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  1. In the beginning when everyone is looking at baby Hercules, his gold amulet shows a Mickey Mouse for a few seconds.
    REPORTED: melissa & carol russell 26 JUL 98
    WISHFUL THINKING: Greg Bevier 30 JUL 98
    Baby Herc'c gold amulet DOES make a hidden Mickey. Its Mickey upside down with the sorcerer's hat on. The lightning on the amulet makes the hat. It happens right before she places the baby in the crib and is there only for a split second (around 3:09 on the DVD).
    CONFIRMED: Tigger1048PB 13 FEB 02
  2. There is a Hidden Mickey in the clouds when Hercules and Pegasus are reunited and are flying off. There is a Mickey hat to the right of center at around 1:00.
    REPORTED: Greg and Beth 03 FEB 98 Hercules
  3. When Hercules goes to meet his father for the first time there are hidden Mickeys on the ceiling. They are just little balls, but they form the Mickey shape.
    REPORTED: Shelly Elkins 03 MAR 98
    WISHFUL THINKING: Greg Bevier 30 JUL 98
    CONFIRMED: Kittie 18 DEC 00
    Yes there is a hidden Mickey in the ceiling of Zeus's Temple. Very easy to see if you freeze the movie.
    CONFIRMED: Tigger1048PB 13 FEB 02
  4. When Zeus is sleeping while Hercules is being kidnapped, there is a Hidden Mickey in the middle of his bedspread.
    REPORTED: Greg and Beth 03 FEB 98
    WISHFUL THINKING: Greg Bevier 30 JUL 98
    WISHFUL THINKING: Kittie 18 DEC 00
  5. After the "Zero to Hero" song, the camera pans to the Hercules estate. As the gates open, look at the left pool (fountain) near the house. It forms a Mickey profile!
    REPORTED: Laura Witte 20 AUG 99
    Vague UPDATE: Kittie 18 DEC 00
  6. At the end when the stars are forming the Hercules consellation and just before the legs are formed in the middle of the lower torso is a Mickey
    REPORTED: Greg and Beth 03 FEB 98 Hercules
  7. In Hercules, Herc, Phil, and Pegasus enter Phil's house. As Phil is telling Herc about all the "heroes" he has trained who have let him down, he motions up to a statue of Achiles to begin talking about him. If you look at the armor on Achiles chest notice that the circles that form his pectorals and abdominals are in the shape of a "Hidden Mickey."
    REPORTED: Ben Smith 07 FEB 98
    WISHFUL THINKING: Greg Bevier 30 JUL 98
    CONFIRMED: Kittie 18 DEC 00
    CONFIRMED: Tigger1048PB 13 FEB 02
  8. In the scene where all the columns fall down, one column has something with three circles tied around it. It kind of forms a vague Mickey. You can only see it if you freeze the video.
    REPORTED: anon 10 FEB 01
  9. When I was at the Studios, I went on an Inside Animation Tour (I've wanted to animate for Disney for as long as I can remember) and they showed us a Hidden Mickey in one of the background layouts in "Hercules". It was a poster on the wall of a building in the background and it had Mickey on the poster. That was cool!
    REPORTED: Stacy 10 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: Jill 02 AUG 97 Hercules
  10. One of the Muses in Hercules, the one with the big hair. Look at her curls when she is faceing you. The Big one in the middle and the smaller ones on each side makes a perfect Mickey. Note: this is the same as the promotional hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Jonas Rudberg 28 AUG 98
    CONFIRMED: Kittie 18 DEC 00
    CONFIRMED: Tigger1048PB 13 FEB 02
  11. In the beginning of the movie as the Muses start walking down the stairs, look to the left in that vase at the top were the handles are you can see a perfect Mickey
  12. In the scene where Herc is leaving home to the Temple of Zeus, the toga of Herc's mom makes a Hidden Mickey. It's kinda weak, but it's there.
