmy Adams, Dana Daniels, and Dick Hardwicke. ALthough he never played the Horseshoe, Steve Martin calls Wally his "mentor" (many of Steve's routines: "Happy Feet" and the balloons were based on Wally's routines at the Horseshoe).
    CONFIRMED: Gene Sands 09 JAN 00

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