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Fantasia 2000

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  1. On the cover of the Fantasia Anthology (DVD), the treble clef has been formed to look like Sorcerer Mickey.
    REPORTED: Jen Temple 25 FEB 01
  2. I'm not quite sure if I've found a hidden Mickey or not, but on the back cover of Fantasia 2000 the 3rd picture down of Donald and Daisy looking into eachothers eyes, their heads look like they could possibly form the ears. Then the shadow in the background in the space between them (above their hands) looks like it forms part of Mickey's head and with their arms/sleeves it completes the head. Their hands might also make a nose, but I'm not sure.
    REPORTED: Kala 13 JUN 01
  3. During the part after the soundtrack in shown it shows you images you may get in you head when listening to the music and three spots go past at one point which I think is a hidden Mickey
    REPORTED: Adam 24 JUL 00
  4. The Mickey occurs in the movie when Sorcerer Mickey is going down the river, just before the whirlpool scene. The Mickey Head appears in the foam of the water just ahead of Mickey. The whole sequence happens in a split second.
    REPORTED: Eric Johnson 09 JAN 97
    Confirming the Hidden Mickey during Fantasmic right before Mickey goes down the whirlpool. I pulled out my Fantasia video and confirmed that this clip exists in both places.
    CONFIRMED: Pianoman 06 JAN 98
    When the big storm is taking place, and a wave hits a rock and as it spills over, a Mickey Mouse head appears in the curl of the wave.
    CONFIRMED: Julie Smith 10 FEB 99
  5. During the sequence with the ghosts and large demon around the mountain top. Flames and smoke swirl around the demon. If you freeze frame the video at the right moment, you can see Mickey dressed in his Sorcerer's Apprentice outfit in the swirling smoke. It's a fragmented image, but you can see that it's him.
    CONFIRMED: kris 05 MAR 99 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  6. In Fantasia 2000 during Pomp and Circumstance it seems Mickey & Minnie made the boat! After the rain stops and the animals burst out on to the deck, there is a silhouette of the ark against a sunset, check out the roof and you'll see M & M enjoying the view.
    REPORTED: Craig Culp 20 JAN 00
    I just saw Fantasia 2000 last night with my fiancee and sure enough there was Mickey and Minnie during the Noah's Ark segment. It seems they made it through the flood just fine. :o) It's a very quick shot so you have to be observant.
    CONFIRMED: Lara Pajak 14 FEB 00
    CONFIRMED: Isaac 04 MAR 00
    CONFIRMED: Rudy Hellewegen 06 MAR 00
    I would like to submit an even stronger confirmation of the "Fantasia 2000" Noah's Ark HM. In the book "Fantasia 2000 : Visions of Hope" on pages 146-147, there is a two-page spread of the ark with the animals on the top deck, tilting the boat. The couple on the far right is Mickey and Minnie in a early 1930s style.
    CONFIRMED: Dean Scungio 17 JUN 00
  7. When Mickey is dreaming one of the clouds forms into the shape of Mickey's head
    REPORTED: Matthew Carbone 26 APR 00
  8. In the "Pines of Room", the whale portion of Fantasia 2000, the infant whale jumps out of the water and is flying through the sky when it shoots water out of its spout. A hidden Mickey is formed within the water vapors.
    REPORTED: William 26 APR 00
  9. In Fantasia 2000, at the beginning of the "Pines of Rome" segment there are four "spotlight" effects. The 2nd , 3rd and 4th pools of light create the Mickey outline for just a quick moment as the 4th one expands.
    REPORTED: Greg Schroeder 07 DEC 00
  10. After the "Pine of Rome "sequence, A shadow on the background is a Mickey 's shilouette!!!!
    REPORTED: Mariano's 14 DEC 00
  11. In Fantasia 2000, in the Rhapsody in Blue sequence, there is a shot of a bellman outside a hotel. In the lower-right corner of the door decoration, there are three swirls that make up a Mickey head
    REPORTED: Harry Walker 19 JUN 00
  12. In Fantasia 2000 during the in the Rhapsody in Blue sequence, there is a scene where the disillusioned man is looking at an apple he cannot afford to purchase at a fruit stall. If you look at the background, there should be round circles drawn representing fruit, and I'm sure I saw at least one perfect tri-circle Mickey head in black and white.
    REPORTED: wyldSeraph 05 JAN 01
  13. In the "Firebird Suite" finale, I believe there is a Hidden Mickey in the Firebird itself. When the Firebird is after the young forest nymph that represents Nature, it , at one point, turns into a waterfall of lava. This effect is much like the Hidden Mickey in the whirlpool scene of the Sorcerer's Apprentice. The Firebird's back turns into a watrfall, and the Hidden Mickey is in the waterfall.
    REPORTED: David Bice 24 JAN 02

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