Swiss Family Treehouse

Swiss Family Treehouse Fun Facts

  1. Opened November 18, 1962
  2. The Moreton Bay Fig Tree that Walt used as a model for the Swiss Family Treehouse is about 1 mile from Disneyland and is still standing two houses down from the Mother Colony House built in 1857.
    REPORTED: Mike Tucker 28 NOV 97
  3. John Mills, star of the film "Swiss Family Robinson," and his daughter, Hayley, of the Disney films "The Parent Trap" and "Pollyanna," attended the dedication of this new attraction with Walt Disney on November l8, 1962.
  4. The Swiss Family Treehouse is nicknamed Disneyodentron Semper-Florens Grandis (meaning a large, ever-blooming Disney tree.) Some time the name is modified to Disneyodentron Eximus, an out-of-the-ordinary Disney tree.
    REPORTED: Meg 29 JUL 96
    The Swiss Family Robinson Tree is indeed a rare species, "Disneyodron Semperflorens Grandis." Its relative Disneyodron Eximus exists only in Disney world. The flag at the top of the tree is the flag of Switzerland.
    CONFIRMED: Tangaroa Jr. 12 JUL 97
  5. All 300,000 artificial leaves and blossoms on the tree are changed twice a year by hand, to reflect the season.

Swiss Family Treehouse Facts and Figures



Attraction Type

Walk Thru




November 18, 1962

Number of Leaves

300,000 (hand made vinyl)

Number of Blooms


Number of Steps

137 total - 68 going up, 69 going down

Tree Height

Approximately 70 feet

Tree Width

80 feet (at its widest point)

Root Length

42 feet

Tree Weight

150 tons

Amount of Water Circulated by Bamboo Buckets

Approximately 200 gallons per hour

Amount of Water Circulated in the Treehouse

4,000 gallons per minute

Stream Length

160 feet

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