Bambi (1942)

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Phsst: Fun Facts
  1. On the Bambi Box, there appears to be a Mickey on the right of the video box. To the right of Bambi's left rear hindquarter/leg. Right at the tree stump it can be seen formed by the greenish rocks.
    REPORTED: John H. Shin 21 MAY 97
    CONFIRMED: Rob Hall 18 OCT 97
  2. On the cover of Bambi, look at Thumper's paw. If you turn the case upside down you can see a clear hidden Mickey in the three pink circles.
    REPORTED: Jessie 20 JUN 01
  3. In Bambi (in the first part of the film) when the mama bird files over to her 3 babies, look closley when the berries are in her mouth. You will see they form the shape of a Mickey head. (use pause or still to see it better)
    REPORTED: Kristin 24 MAR 97
  4. In Bambi, when Bambi is watching the leaf float down the "river", a rock appears beside it. The rock is shaped like a Mickey.
    REPORTED: Leonda Hill 12 MAR 00

Bambi II (2006)

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  1. In the begining when the raccons get off the trees, the snow thats falls form Mickey.
    REPORTED: Brenda N. Ontiveros 26 FEB 06
  2. On Cranberries in the tree.
    REPORTED: Brenda N. Ontiveros 26 FEB 06
  3. Behind rabbit's mom there is orange fungus that takes the form of Mickey
    REPORTED: Brenda N. Ontiveros 26 FEB 06

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