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NEWS: Horizons at Epcot closed on January 9, 1999, presumably to make way for the oft-mentioned space pavilion to be sponsored by Intel.

  1. There is a silver round "Survey Marker" outside the Horizon pavilion on a corner of a planting area.
    REPORTED: Mark Fisher & Ryland Madison 21 SEP 95
    CONFIRMED: Gary 13 NOV 95
    This is called a "deliberate" Mickey on the Official Epcot List. decor
    NOTE: Melanie Emmons 28 AUG 96
  2. At the entrance, if you look down there is a pattern of Mickey's head made from the 3 spot lights in the ceiling above.
    REPORTED: Unknown
  3. The antenna near the racing dolphins in the "undersea" window in the indoor queue
  4. In the queue there are the moving murals that are surrounded by a mirrored border. Very often (but you have to be patient) the pattern formed by the mural moving behind the mirrored border and its reflection form a perfect Hidden Mickey. Don't know if this was planned, but it's very clear, so clear that it caught my eye as I walked by.
    REPORTED: Gary Eckhardt 17 FEB 94
    I watched each mural for a bit (there are three) and didn't see this. Any one else see it?
    QUESTION: Melanie Emmons 28 AUG 96
  5. At the first IMAX film, after it gets to the part with the spinning DNA strand, the DNA starts coming together to form a hollow sphere. If you'll watch the front surface area of the sphere as it nears completion, and before it spins away, there are three unfilled gaps in the surface in the shape of Mickey's head.
    REPORTED: Gwendel 15 DEC 98
  6. In the 1920's view of the future, the bubbles in the bathtub form all kinds of Mickeys. This may be wishful thinking.
    REPORTED: Julie Crutchley & Mary Glenn Crutchley 11 JUN 96
    Sometimes bubbles are just bubbles. They are too small to be seen well, and no particular group stands out from the others.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Melanie Emmons 28 AUG 96
    In the 20's view of the future, the bubbles in the bathtub form all kinds of Mickeys. Despite what my friend Meli Emmons says, we clearly saw perfect tri-circle Hidden Mickeys with two small circle ears and larger circle head.
    CONFIRMED: The Spencer Family 24 JUL 97
  7. In the 50's scene, on the far right is a group of three spiky-looking trees with their circular profiles forming the familiar shape.
    REPORTED: Graham Allan 06 SEP 93
    CONFIRMED: Ben 21 MAR 94
    They look more like dandelions, but they do line up for a second as you move into the scene.
    CONFIRMED: Melanie Emmons 28 AUG 96
  8. Just after you "meet" the narrator and his wife (who is talking to the daughter on the hologram phone), in the next room, (which connects to the room they are in, and is really their terrace), in the background, there is a view of the city. Way in the back there is a panel with bubbles in it. Three of them form a tri-circle Mickey. To make it easier to find, look at my graphical directions
    CONFIRMED: Melanie Emmons 26 AUG 96
    CONFIRMED: The Spencer Family 24 JUL 97
    CONFIRMED: Gwendel 15 DEC 98
  9. Just as your vehicle enters the space colony, there is a view of the colony rotating beneath you on the IMAX screen (landscape moves from top to bottom). At one point, there are three dome-like structures outlined with small lights that form a Hidden Mickey. The loop of film displaying this scene runs longer than it takes to move through the scene, so you might not see it every time.
    CONFIRMED: Mike Yawn
    It is on the right-hand side (far side as you are travelling left-to-right). It is quite obvious if your car happens to get you there at the right time
    CONFIRMED: Pete LaMaster
    CONFIRMED: Graham Allan 18 MAY 94

    CONFIRMED: Andrew Stein 11 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: John & Melanie Emmons 28 AUG 96
    When you're in front of the huge movie screen showing the space shuttle etc.,there is a scene with a space station in the shape of a circle, it shows inside of the space station and inside there are lights deliberately forming a hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: John Lambert 06 NOV 97
    CONFIRMED: Gwendel 15 DEC 98
  10. In the patio room just after you meet the 'Narrator' (Playing a musical instrument) and his wife (talking to a hologram of her daughter), there are several fruits and vegetables on modern holders. The floor is made up of round stepping stones. The last three stones before going to the next scene are three perfect circles. They are all touching and the two "ears" are smaller than the larger (head). Best seen right as you are leaving the room.
    REPORTED: Glenn and Susan 03 JUN 98
    CONFIRMED: Gwendel 02 JAN 99
  11. Towards the end of the ride, the family is preparing for a birthday party. One of the presents is wrapped in Mickey paper.
    The Mickey wrapping paper on the gift occurs twice: Once in the kitchen in the desert (it has been wrapped for delivery), and during the "Happy Birthday" sequence.
    CONFIRMED: Pete LaMaster
    CONFIRMED: Craig Doerrmann 15 MAY 93
    CONFIRMED: Gary Eckhardt 17 FEB 94
    CONFIRMED: Kathy Nicklas-Varraso 22 MAY 94
    CONFIRMED: Jason Fitzgerald 03 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: The Spencer Family 24 JUL 97
    There are 3 gifts with this paper. Two in the scene preparing the cake, and one in the final birthday scene.
    CONFIRMED: Gwendel 15 DEC 98
  12. In the kitchen scene with the birthday cake, there is a package with a plastic Mickey figure in front of it.
    REPORTED: Andrew Stein 11 JUL 96
    Apparently the little figure of Mickey in Horizons keeps moving around. (I was on it yesterday and the figure was sitting on top of the gift wrapped in Mickey paper.)
    UPDATE: Artie 09 DEC 96
  13. The birthday cake has a Mickey figure on top of it.
    REPORTED: Jason Fitzgerald 03 JUL 96
    I am pretty sure the cake on the table in the final birthday scene has a statue of Mickey in a spacesuit on top.
    CONFIRMED: Gwendel 15 DEC 98

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