    REPORTED: Thad Edwards 22 JUN 97
    WISHFUL THINKING: Greg Bevier 30 JUL 98
    Sorry but Herc's Mom's toga does not really make a Mickey. Don't even see a weak one.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Tigger1048PB 13 FEB 02
  13. In Hercules, when Herc is going to Zeus's temple and kicks down the tree over the canyon, the dust at the bottom of the screen forms a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Tigger1048PB 13 FEB 02
  14. When Hercules meets Meg if you look carefuly in the background you can see a Mickey in the trees.
    REPORTED: melissa 22 JUN 02
    Where Phil, Meg, and Hercules are standing by the water. When they start talk to Meg, there in the trees is a perfect Mickey .
    CONFIRMED: steven oliver 23 JUN 02 Hercules
  15. Just after young Herc has destroyed the marketplace, watch the pottery store keeper closely. While saying, "That's it Amphetrion!" he's pulling a giant vase (with big, black circles that form the handles) off of his head. He's also so angry he's taking big heaving breaths. Just, after he removes the vase and still holds it above his head, and while heaving mad, the vase dips behind his head several times, making the black circles on the vase look like he has MOUSE EARS on!!!! It's true! And you dont need to pause to see it.
    REPORTED: anon 06 NOV 99
    CONFIRMED: Kittie 18 DEC 00
    After the girls first start singing the vase in the left corner the handles make Mickey's ears and the circle in the middle make his face.
    CONFIRMED: melissa 22 JUN 02
  16. When Hercules is standing by the water and throws the stone, in the puddles there are two hidden Mickeys. The larger one is in the second puddle, and in the next puddle also. It's easier to see when you put the movie in slow motion.
    REPORTED: Shaela Brittingham 17 MAR 98
    WISHFUL THINKING: Greg Bevier 30 JUL 98 Hercules
  17. When you first see Hades in the Underworld, he is standing next to a large map that is executed on the floor. The top land mass on the map is in the shape of a rough Mickey.
    REPORTED: Stephanie Smith 26 JUN 97
    WISHFUL THINKING: Greg Bevier 30 JUL 98
    CONFIRMED: Kittie 18 DEC 00
    The map that Hades is standing next too is a hidden Mickey. In fact you can look at it two ways. First a rough three cicle front view, or a side profile with Mickey's nose being on the left side.
    CONFIRMED: Tigger1048PB 13 FEB 02
  18. In Hercules, when Hades is standing next to the map (that I will cofirm as a Mickey also) if you look at the entire room he is standing in, the whole room makes a Mickey. The floor circle makes the head and the circular windows make the ears.
    REPORTED: Tigger1048PB 13 FEB 02
  19. In the scene where Hades gives his two assistants the potion for the baby Hercules, just before the postion fades out of the scene, three bubbles (two small and one large) come together to for an upsidedown (chin at the 1:30 position) Mickey in the center of the bottle.
    REPORTED: Dave Swathwood 04 JUL 97
    When Hades is taking out the potion that's going to make Herc "human" the bubbles with skulls in it makes a Mickey!
    CONFIRMED: Jonas Rudberg 28 AUG 98
    CONFIRMED: Kittie 18 DEC 00
    CONFIRMED: Tigger1048PB 13 FEB 02
  20. After Hercules has defeated the River Guardian, Meg runs into Pain and Panic. She says "I thought I smelled a rat" and at that time a Mickey-profiled cloud from Hades enters the screen. It's there for about a second and then disappears as Hades fully enters the screen.
    REPORTED: anon 31 JUL 97
    WISHFUL THINKING: Kittie 18 DEC 00
    Sorry the River Guardian scene does not really make a Mickey before Hades enters. This is too weak.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Tigger1048PB 13 FEB 02
  21. After Hercules defeats the river guardian and is talking to Meg, she says "Are you always this articulate" and he manages to spit out "Hercules. My-my name is Hercules." Right after that you can see him, Meg, Phil and Pegasus all in the same shot. Up above Herc's head in the trees is a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Sam 17 JUN 02 Hercules
  22. As the gates are thrown open and Hercules is welcomed to join the gods on Mt. Olympus look to the right (over his left shoulder) and one of the gods appears to be wearing mouse ears. This is actually shown twice.
