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You can also find other information on fun facts and secrets of Walt Disney World by consulting with your local independent bookstore or visit our online bookstore. These are real Disney secrets. For more Disney secrets and trivia and bloopers try DISNEY Ever Notice... ?. If you are interested in rumors (some true, most not), checkout Disney Urban Legend Reference Page and Urban Legends Archive.

Journey Into Imagination

Image Works

  1. In Dreamfinder's School of Drama, one of the you-are-the-star movies features footage borrowed from Disney's first PG-rated motion picture, "The Black Hole."
    REPORTED: Dan Amrich 24 SEP 95
  2. When the word "Surprise" lights up, there is a sound effect that goes with it. Masked under this sound effect, a high pitched voice says Mickey's name, and, um, er, well, something about him...
    REPORTED: stuart bowers 13 MAR 95
    CONFIRMED: Stan Sroka 06 APR 95

Dreamfinder and Figment

Orig Art
Original Art
  1. From the Epcot Field Guide: One of the world's largest holograms can be seen in the attraction. Look for it on the left side of the ride vehicles as you enter the Dreamport.
    REPORTED: Melanie Emmons 13 JUL 96
    There is only one true hologram on the Disney property as of 1995 and that is in the Imagination ride. All other hologram look-a-like effects, whether it's the ghosts of the Mansion, the Horizons birthday singers or even the old Backstage Magic "Julie", are really reflections - not projections; accomplished with clever lighting and a piece of glass.
    CONFIRMED: mike blasco 10 SEP 96
    In the Dreamport scene there is a hologram. This, in fact, is the second largest hologram in the world. The first is in a Disney warehouse on the property.
    CONFIRMED: Justin Stone 03 NOV 96
  2. Am I the only one who remembers the glitter on the Journey Into Imagination ride? When you went into the room after the storage room, the room with all the white, there is a carrousel right at the entrance. About every third car got sprayed with glitter coming from somewhere on the carrousel. We used to joke that one knew when someone had been on Journey into Imagination because they had glitter stuck all over them! None of my friends seem to remember this however.
    REPORTED: Aurora Szalinski 02 DEC 98
  3. Right before Figment is holding the blocks that change from bat to cat you go through a room with lots of scary words. There is a huge stack of blocks on the right side of your car. 3 of them (in order) contain the letters W E and D, Walt (Elias) Disney's initials.
    REPORTED: Barbara Hoelzeman 14 JAN 97
    The initials WED do appear in the blocks in the room with "scary" words.
    CONFIRMED: Scott Frank 05 AUG 97
    CONFIRMED: Melanie Emmons 25 SEP 98
  4. There is a scene in which Dreamfinder says "And What about Science?" over and over again. After that you enter another circle and on the walls are screens showing film about the wonders of science (flowers growing, water dropping into a pond etc.). Most of these short film clips were taken from a Disney nature series.
    REPORTED: Sam Moore 17 FEB 97
  5. On Journey Into Imagination there is a part where you are moving in a circle and you see the Dreamfinder in his blimp. Take a look at the compass. It is the same design as the carpets in front of the elevators in the lobby area of the Disney Yacht Club.
    REPORTED: Justin 11 NOV 97
  6. Before the photo part (where they TAKE the picture) and after the science show part, Figment is looking through a magnify glass. After you pass that, keep looking back. You will see that Figment has no head. The reason is it fell off. I am 100% sure about this one because my friend's dad company had meeting at Disney World and Disney told secrets. Look until the last second, it takes a while to see it.
    REPORTED: Disneyfan700 09 SEP 98

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