Lost Hidden Mickeys

Disney continually updates its parks and attractions. Due to refurbishments, Hidden Mickeys are lost forever. When you notice that a Hidden Mickey was lost, please report it so that it can be remembered here.

This page is dedicated to those Hidden Mickeys lost forever in the parks and the Imagineers who created them. They may be lost in reality but they will live on in cyberspace.

Lost Secrets

  1. You can buy cigarettes in the parks, but they are not displayed. You have to ask for them, like condoms in a drug store years ago.
    REPORTED: Ray J. Parker 20 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Kstriga 21 JAN 97
    At Disneyland, Market House has a limited selection. Kept hidden under the counter, there is a list of available brands, or well, really it's about 6 or 7 carton tabs taped to a piece of paper. They informed me that they were FREQUENTLY out, and that the Hat store and Star Trader were the other two locations in the park where tobacco is available. However, they generally discourage smoking just the same. California state laws, and park regulations extremely discourage smoking. It is not allowed:
    1. inside any building,
    2. in any theater setting,
    3. in any lines for any rides,
    4. in any food areas, and
    5. on any rides.

    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 25 JAN 97
    In Epcot, at the gift shop that borders the Rose and Crown Pub, cigarettes and cigars are sold from display.

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