George of the Jungle (1997)

Phsst: Fun Facts
  1. The neckerlace George wears is a pic of a Mickey head. This can be seen on the back cover as well.
    REPORTED: Davino 08 DEC 01 pict from
  2. In the movie George of the Jungle, when George finds out that coffee will make Ursula interested in him and he enters the cupboard for the coffee, the plastic straps on the six-pack of something (can't really tell, but the cans are yellow and are on the left side of the picture) forms a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Christer Toll 22 FEB 01
  3. When George and Ursala are in San Francisco, there is a scene where Ursula is in bed and George comes into her bedroom. A shadow is cast on the lower right-hand corner of the bed that looks like a tri-circle Mickey.
    REPORTED: Melanie Emmons 06 SEP 97
  4. When George is trying to help the parachute dude, Asela, hops on a boat to get a closer look. When the driver tries to turn the boat around, look at his badge to the right, it has Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Davino 08 DEC 01

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