Lilo & Stitch

Phsst: Fun Facts

  1. If you get one of the new Lilo and Stitch souvenir mugs there are hidden Mickeys in the clouds and in the splash from the surfboard
    REPORTED: Erika 28 JUN 02
  2. In the opening scene of Lilo and Stitch (2002), scientist Jumba Jookiba is in some sort of a capsule on trial for creating Experiment 626 (Stitch). If you look carefully on the lower left of Jumba's capsule, a golden button takes on the shape of a hidden Mickey for a few seconds. When you see the gold button later up close, it's just a button.
    REPORTED: Christina 21 JUN 02
    I agree about the Hidden Mickey on the little platform that Jumba is standing on in the "trial" scene. It is definitely there. You can see it the entire time the 'camera' angle is showing Jumba from the front. Later, when they show it from above, it's just a circle.
    CONFIRMED: STITCHaholic 07 JUL 02
  3. Yellow Mickey head on blueish spaceship in 1st scene - lower left-hand corner of spaceship.
    REPORTED: Jon and Robin 22 JUN 02
  4. Mickey head in star background - 1st scene.
    REPORTED: Jon and Robin 22 JUN 02
  5. When Lilo first brings Stitch into her room, a photo of Mickey is on the wall by her pillow.
    REPORTED: Doug Rager 15 JUN 02
    When Lilo shows Stitch her room for the first time, there is a shot where Lilo shows Stitch, his box (bed). If you look up to your left, right where the top of her bed meets the wall there is a photo of Mickey. It's the picture on the bottom, closest to her bed. I looked for it again throughout the movie but it disappears, all you see is the pictures of the large people.
    CONFIRMED: Monica V. 27 JUN 02
    In Lilo and Stitch, there is a wall of pictures over her bed. One picture has a man lying on the beach in a blue bathing suit. There is a Mickey head on the suit.
    CONFIRMED: Rob 27 JUN 02
  6. In jail cell, Mickey head in 3rd picture over, the one with the green monster.
    REPORTED: Jon and Robin 22 JUN 02
  7. Shape in rocks on beach.
    REPORTED: Jon and Robin 22 JUN 02
  8. Mickey shape on drawing posted on wall outside of kitchen (when Stitch comes home for the 1st time.)
    REPORTED: Jon and Robin 22 JUN 02
  9. When they are running through their kitchen when the aliens are chasing them, and there is a boot/shoe up on the counter that is upside down clamped in a vise. On the heel of the boot/shoe, there is a Mickey.
    REPORTED: Doug Rager 15 JUN 02
  10. Mickey Mouse picture (think MM Club) in Lilo's room
    REPORTED: Jon and Robin 22 JUN 02
  11. Both the yellow and red fruit in the market scene (Stitch learning about Elvis) have Mickey Mouse head shapes (both in lower-left corner of fruit arrangements)
    REPORTED: Jon and Robin 22 JUN 02
  12. There is a hidden Mickey on the control panel of the black & yellow ship that tries to take Lilo & Stitch away. The green light on the left of the control panel display is a hidden Mickey (shown a couple of times).
    REPORTED: Doug Rager 15 JUN 02
    In the middle of the movie when Stitch and Lilo are captured by the captain, you see the view of the controls and the back of the Captain. On the bottom left hand corner, there is a Mickey on the screen.
    CONFIRMED: J.J. Palliser 23 JUN 02
  13. In the Christmas scene at the end of the movie Lilo and Stitch one of the presents is covered in wrapping paper with holly leaves and berries. The berries are in the shape of Mickey.
    REPORTED: Tony 25 JUN 02

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