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  1. On the cover of the restored version of "The Little Mermaid" you see Ursula hanging above the word Disney's. If you look on her tenacles you will see that the suction cups form little Mickey Heads.
    REPORTED: Andres Perales Jr. 18 OCT 98
    Some of the suction cups are in groups of 3, but they do not look like Mickey's head.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Rebekah 10 JUN 99
  2. After the title, there are some whales passing by on the screen and if you look on their bodies there are green circles, some of which make little Mickey heads.
    REPORTED: Tina-Marie Rivas 24 FEB 98
    Nope, not a hidden Mickey, just a bunch of green dots. There are too many, and if it was a true one, there would probably only be one.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Rebecca 21 JUL 98
  3. At the beginning when the whales swim by the brown spots on the bigger whale make a Mickey head. It's right under his eye.
    REPORTED: anon 13 NOV 98
  4. In the begining of Little Mermaid a boat is crashing through the water creating foam. When the boat is near the screen a Mickey is in the water. The foam creates the outline of the tri-circle shape.
    REPORTED: Krista Munsell 07 OCT 97
    There are too many Mickey shapes!
    WISHFUL THINKING: Rebecca 21 JUL 98
    There is a hidden Mickey in the foam from the boat. It happens the very first time the boat makes the foam in the water in the very beginning of the movie. It is a split second shot but it is there, you might want to put it on slow mo to see it but it is definitely there. Put it on slow mo just before the boat hits the water and right after it hits Mickey appears.
    pict from hiddenmickeys.org
    pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  5. Just after the opening sequence, the merpeople swim to the concert. After the sea horse blows his trumpet and King Triton enters and swims over the audience, Mickey, Goofy and Donald can be found sitting in the audience! It helps to watch the scene in slo-mo and they can be seen when King Triton gets toward the middle and bottom of the screen, right after his golden triton goes across the screen. Look for Donald's blue sailor hat and Mickey's ears. Goofy (who is the tallest of the bunch and also easy to pick out) is sitting above Donald who is sitting above Mickey.
    REPORTED: Richard E. Cleary, Jr. 22 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: Jason Schwab 22 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: vincent van dijk 21 OCT 96
    Right after King Triton waves that thing over the crowd, Goofy, Donald, and Mickey are definitely there!!! Kudos to Jason.
    CONFIRMED: Ellen 17 JAN 97
    One way you can spot Mickey, Donald and Goofy in Little Mermaid is by looking at the trading cards series that was made. On card number 2 or 3, there is the picture of Triton over the merpeople. A careful eye will spot the famous trio in the audience!
    CONFIRMED: Laura Throp 06 MAR 97
    Someone mentioned that one of the Pro Set Little Mermaid trading cards showed them as well. While it's almost impossible to find them in the movie, it's quite easy to find them in the trading card.
    CONFIRMED: Paul Rudoff 14 JUN 97
    CONFIRMED: shannon lipscomb 17 SEP 97
    CONFIRMED: Lora Christensen 27 NOV 97
    CONFIRMED: Aaron Zenz 27 JUN 98
    Mickey, Donald, Goofy sitting in audience... This is a pretty cool one, but it is very hard to find. Right after Triton's golden trident sweeps past the screen, pause the tape. They are to the top left corner.
    CONFIRMED: Rebecca 21 JUL 98
    CONFIRMED: Gina 24 APR 99
    CONFIRMED: eustasia 10 FEB 01
    In the audience, just after King Triton's trident sweeps the screen, put your VCR in slow-mo. Keep looking at the bottom right corner. When you see the mermaid with the mickey mouse hat, look underneath King Triton's hair. Goofy, Donald and Mickey are there! If you don't see them, go foward ONE frame, then look again. Keep doing this until you see them! NOTE: It may help to adjust the brightness to full to see them clearly.
    CONFIRMED: Aimee 18 AUG 01
    CONFIRMED: Allison 17 JAN 02
  6. In the scene with Triton sweeping by and Mickey, Donald and Goofy sitting in the audience, there are yet more surprises in the crowd! There's a little girl mermaid with a Mickey balloon, and another wearing an "ears hat."
    REPORTED: Aaron Zenz 27 JUN 98
  7. When Belle comes outside and asks,"Is he gone?", when she walks to the barn, the flowers on the vine are a perfect tri-circled Mickeys!
    REPORTED: Alex 18 FEB 01
  8. In the very beginning, where the Hidden Mickey, Goofy, and Donald are, if you put your VCR in slow motion, all along the top of the thing right below the ceiling, there are Mouse Ears
    REPORTED: Ellen 17 JAN 97
  9. There's a scene where a whole load of birds come flying through Ursula's dress. Just after that, Max is barking up a storm. And just after that is a scene of some debutante-type person in the background. And from behind, I swear she has mouse ears. Two big black lumps, one on either side of her head.
