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Dick Tracy

  1. I used to work as an MC at the original Special Effects and Production Tour at Walt Disney World's Disney Studios. In the Special Effects Workshop (the show after the watertank show), the MC will point out props as everyone is filing in. Take a close look at the painted flats used in the movie Dick Tracy on the walls behind you. There are two Hidden Mickeys that were actually in the movie. One is easy to find on your own if you have a good eye. It is on the far left hand wall as you walk up the cat-walk.

    The second one is completely amazing and if I didn't tell you where it was, you probably would never find it. As you walk into the Special Effects Workshop, turn to the rightand find the flat with the graveyard scene, which is directly behind you. There, standing on top of one of the grave markers, you will find Mickey Mouse. These flats were used either near or during the scene when Dick Tracy chases the kid up the railroad tracks.
    REPORTED: Dawn M. Landers 17 JUN 96
    A Mickey does appear in the scene where Dick Tracy chases the Kid near the railroad tracks. It can be seen best after the train passes away from the camera. On the city skyline, there is a round object among the buildings. If you look closely at it, you will see it is Mickey. As for the graveyard scene, I can't make out a Mickey because the scene is dark
    CONFIRMED: Dean A Scungio 25 JUL 96
    The Backstage Tour has been changed, and these items are no longer on display, but they are still in the movie!
    CONFIRMED: Melanie Emmons 13 DEC 96

  2. Another famous cameo in the film, Dick Tracy, is David Bowie. In the very beginning, a group of gangsters are sitting and playing cards, and one gangster in green sits down at the table. The character's name is "Shoulders". Freeze-frame, and you'll see it's very clearly David Bowie in make-up. In the credits, the character of Shoulders is an alias.
    REPORTED: anon 14 JAN 97

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