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Lady and the Tramp

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  1. At the very beginning of the movie, you can see the Main Street all decorated for the Fourth of July. One of the decoration on the left side of the street is a Mickey!!!
    REPORTED: Massimo PotĪ 16 APR 01
    At the beginning of the 4th of July Parade scene, bunches of red, white and blue balloons are floating up into the sky. The scene pans back; the balloon colors fade to black and near the middle of the sceen, 3 of them merge to form a Mickey head for maybe 1/2 a second.
    CONFIRMED: Jackie T 06 MAY 01
  2. During the scene when all the characters are singing about what it means to belong in a family, the "camera" is capturing a bird's eye view of the street and there is a little white dot in the middle of the street. The "camera" then pans down and the dot becomes a white Mickey head. As it pans further down, the white Mickey head turns into Angel. Her head and tail made up Mickey's ears and her body was his head.
    REPORTED: Jackie T. 11 MAY 01
  3. After the Dog Catcher gets Scamp, you see the back of the Dog Catcher's wagon as it speeds off. A puff of smoke from the tail pipe turns into a Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Jackie T. 11 MAY 01

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