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  1. The name of the command post for the fireworks is called "Big Thunder" and is located on the top of the former Hallmark Store on Main Street. My command post was at the end of Main Street across from Coke Corner on what was once called "INA Carefree Corner." We would coordinate the parade and the fireworks from there.
    REPORTED: PhilChil 08 DEC 95
  2. Did you know that they have a backup plan for the parade on rainy days, called "Mickey's Rainy Day Cavalcade"? It is the omnibus, horseless carriage, and fire engine riding the parade route with all the characters they can cram in. It wasn't much, but they tried.
    REPORTED: Tangaroa Jr. & Ghost Host 15 FEB 98
  3. Disney has almost exclusively used men to portray all their wicked characters. In the 1980 there was a specific piece of choerography called the 'Mickey Shuffle' that many characters in many different themed-parades used over and over!
    REPORTED: Lauren Jensen 05 AUG 97
  4. The official work title for characters in the parade (at least when I was there, 1970 - 1974) is Pageant Helper, hell of a position name to put on a resume!
    REPORTED: PhilChil 04 DEC 95
  5. The best place to see a parade is by the Alice in Wonder land ride.. by the castle.. there are bathrooms right their across from the Matterhorn.. It is a really good spot. There is shade there and everything. Not many people know about it.. Try it out. You might be suprised..and yes also by It's a Small World is a good spot also...:-)
    REPORTED: Sahra 08 JUL 99
    Another great place to view the parade is the circle of main street near the train station..... alot of guests dont think of going there, and it's quite barron there alot of the time. When I'm working Guest Control, and people ask me where a good place to sit is, I usually send them down that way (it's always alot less crowded than the Hub area fight in front of the castle, and on the rest of Main Street.
    REPORTED: Laura 26 OCT 99

45th Anniversary Parade

  1. In the 45th Anniversary Parade, you will notice that they have normal people dancing as characters in the parade. me and a couple friends were lucky enough to be these people. A quick tip: for the night show. Be around the Small World area and look for the omnibus. There will be some cast members in cloud pajamas walking around. Approach them, as I did, and tell them that you will do anything to be in the parade. Me and my friends had to sing I'm a little teapot in front of about thirty people that the CM's congregated. But hey, we made it in and that was definitely the funnest time i have ever had at disneyland. Here's the procedure: you board the bus, where you fill out some forms, you recieve huge plush hats, then you procede down the parade route (you are encouraged to scream, shout, sing, anything to get people to come to the parade) then you arrive at the end of Main Street where you disembark from the Omnibus, receive a tutu as a costume, and learn a quick and easy dance routine, then you put on the costume and go for it.
    REPORTED: nate 13 AUG 00
    The 45'th Aniversary story is true. Go to the parade route early and look for the bus. If you don't get picked at the first place just follow it. It worked for me and I got to walk the entire parade route dancing and holding Roger Rabbit's hand! Also a good comfortable place to go watch the parade is just past the castle by Alice and the Matterhorn but closer toward the castle there is a plase where you have front row and your on a bench get there early and the place is yours!
    CONFIRMED: Crystal 30 DEC 00

Hercules Parade

  1. A cast member also advised that the Rock Titan from the Hercules parade was built around the shell of one of the mushroom floats from the MSEP.
    REPORTED: Benjamin Rockwell 29 JUN 98

Mulan Parade

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  1. In this year's upcoming Christmas Fantasy Parade, the ballernia will be played by the only girl soldier from the Mulan parade.
    REPORTED: Lauren Ferreira 03 NOV 99
  2. Disney's Lippizans, which are normally used for the Christmas Parade to pull Cinderella's carriage, were not used in the 1998 Christmas parade. Instead, they hired two quarter horses used in the Wells-Fargo commercials. The lipizzans, Peter and Ellie, are taking a vacation. In the MULAN PARADE, we feature four black French Percherons, which are draft horses weighing approx. one ton each. We rotate our steeds so they get a night off now and then, between Tommy, Sam, Oscar, Jiggs, and Jack. Oscar also can be seen onstage pulling a streetcar.
    REPORTED: anon 01 MAR 99
  3. Mulan Parade opens with none other than the Blue Fairy float which opened the Main Street Electrical Parade. The outside has been changed, but a castmember advised us that it was the original float.
    REPORTED: Benjamin Rockwell 29 JUN 98
    Yes, the opening float for the Mulan parade is none other than the Blue Fairy from the Main Street Electrical Parade. There's no other float like it. Seeing that almost brought a tear to my eye. :)
    REPORTED: Arlene Navo 31 JUL 98
    Yes indeed, the very first float in the new Mulan Parade is a re-decorated "Blue Fairy Float" from the late Main Street Electrical Parade. I am a castmember. I know this is true.
    REPORTED: Rebecca Lynn 22 MAR 99
  4. Look at the Tea Party lamps! When I was there, the lamps were changed to oriental ones!
    REPORTED: Cedric Chin 24 NOV 98
  5. My wife and I discovered a wonderful place to watch the new Mulan parade--right next to It's a Small World! Most of the seasonal tourists congregate down on Main Street, but if you head deeper into the park, you'll have a great vantage point. The parade begins here during the earlier show, and ends here for the later one.
    REPORTED: Chad Edmundson 04 AUG 98

Main Street Electrical Parade

  1. THE MAIN STREET ELECTRICAL PARADE - Disneyland: Elliot is not the first dragon to appear in the Main Street Electrical Parade. When the parade started in June of 1972, there was a unit called " Sleeping Beauty's Dragon ". In 1977, Sean Marshall, the boy who played Pete in " Pete's Dragon ", was the first person to play Pete in The Main Street Electrical Parade. That same year, Annette Funicello played the Blue Fairy. Some of the floats that were Click for the Warner Bros. Online rotated in and out over the years include " Return To Oz ", " The Fox And The Hound ", " Disneyland's 25th Anniversary ", " Mickey's 60th Anniversary ", " It's A Small World ", and " Pinocchio Underwater ". The Main Street Electrical Parade had 2 different 2 year hiatus. The first was 1975-1976, when it was replaced by " America On Parade " and the second was 1983-1984, when it was replaced by " Flights Of Fantasy " From 1972-1974, all of the floats in the Main Street Electrical Parade were 2 dimensional.
    REPORTED: Isaac 13 JAN 01

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