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  1. On a Movie Poster for Beauty and the Beast, is it just me, or does that cloud form Mickey Mouse Ears?
    REPORTED: Mikymania 11 OCT 97
  2. When the narrarator is speaking in the beginning of the movie, the very first time that they show the enchanted rose, look at the top of the glass case that the rose is inside of. I think it's an upside-down Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Ernie 23 MAY 01
  3. At the start of the film, the stained glass window screen, if you look at the bottom left hand side of the window there is 3 peach roses which resembles a hidden Mickey
    REPORTED: Fiona 05 JAN 00
  4. When Belle goes to her house for the first time in the movie and is talking to her father there is three cog like objects in the top right hand side of the screen to the left of the axe which form a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Fiona 05 JAN 00
  5. I saw the hidden Mickey in the bar scene when the three men put their glasses together for a toast and in the background. There was a hidden Mickey in the wood frame.
    REPORTED: Rachael 22 JUN 01
  6. You'll need the CAV laser disc version or a really good VCR. When Belle's father, Maurice, gets lost in the woods, he finds an old castle where he searches for shelter. The camera shows Maurice looking at the front of the castle then the camera pans up toward the sky which is filled with lightning. There is a point where the lightning flashes and in the top right hand corner (while the light is flashing) you can see a "Sorcerer Mickey" -- you can see the Sorcerer's Hat and Mickey's ears sticking up behind it. You can see the outline of his head, and nose too.
    REPORTED: Mr Frank Lozano 31 AUG 95
    It does sort of resemble Sorcerer Mickey, but it is kind of weak. I'm not ready to call it "wishful thinking," though.
    NOT SURE: Melanie Emmons 22 JUN 96
  7. When Maurice is in his house before going to save Belle, he stuffs some papers in his bag (blueprints maybe?), three of which resemble a perfect Mickey head
    REPORTED: Fiona 05 JAN 00
  8. Belle opens her door, sending Gaston headlong into a mud pond. Does the design on his protruding posterior (kind of scrawny for such a big guy) remind you of anything? I might be reaching, but it seemed pretty clear while watching the tape. He's got Mickey's pants on!
    REPORTED: Robert Cook 08 NOV 92
    Yes, Gaston's butt does look like he's wearing Mickey's pants when he is face down in the mud puddle. But it's only when he's face down in the mud. Otherwise, it's just a long-tailed coat with two buttons on the back.
    CONFIRMED: Melanie Emmons 22 JUN 96
  9. When the Beast is showing Belle to her room, there is a shot of them coming from the right and you can see the balcony that is in front of her bedroom door. The balcony is made of marble. On the right, about halfway up is a Mickey!
    REPORTED: Debra A. Baddour 18 JUL 94
    It looks like just a vein in the marble
    WISHFUL THINKING: Melanie Emmons 22 JUN 96
  10. There is an hidden Mickey in the scene where Belle comes out and asks if (the very idiotic) Gaston was gone. Its on the walls of the cottage.
    REPORTED: Belle 29 APR 98
  11. In the tavern scene, there are several shots of Gaston in his huge chair. Over his left shoulder (to our right) one of the animal heads changes for only one of the shots, and appears to be a Mickey head.
    REPORTED: D. keith Brezinsky 21 AUG 97
    CONFIRMED: Jared 16 JUL 00
  12. In Beauty and the Beast right after the beast shows bell to her room and she is crying. The scene after that is the tavern. Outside of the tavern it shows a view of the ground. There are two yellow circles from lamps that form two ears and below them on the cement a big pefect circle is formed which makes Mickey's head. All three objects are perfect circles and abviously meant to be a hidden Mickey!
    REPORTED: Chris L 23 JUN 01
  13. During the sequence where Beast and Belle are playing with the birds, there is a knotted old tree. A full-form Mickey is clearly formed by the knots. It is best seen in closeups around the tree.
    REPORTED: D. Keith Brezinsky 21 AUG 97
    CONFIRMED: Marc Harris 28 MAY 99
  14. In the scene when Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Belle are walking down a hallway in the castle you will notice the knights turning their heads and looking at Belle. If you look at their circular chest and shoulders, you will see that they make a perfect Mickey.
    The chests on the armor are not round at all -- more oblong. A stretch of the imagination at best.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Melanie Emmons 22 JUN 96
  15. When Lumiere, Cogsworth and Belle are on the stairs after they pass the armor, a Hidden Mickey is formed by Lumiere's round base and the two shadows cast by his "arms" (a gold "head" with grey shadow "ears").
    REPORTED: Melanie Emmons 22 JUN 96
  16. When Cogsworth is giving the tour to Belle, he turns around because Belle and Lumiere have disappeared, his little wind up thing can be seen as a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Brita Joy 20 DEC 96
  17. During the Be Our Guest scene, when the plates come out of the cupboard and come in front of each other, the plates in the back form ears, while the plates in the front form Mickey's head.
