The Black Cauldron (1985)

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  1. In the movie the Black Cauldron on the cover for DVD the handle on the cauldron is in the shape of the famous hidden Mickey
    REPORTED: anon 24 JUL 01
  2. There is a moment when Gurgi tells about the Pig's trail he had found. This is the scene just before they all fall into the lake. In the grass there a couple of red flowers and most them have the three cirlce shape!! Very familiar!!
    REPORTED: Martin 19 JUL 98
  3. There is a moment when the Horned King enters his castle while his army is celebrating their victory. He enters as a beam of blue light, and the path of the beam traces out a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Mar 04 AUG 98
    The right ear is partially lopped off, but the world's most famous mouse is there in The Black Cauldron when the Horned King enters!
    CONFIRMED: Chris Stewart 06 AUG 98
    I was watching the Black Cauldron last night and I can't remember if it's when he gets the sword or when the little pixies are flying around, but there is a blue streak that circles around the screen for a half second and it makes the mouse ears.
    CONFIRMED: David Conlee 17 AUG 98
  4. In The Black Cauldron, there is a hidden Mickey when Taran and Eilonwy are escaping from the Horned King's is possible to see that one of the the guards (who is trying to stop Taran and Eilonwy) and attacking them from above, has what appears to be Mousketeer Ears!
    REPORTED: anon 31 DEC 00

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