A Bug's Life (1998)

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  1. In the Bug's Life poster (the one with a whole bunch of bugs flying across some grass and leaves), one of the leaves has a tiny weeny hole with shade of brown around it. The hole looks like a Mickey head. It is also visible (if you are watching on a big screen) in the movie itself when Dot runs across on top of the leaves.
    REPORTED: angie 07 DEC 98
  2. On the "A Bug's Life" DVD cover, there is a hidden mickey in the leaf. It is located right below Dot's arms, or to the left of Flik's antennae.
    REPORTED: Elite Intelligencia 09 DEC 01
  3. In the begining of "A Bug's Life", if you look closely at the large tree trunk, you can see a shadowy hidden mickey. The famous mouse must really like this movie.
    REPORTED: Shawn 12 MAR 01
  4. In the movie "A Bugs Life" after Flik dumps the offering into the water, and the grasshoppers come and demand more food, they have a council meeting (or something) to decide what to do with Flik, in the opening scene when you can see the big mushroom that is over them near the top in the center of the mushroom three big dots make up a hidden mickey.
    REPORTED: Ian Blew 30 AUG 01
  5. Check the patterns on the shells of some of the animated bugs...
    REPORTED: anon 21 APR 98
  6. When Princess Atta and Flik are talking to each other in the hall after she pulls Flik out of Francis' room, during the middle of their conversation, look up at Fliks head. There is an obvious hidden Mickey next to his head!
    REPORTED: Toon Boy 28 NOV 98
  7. On the cookie box that the circus uses to get around,in the upper right corner it says now with more sugar in three circles that form a hidden Mickey
    REPORTED: Dotty 01 FEB 00
    CONFIRMED: Jeff Foster 31 JUL 00
  8. During the sit down feast (about 1/2 way thru the movie), if you look behind and over the left sholder of Hopper's (yes man) side kick you can see a hidden Mickey in the veins of the tan leaf.
  9. The ladybug has Mickeys for feet. You can see them really well when her feet are propped up after she's been injured.
    REPORTED: donnie 29 NOV 98
  10. Look at Dot's face she tons of dots one of which is you guessed it a Mickey (near her left eye).
    CONFIRMED: Jeff Foster 31 JUL 00
  11. When the caterpillar says "look I can fly" his white feet come together at the bottem of the screen to make a hidden Mickey
    REPORTED: Lisa F 24 APR 99
    After work begins on the "bird", Flick is gliding down on a leaf. Take a look at Heimlich's feet as he flaps, when three feet are brought together, they form a a hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: John H. Shin 25 APR 99
  12. When the bug's are cleaning out the tree for leaves, Himlick takes a couple of leaves to try to fly with. As he flaps his leaves his bottom feet for two hidden Mickeys, one on each side. My 6 yr.old daughter found this one.
    REPORTED: Debbie Perez 01 MAY 99
  13. At the end, the circus bugs fly away, and they form what seems to be a hot air balloon. At the top of the "balloon" is a Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Rebecca 26 NOV 98
  14. Towards the end of the film, when the flea circus is leaving the ant village, the circus flea (I believe) is giving a speech. Behind him is one of the cars of the circus caravan. In the upper-right hand corner of the screen you can see a yellow, 3-circle logo (with text) on the cookie box. This forms the Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Michael R.L. 09 DEC 98
    CONFIRMED: Jeff Foster 31 JUL 00
  15. Towards the end of A Bug's Life, when the circus group is flying away, Dim's body and two wings form a Mickey!
    REPORTED: Tim Burger 30 NOV 98
    At the end of the movie Dim's wings make the shape of a hidden Mickey as the circus is flying away. It appears that way at 2 different angles.
    CONFIRMED: D. Rostern 25 APR 99
    CONFIRMED: Sharon Christine Green 22 MAY 99
    A great way to see the shot in Bug's Life when Dim's wings form the hidden Mickey as they are flying away in the end is in Entertainment Weekly. In issue #482 (April 23, 1999, Cher on cover), on page 64, in their review, there are two pictures that clearly show it!
    CONFIRMED: Laura Throp 23 MAY 99
    CONFIRMED: Katie 06 JUN 02
  16. Near the end when the moon is shown, there is a very clear hidden Mickey on the face of the moon.
    REPORTED: Frank Arthur 31 JAN 99
  17. There is a hidden Mickey in the closing titles of the film "Bugs". When the rhino insect thing the bugs away, it looks like Mickey! At about 2 hours (give or take 2 mins).
    REPORTED: Susie Holden 27 FEB 99

Disney's Active Play, A Bug's Life, Game

  1. In Disney's Active Play, A Bug's Life there is a hidden Mickey. It's in Bug City where you click on the termite that draws pictures. The first pic is of Mona Lisa and then Arachnid Gothic. The last is Mickey!
    REPORTED: Caryn 28 NOV 98

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