    REPORTED: Beth Adamy 13 JAN 98
    I noticed the plates in the beginning of the "Be Our Guest" sequence coming out of the cupboard also forming several Hidden Mickeys.
    CONFIRMED: Marc Harris 28 MAY 99
  18. In Beauty and the Beast, when the tea pot sings, just look
    REPORTED: Shelly 02 MAY 02
  19. During the "Be Our Guest" song, you can see that the wind-up thing on the back of Cogworth's head forms a Mickey Head.
    REPORTED: anon 30 JAN 99
  20. When Gaston and friends are trying to break down the door to the Beast's castle. If you look right above the door there is a shield/crest that looks a lot like Mickey's head.
    REPORTED: Sutor 08 JUL 93
    In real time, it does sort of look like a Hidden Mickey, but in slo-mo, it is just a crest.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Melanie Emmons 22 JUN 96
  21. In the fight scene between Beast and Gaston they wind up outside one of the castle towers. The circular roof shingles on the tower are arranged in a pattern of Mickey Ears (entire tower roof)
    REPORTED: Phil Stern
    The roof tiles are long, scalloped, and all the same size.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Melanie Emmons 22 JUN 96
  22. I have found a hidden Mickey in the movie. It is when Maurice, Belle's father, gets thrown down by the wolves and looks up to see pink clouds moving above the castle. Those moving clouds shape Mickey's head perfectly. You might have to replay it a couple of times, but it's there!
    REPORTED: Bubbles180 16 SEP 98
  23. Before Gaston and the mob attack the Beast's castle, they chop down some trees. Here, there is one quick shot of a tree on the ground. There are three small rocks in the lower left side of the screen forming a Mickey.
    REPORTED: Dean A Scungio 25 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Brita Joy 20 DEC 96
  24. When Belle's father puts the house on fire and opens the basement doors, in the smoke clouds there are clear Mickey Heads.
    REPORTED: Nikki Freeman 31 AUG 96
  25. There is a Hidden Mickey in the scene where the Beast gives the library to Belle. When she finally gets a look at the huge library, the Hidden Mickey is located at the top of the screen, and is a part of the architecture.
    REPORTED: Krista Coplin 26 SEP 96
  26. In the last shot of the library scene, you can see a globe behind the right-hand side of the doorway. On the globe is Mickey in profile. It's a little difficult to see because of the way the lighting is drawn in, but it's definitely Mickey.
    REPORTED: Pseudonym 07 JAN 01
  27. When Gaston shoots the ducks in the sky, they seem to be flying in a distinct M shape which could stand for Mickey, on a sort of angle.
    REPORTED: Amy Disneymaniac Duggan 03 JAN 99
  28. After Belle kicks Gaston out of the house, she starts to sing a song. When she's lying in the grass, the flowers at the bottom left of the screen form a sideways Hidden Mickey when the wind blows them.
    REPORTED: Cheri Yates 16 OCT 96
    The sunflower has a hidden Mickey on the bottom left. It is the very bottom sunflower and 2 surrounding sunflowers.
    CONFIRMED: Jared 16 JUL 00
  29. After Belle throws Gaston out of the cottage, She goes to the field singing. As the camera pans up, there is a Hidden Mickey in the leaves on the tree.
    REPORTED: Heidi 01 JUL 01
  30. There's a hidden Mickey on the tree Belle leans against in the scene of "Something There" (after the breakfast scene). It looks like the knots on the tree and it's sorta deformed, but it's a Mickey.
    REPORTED: Caitlin 22 FEB 01
  31. When Belle is declaring her love to the dying Beast, it is raining. As the raindrops fall they form Mickey shapes before the drops break up.
    REPORTED: Brita Joy 20 DEC 96
    "When Belle is declaring her love to the dying Beast, it is raining. As the raindrops fall they form Mickey shapes before the drops break up." This can be clearly seen if you take a behind the scene tour at Disney MGM Studios. That is a featured clip. That scene in the movie is incredible. You can see all the raindrops real close up.
    CONFIRMED: Rose Reyes 28 APR 00
  32. At the very end, the camera draws back past a pillar, and crossfades to the cruder opening drawing as it passes though the window. A bust of Mickey is visible for about 2 frames as the crossfade occurs. It is a gargoyle on the pillar on the left side of the screen, and is diffcult to make out.
    REPORTED: D. Keith Brezinsky 21 AUG 97
  33. On the back of the digitally re-mastered "Beauty and the Beast," there is a picture of Beast with a bunch of birds. If you look right below his left hand, there are three patches of snow, that if flipped upside down resemble a slightly space out Mickey.
    REPORTED: GadgetTool 09 JAN 99

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