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  1. On the front cover of The Emperor's New Groove if you turn the cover upside down Yzma's earing dangle at just the right place to form the ears of a Mickey and although her face isn't completely circluar it makes the face of Mickey.
    REPORTED: Kala 13 JUN 01
    On the cover of The Emperors New Groove, Yzma's head forms the head and her earrings form the ears of an up-side-down hidden mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Tiggeriffic 21 JUN 01
  2. When Kuzco is lying on his back during the beginning and the women are feeding him, just as the camera starts to pan up farther, on each plate they look like green Mickeys. Each plate has one, but some are better than others. I stopped my DVD and there they were!
    REPORTED: anon 14 MAY 01
  3. There is a hidden Mickey in the scene that Pacha was going home after the meeting with the Emperor and the Emperor is in the bag on his cart. It's in the lower left in the purple flowers. There are a couple of scenes with the purple flowers. It's after the scene of the one in the whole field.
    REPORTED: james 23 DEC 00
  4. In the scene where Pacha is going home after his meeting with Kuzco, look at the clouds. Three of the clouds look like the face and ears of Mickey.
    REPORTED: Luke 28 SEP 01
  5. In the Emperor's New Grove, when Kuzco is having diner with Yzma, when Kronk brings back the spinich puffs, the camera pans down and shows the centerpiece on the table. In the lower left hand corner of the centerpiece, 3 grapes form a Mickey head!
    REPORTED: Andy Kelemen 09 SEP 01
  6. In the movie, "The Emporer's New Groove." I believe I saw a hidden Mickey. When Yzma and Krunk are in the diner searching for Kuzco and Pacha, Pacha asks the waitress to sing happy birthday to Yzma, so that Pacha and Kuzco can have a chance of escape. The other waitresses and waiters come over to Yzma with a cake and a sombrero that has little balls dangling from the brim. When the hat is on Yzma the balls wave back and forth. In almost the very last second of that clip three of those balls come together to form a HIDDEN Mickey. Those three balls are towards the left side of the hat.
  7. In "The Emporer's New Groove" when Yzma first finds out that Cronk did not get rid of the llama, her hat thingy curls around his head like mouse ears.
    REPORTED: Amanda 06 JUN 01
  8. When Pacha is building the fire, and Cuzco walks away there is an hidden Mickey right on the ground and then Cuzco builds a rock Cuzcotopa out of it.
    REPORTED: Maritza Tumminelli 18 MAY 01
  9. After Kusco and Pacha survive the big waterfall, Pacha starts pulling Kusco out of the water, While he's doing that look!! right above his shoulder is a hidden Mickey in the bush.
    REPORTED: Dartpaw the spearcarrier 02 MAY 01
  10. During the part where emperor's guards are turned into animals. The Ostrich has a hidden Mickey in it's tail after the cow goes home. The Hidden Mickey is upside-down.
    REPORTED: anon 15 JUN 01
  11. In "The Emperor's New Groove", the final scene of celebration at the lakes when Kuzco comes out of the door and says, "BOOM BABY!" it looks as though there is a hidden Mickey on his skirt/trunks, and again when he is walking out of the water about to dry off.
    REPORTED: Michael Drysdale 08 OCT 01

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