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  1. On the movie cover of Aladdin, look at the princess's hair. Her pony-tail has three parts, and they look like they form a tri circle Mickey.
    REPORTED: Xander 24 DEC 99
    CONFIRMED: Jennie and Mallory Sikorski 09 MAY 01
  2. There is a hidden Mickey at the very start of Aladdin. The market man throws up some sand and they form stars - in the very middle of the screen torwads the top, you can see a bright star and many other smaller stars that form a hidden Mickey. Take a good look and you will see it too!
    REPORTED: hvnhlpr 28 JAN 00
  3. I believe there is a Hidden Mickey formed from three pieces of fruit in a "royal fruit bowl" in the palace. It is in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen for a second or so.
    REPORTED: Bryan D. Levenson 07 SEP 96
  4. When the Genie has just come out of his lamp, and he hangs Aladdin up on the cave wall, If you look to the left of Aladdin's shoulder, you can see a small Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: anon 03 FEB 99
  5. There is a really neat Hidden Mickey towards the end of Aladdin. It's only seen for a frame, so it's really difficult to see, even watching in slo-mo. When Aladdin puts Jafar back into the lamp, the spell is broken on the other characters, the Magic Carpet gets fixed and Jasmine's dress turns back from red to blue. Start watching when Jasmine's tiger cub jumps into the Sultan's arms. When the cub hits his arms and starts to grow back into a tiger, just before he becomes normal, watch the tiger's face turn into Mickey Mouse! Nose, ears, eyes, mouth and all! This is one of my favorite Hidden Mickeys.
    REPORTED: Richard E. Cleary, Jr. 22 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: Brian W Ralston 01 JUL 96
    His face definitely turns into Mickey's for just one frame, and for all you CAV laser disc owners out there, it is on frame number 17030.
    CONFIRMED: Elliott Fong 06 JUL 96
    It's an incredible Hidden Mickey! It takes some work to find it, but it's worth it! Try playing the scene in slo-mo and then pausing the tape. The Hidden Mickey appears about halfway through the transformation. Mickey's face does have some tiger stripes on it, but look at the nose -- it's clearly Mickey. A must see!
    CONFIRMED: Meg 23 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Dean A Scungio 25 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Brian Fimoff 27 NOV 96
    CONFIRMED: Emily 19 DEC 96
    After viewing the transformation of Rajah from a cub to a tiger frame by frame, I was amazed to see the Mickey head just as clear as can be. This will be great to tell my friends!
    CONFIRMED: Terri Deittrick 13 JUN 97
    After he leaps into the Sultans arms. You have to freeze frame it to see it well.
    CONFIRMED: Redfroggy 23 AUG 97
    I was a skeptical as anyone but in Aladdin, when Rajah turns from a cub back into his regular, full-sized self, his face really does turn into Mickey's!
    CONFIRMED: howardb 25 SEP 97
    This is the best Hidden Mickey I have ever seen! A definite must-see. It really won't work if you do not go in slow-mo. If you have a frame-by-frame vcr, it is even easier to see.
    CONFIRMED: Rebecca 21 JUL 98
    A must see!!!
    CONFIRMED: Laura 16 SEP 98
    CONFIRMED: anon 24 JAN 00
    CONFIRMED: tHeMaDhAtTeR 26 AUG 00
    Any hidden Mickey fan has got to see this one. It's in the movie Alladin towards the end. Jafar has just been confined into his lamp and everything is turning back to normal. The mickey is in the part where Rasha the tiger jumps into the Sulan's arms and turns back to normal. I had to hold down my pause button to view frame by frame. It's in the frame where he's fairly big and there are sparkles around him. I thinks it's also the first frame were Jasmine's dress first turns back to blue. The tiger's face is mostly facing to my left but you can clearly see he purposely resembles mickey mouse's face. He has big black ears, the red nose, and all the lines near his eyes. Altough he's also kinda orange, it's still really awesome to see. Check it out!!
    CONFIRMED: Sarah 04 SEP 00
    In Aladdin, near the end of the movie, when Rasha jumps into the Sulton's arms, as he's growing back into a fully grown tiger, you have to put you're VCR into slow-mo and as he's growing his face changes for a quick second into Mickey's!! The ears and everything! It's right when Jasmine's legs are all bloated and she's making a kissy face... You have to see this one!! It's the BEST!!!
    CONFIRMED: Mallory Prouty 05 MAY 01
  6. When Aladdin first meets Genie, one of the puffs of smoke contains a Hidden Mickey, but it goes by very fast.
    REPORTED: Justin Stone 03 NOV 96
    When Genie first meets Aladdin, the puff of smoke contains a Hidden Mickey. When Genie rises out of the land and is yelling, then right before he sighs, there is a Hidden Mickey in the bottom of the smoke.
    CONFIRMED: Jeff Leuenberger 26 JUN 97
    Many of the puffs make Mickeys, but that is because of the way Disney draws smoke! There are many circles, and they are all connected, so of course it would look like Mickey. But this isn't a true hidden Mickey.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Rebecca 21 JUL 98
    There is a great full-form Mickey in the Genie's smoke when he first appears. It lasts about a frame. I saw it in a TV commercial I happened to catch on video, but they lost it on the Pan&Scan version. Someone with the LD or DVD can probably find it pretty easily.
    CONFIRMED: D. Keith Brezinsky 22 JUL 97
  7. Right after the ballroom scene, when Belle and the Beast go out on to the balcony...If you look in the background at the sky, there's a hidden Mickey formed in the stars...Look hard, it took me a minute to really see it
  8. In the movie Aladdin, in the scene where Jafar is being transformed into a genie, in slo-mo, the lightning patterns on his chest form tri-circle Mickey silhouettes.