    REPORTED: Michael Ho
    In fact the two lumps on her head are not on either side of her head but are buns on the front and back (you can see this clearly by pausing the film). Still, it does look fairly convincing and is probably intentional.
    CONFIRMED: Tim Pickett 29 JUN 93
    This one is hard to tell. The buns are kind of close together to be Mickey, but it's more convincing than most others I've looked for. I think if the animators put it in intentionally, it would be a little more obvious than it is, but... I'll give it a weak confirmation.
    CONFIRMED: Meg 23 JUL 96
    In Ursula/Eric's wedding, the women's Mickey ear hair... This one is pretty funny! I don't know if it is a true hidden Mickey, but it is a cute one to look for. Her hair is hysterical!
    CONFIRMED: Rebecca 21 JUL 98
  10. When Ariel is spying on Eric at one point Eric walks close to Ariel,in the backgrown you can see a rag line which appears to have 4 or 5 hidden Mickeys on the base of it.
    REPORTED: anon 21 FEB 99
  11. When Ariel has just resuced Eric from drowning, when she surfaces over her left shoulder is a hidden Mickey in the water.
    REPORTED: Adam 24 JUL 00
  12. When Ariel is sitting on a dock watching Eric's wedding ship sail. The dock has a stone staircase behind her. The handrails of the stair case are supported by what appear to be stone Mickey Ears. (Though they are displayed for more than an instant, they are small so you may wish to freeze-frame this one).
    REPORTED: Phil Stern
  13. In Ariel's secret cave, when Sebastian is found by Ariel, there are some gold coins to the left him, right to us, on the floor that are arranged in a way that look like they are a Hidden Mickey. They are at an angle but look to be a Hidden Mickey from an airview.
    REPORTED: Tina-Marie Rivas 24 FEB 98
  14. When Sebastian is talking to King Triton about Ariel being in love he hops onto the throne and his shadow changes and very briefly makes a Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Tina-Marie Rivas 24 FEB 98
    Sebastion's shadow, right before leaping into the throne... Wow! This is a cool one! It is even better when you watch in slow-mo, then you watch it normal.
    CONFIRMED: Rebecca 21 JUL 98
    I definitely saw the hidden Mickey in The Little Mermaid. When Sebastion is standing on the arm of King Triton's throne and talking about Ariel being in love, he jumps and for a second his shadow changes to the shape of Mickey's head.
    CONFIRMED: Cathleen Eakes 20 JAN 02
    In The Little Mermaid, when King Triton is talking to Sebastian about Ariel being in love, Sebastian swims up to get on the throne. As he's leaving the floor, his shadow turns into a Mickey Head. My husband and I watched it in slow-mo four times!!
    CONFIRMED: Jaime 17 MAY 02
  15. When Ariel and Flounder go up to the surface to talk to Scuttle about the treasures they have found, a Hidden Mickey can be seen. When Scuttle starts talking about snotflats, the camera goes to Flounder and Ariel. If you look closely you can see the ripples around Flounder are in the form of Mickey's ears.
    REPORTED: Jenn Crease 05 OCT 96
    Not a hidden Mickey because ripples always look like three circles, connected at the "right" places
    WISHFUL THINKING: Rebecca 21 JUL 98
    There is a Hidden Mickey when Ariel and Flounder are talking to Scuttle about the pipe and the fork that they have found. Look closely at the water around Flounder when Scuttle takes the pipe from him. It indeed forms a Hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: anon 24 AUG 98
  16. In the part where Ariel swims by a group of bubbles after the seeing of the king, three big bubbles form a Mickey.
    REPORTED: Bruno Colella 12 DEC 96
  17. There's a design of Mickey on the octopus' head during the "Under the Sea" song.
    REPORTED: Tina-Marie Rivas 24 FEB 98
    The dots aren't even connected!
    WISHFUL THINKING: Rebecca 21 JUL 98
  18. When the wedding ship is pulling away from the dock in The Little Mermaid, the bunting over the dock has an upside down hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Dean 04 JUL 97 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  19. I have a Disney Daily calendar, where I noticed this one! When Ariel is singing, "Part Of Your World" in the grotto, take a look at the painting in the background. There is a person sitting at a table with a lit candle. The smoke from the candle forms a definate Mickey! (The picture is clearer when Ariel first starts to look up out of the grotto.)
    REPORTED: Laura Witte 05 JUL 98
    I can't see one, can you?
    WISHFUL THINKING: Daniel Vincent 10 NOV 99
    In "Part of Your World" in The Little Mermaid, there IS a Mickey that is formed in the smoke from the fire in the painting. Except it isn't the smoke in the shape of Mickey, but it's the space inside the smoke.
    CONFIRMED: Megara 25 JAN 00


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