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Aladdin and the King of Thieves

2nd Aladdin movie made for video

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  1. After, Aladdin has passed his test to join the forty thieves, his father tells him about the ultimate treasure. As they walk in the cave to see the sunken ship that was turned to gold, there is a shot of the ground with water puddles on it. You can see Mickey's shoe as one of the areas not covered with the water. I think there is a scorpion that crawls over it.
    REPORTED: Randy Mercer 17 OCT 96
  2. There is a Mickey likeness when Genie comes out of the isle (turtle) in a mini tug boat.
    REPORTED: Alison Rush 24 OCT 96
    Genie is not just a likeness of Mickey, he is impersonating Mickey in Mickey's first cartoon all sound cartoon, "Steamboat Willie." The tugboat is the same steamboat.
    UPDATE: Frank Angones, Jr. 02 OCT 97
  3. In the latter part of the tape when the 'dead' thief returns a song is sung. "We rifle, plunder, pillage and loot" from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride are included in the song. I cannot remember the characters name. But it's just before Aladdin's father returns from the city. Towards the end of the video, when Aladdin's father returns from the city, the "dead" thief returns and a song is sung. The lyrics "We rifle, plunder, pillage and loot" from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride are part of the song.
    REPORTED: Bill Salus 25 OCT 96

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