Dinosaur (2000)

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  1. On the cover of "Dinosaur" in the clouds below Aladar's neck there are three small clouds in the shape of a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Gabriel C. 28 SEP 01
  2. A hidden Mickey is on the egg after the pteradactal drops it and it lands on a tree where lemars lived. Before it breaks you look and there is a Hidden Mickey carved in.
    REPORTED: Jessica 10 APR 01
  3. When Aladar howls (after the explosion), look in the cloud of smoke in the air and you see a Hidden Mickey!!!
    REPORTED: Jessica 10 APR 01
  4. In the movie Dinosaurs, when Aladar, Baylene, and the three other dinosaurs break through the cave wall, we get a quick view of the lake. As the camera pans across the nesting grounds, we see the lake, which is in the shape of Mickey's ears, positioned sideways.
    REPORTED: Adam E. 28 MAY 00
    The lake in the movie Dinosaurs is indeed in the shape of sideways Mickey ears. It appears this way only for a brief second.
    CONFIRMED: Peter L. 05 JUN 00
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