Lost Hidden Mickeys of Walt Disney World Resorts

Disney continually updates its parks and attractions. Due to refurbishments, Hidden Mickeys are lost forever. When you notice that a Hidden Mickey was lost, please report it so that it can be remembered here.

This page is dedicated to those Hidden Mickeys lost forever in the parks and the Imagineers who created them. They may be lost in reality but they will live on in cyberspace.

All-Star Music Resort

  1. The carpet in the food court has a pattern resembling records. Every so often there is a pattern of three records that is a Mickey.
    REPORTED: Bob White 13 DEC 95
    CONFIRMED: scott nichols 21 AUG 96
    The Hidden Mickeys in the carpets in the food court are gone as the old carpet has been removed and a new plain one is in its place.
    LOST: Joy Kovacs 07 AUG 97

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