    REPORTED: Missy Wigley 02 JUL 97
    CONFIRMED: Jill 02 AUG 97
    CONFIRMED: Kittie 18 DEC 00
  23. Towards the end of the movie, one of the gods, standing in the crowd, is wearing a helmet that the ancient Romans would wear (with a nose bridge and "cut-outs" for the eyes) Well, this god doesn't have his helmet on all the way, so the curvatures in the helmet design give the appearance he is wearing Mickey Mouse ears on his head.
    REPORTED: Diamond 02 JUL 97

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  1. There are various promotional posters for Hercules. In the latest Disney Catalog, (Goofy on Cover), there is a Hercules Promotional poster (back cover). On the upper left corner there are one of those "Choir Girls" with five circles forming the curls in her hair. The top three form an upside down Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Diana Serrano Shin 01 JUN 97
    On the Hercules poster (the one with Hades on the bottom and Hercules holding his name above his head), you can see the hidden Mickey in the hair of one of the singers. Look at the girl to the left of the "H" in the name "HERCULES" on the poster. The center curl and two smaller curls to the left and right form the tri-circle Hidden Mickey outline. (Just turn it over, it's upside down)!
    CONFIRMED: Diana Serrano Shin 09 JUN 97
    There is a hidden Mickey on the "Hercules" poster it is on one of the ladies singing on the very top.
    CONFIRMED: anon 06 JUL 97
    Hercules has one particular Muse in the movie ads that has an upside down Hidden Mickey in her hair. The more slender muse has a large circle in the center of her hair with two more circles to each side and two more after that. Nota bene, the top circle forms the head of an upside down Hidden Mickey. Just turn her upside down and see.
    CONFIRMED: Diana Shin 16 JUN 97
    The muse's hair is not a Hidden Mickey because of the way her hair is "attached" to her head. You have to take her whole head of hair into account, not just the curls.
    WISHFUL THINKING: John and Melanie Emmons 6 JUL 97
    Hidden Mickey in the Muses hair was completely intentional per the animators
    CONFIRMED: Jill 02 AUG 97 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  2. If you are coming into Manhattan via the 59th Street Bridge, you will be facing a 3 story billboard for "Hercules." On top of the billboard is a lightning bolt. When viewed from a block or two away, the lightning bolt makes a convincing squarish Mickey.
    REPORTED: Melanie Emmons 11 APR 97
    CONFIRMED: Brenda Burrows 13 APR 97
  3. When Phil is singing It's Up To You, Herc is under some pulleys at one point when dirt is being dug up, etc. The pulleys clearly form a Mickey.
    REPORTED: Tamatha Cain 24 JUN 00
  4. In the Hercules Animated Storybook there is a hidden Mickey in Zeus' temple. Go to the temple, click on the stars to go to the constellation game. In the upper left region is a group of 3 stars forming the Mickey. My three year old noticed this one!
    REPORTED: Tom Sherwin 10 DEC 97
    In the movie Hercules there is a Mickey in the stars as Herc enters the temple of the Gods for the first time.
    REPORTED: Laura 16 SEP 98
  5. In the Disney Stores, on the new Hercules adult shirts, where Hercules is standing in front of the Hercules store, there is a hidden Mickey in the clouds, upper left above the Hercules store.
    REPORTED: Robert Karam 29 JUN 97
  6. If you look at all the Hercules collector plates with grass in the background they all have a little Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Megara 28 JUL 97
  7. In the Hercules storybook, Pumbaa makes a cameo appearance. In the centaur woods, click of Pegasus twice and he goes flying by. He also appears if you click on Phil 3 times.
    REPORTED: Laura Throp 10 SEP 97

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