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Disney's Doug Live!

Opened 27 February 1999 Closed June 2001

  1. At Doug Live! At the beginning of the show, there are pink lights on the screen. Midway down on the left side there are three circles in a perfect Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Kathryn, Nicole, & Derrek 08 MAR 00

Monster Sound Show

(formally Monster Sound Show)

  1. Early in the Martin Short/Chevy Chase film, Chevy walks up the stairs and knocks on the door of the house. If you look carefully to the lower left of the door there is a flower pot. When the lightning strikes you can clearly see the pot is shaped like Mickey. Don't blink because it is quick, but it is there. However, you get three chances to see it.
    REPORTED: Ed McDonough 14 NOV 96
    The Martin Short/Chevy Chase film has been replaced by a 101 Dalmatians cartoon.
    LOST: Joy Hogley 26 MAY 98

ABC Sound Studio featuring One Saturday Morning

(formally Monster Sound Show)

One Saturday Morning closed February 1999.

  1. In the queue video, Jimmy Macdonald's bolo tie.
    There is a Hidden Mickey in the preshow area on the video. Jimmy Macdonald, the sound guy, is wearing a pull tie and it has a Mickey on it, a Hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Sean Mueller 18 NOV 95
  2. In the queue video, Jimmy Macdonald's ring.
    CONFIRMED: Sean Mueller 18 NOV 95
  3. There's a Mickey on Jimmy Macdonald's shirt sleeve, in the Touchtoons video.

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