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Flubber (1997)

Phsst: Fun Facts
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  1. If you check out the Flubber movie poster in the upper right hand corner is a collection of circles that form a Mickey
    REPORTED: Steve Whitmore 22 OCT 97
    If you look at the movie poster for the new Disney movie "Flubber" there is a hidden Mickey made of bubbles on the upper right side.
    CONFIRMED: Scott Kahler 27 OCT 97
    I spotted a Hidden Mickey on a Flubber poster in a movie theater. Three of the flubber bubbles form a perfect Mickey in the upper right quadrant of the poster, near Robin Williams' left shoulder.
    CONFIRMED: Melanie Emmons 28 OCT 97
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 06 NOV 97
    On a Flubber poster at the studios.
    REPORTED: anon 04 JAN 98
  2. In the beginning credits there is a clearly visible white Mickey that swirls amoung the chemical and mathematical symbols. It is about halfway through the opening credits.
    REPORTED: Rick Henson 30 NOV 97
  3. The way the eggs and pancakes are positioned on the plate could be in the tri-circle Mickey.
    REPORTED: Jorge A. Montes 21 AUG 97
    I saw the preview for "Flubber", and the eggs and pancakes look like the tri-circle Mickey, all right.
    CONFIRMED: Suey 29 SEP 97
  4. When the Flubber is in Williams' hand and rapidily changing shapes, one of the shapes does appear to be Mickey. It's hard to tell without examining the frames.
    REPORTED: Bill Salus 05 DEC 97
  5. There is a squared hidden Mickey on Robin Williams' checkered bow tie.
    REPORTED: Greg Olerich 25 APR 98


pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  1. This may seem a little extreme, but we found a hidden Mickey on the side of the new McDonald's "Flubber" cup. Just goes to show you they're not limited to the parks. Happy Hunting!!
    REPORTED: K. and M. Cameron 28 NOV 97
    The super size McDonalds cup for Flubber has a Mickey symbol on the cup. It is kind of obvious
    CONFIRMED: Britt 30 NOV 97
    On fry boxes too.
    CONFIRMED: Kris Cole 01 DEC 97
    CONFIRMED: David C. Shadle 01 DEC 97
    While watching a McDonalds commercial this week I noticed a "Hidden Mickey" on the beverage cup in the background. The commercial was advertising the movie "Flubber" and their adult ticket promotion campaign. The specific shot in the commercial has the french fry box in the center of the screen and the cup appears at the top right. The Hidden Mickey is composed of three green circles at the bottom of the cup.
    CONFIRMED: Dawn Feligno 04 DEC 97
    You can see a Hidden Mickey on the side of the Flubber cup at McDonalds. This cup is also visible in the McDonalds Flubber commercials, next to the fries.
    CONFIRMED: Davina Gould 05 DEC 97
    CONFIRMED: B Griggs 07 DEC 97
    CONFIRMED: John Russell 09 DEC 97
    CONFIRMED: Laura Hogan 10 DEC 97
    CONFIRMED: DisneyClipart 13 DEC 97
    CONFIRMED: Jerry Coady 13 DEC 97
    CONFIRMED: Candy Elzey 16 DEC 97
    CONFIRMED: Art Collier 21 DEC 97
    CONFIRMED: Heather Anderson 23 DEC 97
    CONFIRMED: Laura Hogan 24 DEC 97
    CONFIRMED: Peter Roy 31 DEC 97
    CONFIRMED: Allee Beal 09 JAN 98
    CONFIRMED: janice 07 FEB 98

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