    REPORTED: Erin H. 22 MAY 01
  9. In the movie Aladdin when Genie and Al are entering the oasis for the first time, there is a profile of Mickey's head in the right side of the bushes of the oasis. It's not there at the end of this scene when the camera pans away from the oasis.
    REPORTED: Jen 13 NOV 99
  10. When the Sultan is talking to Jasmine about getting married she goes to her bird cage. All the holes in the cage form mickey heads.
    REPORTED: Canadian Woodster 16 JAN 01
  11. When Sultan is talking to Jasmine at the fountain, she splashes her hand through the water, and, if the film is played in slow motion, a full-figure silhouette appears in the upper left side of the pool.
    REPORTED: Marc Cole 18 DEC 93
    WISHFUL THINKING: Joy Kovacs 02 JUL 96
  12. In the scene where Jafar and Aladdin are crossing the desert on the way to the Cave of Wonders, the camera pans the desert and begins to focus on the horse Jafar is riding. There is an upside-down pair of ears formed by the three rocks seen above and to the left of the horse.
    REPORTED: Marc Cole 18 DEC 93
    CONFIRMED: Joy Kovacs 02 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Dean A Scungio 25 JUL 96
  13. At the beginning of the "Whole New World" sequence, as Jasmine and Aladdin look back from the carpet at Rajah on the balcony, focus on the trees below and you will see a profile of Mickey in the top, left-most corner of the trees. In the same frame there is a shape similar to the big balloons sold on Main Street.
    REPORTED: Marc Cole 18 DEC 93
    I do not see the reported Mickey shapes seen before the "Whole New World" sequence.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Dean A Scungio 25 JUL 96
    In "A Whole New World", when they look back at Rajah, in the trees... I don't think it was meant to be a hidden Mickey, but the trees do make a Mickey profile.
    CONFIRMED: Rebecca 21 JUL 98
  14. During "A Whole New World," I spotted a hidden Mickey. Right after Aladdan sings the opening line, "I can show you the world...", the camera cuts to the perspective of the flying carpet, a view over the city. To the lower right are two large columns. Directly below, is a rooftop. Towards the curve of the left cornor, there are three pots, or perhaps vases, that form the Mickey head. It is tilted at an angle, so if you turn your head to the right, it is easier to see. The Mickey head is situated directly above what appears to be a ladder.
    REPORTED: Debby Forrest 01 APR 98
  15. When they are taking their magic carpet ride and singing "A Whole New World" Jasmine and Aladdin each catch a cloud in their hands. As Jasmine is singing "...but when I'm way up here..." her cloud apprears to change into a Mickey head. Ears, snout and all. Best viewed on slow-mo.
    REPORTED: Sandy 23 OCT 01
  16. in the Cave of Wonders, right after Abu touches a ruby & everything begins to melt, Abu is stranded on a couple of rocks. right before Aladdin & the magic carpet save him, three stones melt into that familiar Mickey head.
    REPORTED: anon 21 JUN 97
    This is not a hidden Mickey. The rock doesn't even melt, it blows up. Therefore, it can't possibly melt into a hidden Mickey!
    WISHFUL THINKING: Rebecca 21 JUL 98
    CONFIRMED: Daniel 31 MAY 02
  17. In the Prince Ali parade sequence, just after Genie sings, "Come and meet his spectacular coterie!" and the men are shaking Aladdin's hand, the cloud at the top of the screen looks like a stretched out upside-down Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Joy Kovacs 02 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Dean A Scungio 25 JUL 96
    It sort of looks like a stretched out Mickey, but I really don't think it was meant to be that way. The ears are different sizes, too.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Rebecca 21 JUL 98
  18. Are there Mickeys cheering for Aladdin in that crowd of people who turned up to hear the Sultan announce his daughter's engagement? It looks like there are several shapes wearing Mickey ears, but my VCR is not that great, and the shapes are blurry. Can someone look?
    REPORTED: Joy Kovacs 02 JUL 96
    Regarding the huge crowd that greets Aladdin while he is on the balcony, the crowd is blurry because of the focus of the camera on Aladdin. And there are no Mickey hats on anyone in the crowd.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Dean A Scungio 25 JUL 96
  19. Watch Aladdin to the scence where the Genie is packing his things. Slo-mo it. Watch the cowboy hat. It looks like the Mickey tricircle!
    REPORTED: el_foka 18 MAY 00
  20. It's in the scene where Jasmine is in the market. A Mickey seems to be hanging over the pistachios in the booth. It's gold-colored!
    REPORTED: Randall 16 MAR 98
    This is a really easy one to find!
    CONFIRMED: Rebecca 21 JUL 98
  21. When Jasmine finds out from Jafar that he has beheaded Aladdin she runs off crying. When she does that look behind her. There are 6 or 7 hidden mickeys on the collums of the palace.
    REPORTED: Heather 05 SEP 98
  22. During the scene when poor Abu is being transfered from a camel to an elephant. Look at when he becomes a horse. There is a hidden Mickey located on his mane.
    REPORTED: Sandra Barahona 11 JAN 99
  23. Ever notice that in the first Aladdin movie when the genie is freed his gold cuffs break off but in the next two movies of Aladdin the gold cuffs are back on the genies arms?
    REPORTED: indiana jones 19 FEB 1900

Associated Aladdin

  1. In the video game Aladdin for the Sega Gensis there are Mickey hats hidden throughout the game.
    REPORTED: Steven Fredrickson 03 OCT 97
  2. In the Aladdin game for Sega Genesis, in the desert area, there is a column with Disney characters all over it. The only way to get to the peddler is to stand behind this column and wait until Aladdin uses it as an elevator!
    REPORTED: Aurora Ileana Szalinski 27 JAN 99
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