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Bedknobs And Broomsticks

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  1. During the classic soccer game, when the live-action cast is seated in the royal box, a monkey can be seen wearing a Mickey Mouse t-shirt.
    REPORTED: Matthew Anscher 24 MAY 97
    There is definitely an animal wearing a Mickey shirt in the soccer scene.
    CONFIRMED: Rachel 30 NOV 99
    In the movie, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, there is a scene in which the humans are playing soccer with the animals on the Island of Nabumbu. In the very begining, when they pan the crowd and the humans are sitting down in the kings thrown, if you look to the right and up in the back row, a cartoon character has a shirt on with a Mickey picture on it. Later when you see the same part of the crowd again, that character is not there.
    CONFIRMED: Jonathan 17 JUN 00
    The "monkey" wearing a Mickey Mouse t-shirt in the back row stadium is actually a bear. As a little bonus, the character to the right of the bear is Donald Duck. If you have the DVD, you can see the Mickey Mouse-wearing bear (and Donald) on Chapter 15 between 1:27:10 and 1:27:18.
    CONFIRMED: Michael Adams 06 MAY 01
  2. It is not very defined but when the Broomsticks are underwater and putting more water into the little circle thing, in the bubbles you can see an outline. You have to do it really slow if you have DVD cause you won't catch it.
    REPORTED: anon 20 JAN 01

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